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Looks like the nail pattern on the heel used by C&J.
Thanks. Wilco on the pics. Should arrive before I return from a work trip next week.The rough silk plum will be my 4th purple Hober. And, that new striped purple grenadine is calling my name for next time.
Just ordered another two ties. Charcoal Gray/Silver Grenadine Silk Tie #21 Plum Thai Rough Silk Tie #9 Both standard construction. I went with DHL for the first time. Fingers crossed that there won't be a duty. For $3 more to get delivery more than two weeks sooner is quite a nice deal. I just hope it slides through without customs. All of my prior orders went with the postal delivery and have never had duty. Will update when they arrive.
That's incredibly big time.Are any custom designs? I was considering doing a Hayes with a different leather in the U throat of the adelaide. Either suede or a textured grain leather in a similar color to the vamp's calf. It will be something in the spring, but I have only seen different lasts or colors from the stocklist in the G&G thread, not very many custom designs if at all.
Consensus appears to be that they are of the caliber of the old premier line, significantly below the Exclusive* level.*oops. Thought I was in the AS thread. Those are definitely below. Don't know about CJ.
Very impressive
The preview of the chapter from Dangerous Women on the Dance of the Dragons is out. [URL=http://www.tor.com/stories/2013/07/dangerous-women-george-r-r-martin-excerpt[/URL] This chapter will likely preview things to come in Winds of Winter.
Probably right b/c it looks like an inferior sole treatment compared to the Exclusive line. More like the old Premier grade shoes.
J.Crew's text written by someone who neither knows shoes nor anything other than packaging. Cobbler... exclusive style (Ramsey anyone?)
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