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I also have the Belgian linen square. It's my only white square for non-black tie situations (I have a Drakes silk textured square for black tie). I use it once a week and just use the stuff and go method, so I can't speak to the tv-foldability. But, it's a very nice linen, a little stiffer than the others I have. I have other linen squares in different colors from other makers. Hober does a relatively tight hand rolling of the edges.
I'm very interested in following this thread. While last shape is something of personal fit and preference, the finishing of the different shoes I think can be applied across the various lines. I'm glad it's a handgrade C&J that's in the comparison. Which AS model is it? Exclusive or Handgrade? I'm sure I can just wait for the write up on that particular pair. Thanks for doing this.
The plum rough Thai silk in its first action. Everything is a bit light in this photo and not true to color. The tie is a bit shiny, so I decided to wear it on our first fall day here in DC. Was around 60 this morning when I left for work, so I put on a navy cashmere jacket. The tie works well with it, but I didn't like how it paired with smoother worsted fabrics.
They've cast a young lady as "the Innkeeper's Daughter."
Group shot- same tie as above that's been circulating this week grossa charcoal-silver and plum rough Thai silkcloseup of the rough fabricI can't believe they arrived in time for my trip next week- 5 business days order to delivery in Washington, DC.
My order, made Sunday, just arrived. I can't believe the quick turn around and am always pleased with the incredible quality and service from David. Pics to follow shortly.
They've recast Gregor Clegane for a third time. I guess they didn't want Conan Stevens again. He was perfect. 7' 425lbs. The 7'1" Manute Bol built guy wasn't going to cut it. The new guy is shorter, but competes in strongman competitions and has been Iceland's strongest man for 3 consecutive years. 6'9" and competes between 425-440. Should be a fine choice in full plate armor and a facemasked helm. There's only one line that's really important and it can be said by...
Ultimately son, but short term husband. It's not unlike Lady Hornwood upon her husband's death. Whoever married her would add her land to his own. That's why so many suitors asked for her hand. Obviously her situation was a little different because she was not of childbearing age. But, her husband would be Lord Consort and rule in fact. The fact that it was Ramsay only made it a disaster when he seized her and married her under great duress.Yet, it's true of all...
I got notice this morning that mine shipped.
FTFYRickon is likely the hinge as the others are indisposed right now for various reasons and Sansa has disadvantages in restarting a house because she would really be ceding it to her husband under the laws of the all of the Seven Kingdoms but for Dorne.
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