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When I was asked where I got my tie (dark purple/black grenadine fina), I answered "Thailand" and the questioner thought it was a store called Tie Land. I figured that would now be my standard answer to where I get my ties.
I wear my Somerville with suits all the time in the fall and winter. They look especially good with flannel IMO. They are balmoral boots, so they are more formal than the Northcote. But, as long as you feel comfortable wearing any bluchers with suits, I'm not sure boots would make much difference. I wouldn't wear anything with speedhooks or a commando sole with a suit though.
The different lasts are different. Some are more generous than others. Some of my AS are 8UK. Others are 7.5UK. The same is true of my C&J. My one pair of Aldens are 8.5US. In other words, YMMV.
Pulled my pull tab right off my Somervilles today. Damn. I guess I should have loosened the laces a bit more before trying to slide into the right boot. Glad fall weather has arrived, but I wish I had been a little less enthusiastic about getting my boots on for the first time this season. At least the new coat of saphir mahogany cream looks good.
I have one fina, several grossas, and one piccola. My personal preference is for grossa weaves. But, I know that is something that varies person to person. I just like the larger loop appearance to the tighter of fina.I find the 4-fold construction to be perfect for me. I don't like a tie too thick. The 4-fold ties a great 4-in-hand knot and is as heavy as I need a tie to be.I have the navy blue grossa and it's my #1 most used tie. I also have dark red, which is close...
Just got caught up on this thread. Great stuff. Glad you cross posted on the AS thread, otherwise I would have missed all this. How much should I be setting aside for the safari jacket in this post? http://www.styleforum.net/t/358758/no-man-walks-alone-official-affiliate-thread/435#post_6591888
I have mahogany for my handgrade chestnut and cognac for my benchgrade chestnut. They are two different colors when new, so I figured I'd keep it that way.
I'm thinking something significantly worse to establish a neglected figure (I can hardly call him a character).
Might I suggest a MTM shirt so you can both button the top button, but feel comfortable physically doing it.I have a thicker neck than my body size in standard shirtings. I had the choice of fitting in the body or the neck, so I went MTM and now everything fits and is comfortable.
Very nice slip-on makeups.
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