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Among the shoes I have I'd rank them as follows based upon quality of materials:C&J HandgradeAS ExclusiveC&J benchgradeAldenAEI'd say it's a pretty linear from top to bottom in terms of the drop off between each of my ranks, although the Alden to AE is the biggest drop off and C&J Handgrade and AS Exlcusive are probably the closest.Good luck.
From my perspective the biggest issue is keeping up on the details of the outstanding MTOs that are ongoing. It's a shame if we'll never see another MTO through AFPOS. But it's critical to see the updates all in the same place.If this is tied to the new AS policy on out of market shipping it's a real disaster and AS is only making the situation worse.
The AFPOS threads are now gone, both the Affiliate Thread and the MTO thread. Yet, on the same day I received my Charlton in suede on dainite- from the Country Line which isn't banished by the Exclusive restrictions, even though the liner says Exclusive on it. I believe AFPOS photos are of my particular shoes. The pics went up yesterday in my size and the notice that they were shipped went out the day before; received this morning by 9:30am. Their incredible service...
Curious removal of both their regular and MTO threads.
David, Any chance of adding a Cornell University tie? Thanks, Eugene
I was corresponding with AFPOS on another matter and inquired about the Blakes. They are on schedule for March delivery.I did not ask about future MTO runs for us.And, I too am in for the Keats in oxblood (I believe) with the same color suede throat on a HG last made to Exclusive specs. We were 2 of 3 so far from what I recall.
I have the designations correct. And, as I said, when I was there, even those designs from the Exclusive collection like the Moore were made to handgrade standards, meaning $1100+.And, I also said that AFPOS was doing the opposite for us- taking Handgrade designs and applying Exclusive standards. I said I hope that could continue in spite of the Exclusive line not available for shipping.Recently, Leffot has filled the price whole between Alden and AS/EG/G&G, etc and have...
I also think Leffot is getting a raw deal on this thread. I have been to the shop and the owner is very nice and open. He charges more than AFPOS does. That's the only fact I can confirm among the accusations. My issue when I was looking there was he only did MTO on the Handgrade line. That meant $1200+ for calf. I'm satisfied with the Exclusive line. Yes, I can buy what's in the shop for $700, and I think it's not an unreasonable price, but what if I want something...
I think Tyrion will be one. His childhood dreams of riding dragons combined with one black eye and one green eye, white-blonde hair rather than regular Lannister gold, and the birth story told by the Red Viper of him tearing his way out of his mother and being born with a tail and scales just sounds too much dragon-like. Plus, the mad king lusted for his mother, so it's possible he was born from some union between them. Yet, Genna Lannister does say that Tyrion was...
Howland Reed knows. And Jon Connington was dismissed as Hand after the Battle of the Bells and went into exile. He might not have even known much more than the two ran away together. I doubt he saw Lyanna when she was with Rhaegar in Dorne.
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