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rambling response: [[SPOILER]]
The attraction of Varys and Littlefinger is that they do things behind the scenes and have secret plans. The fact that the showrunners bang viewers over the head and have them explain their secret plans to everyone they encounter kind of makes the plans unsecretive and makes the characters seem pretty stupid instead of cunning.
Reek, Reek, it rhymes with weak episode.Is there an award for worst adapted teleplay?I liked the parlay between Ser Jaime and Lord Bolton and the casting of the Freys, but otherwise, where did they get that other 45 minutes? [[SPOILER]] GRRM is the showrunner for the Bear and the Maiden Fair next week, so it could bring things back to normalcy. The episode before Blackwater was awful too.
4 fold grenadine; 3 fold for the pin dot. Both 3.5" wide x 55" long.I've also got the dark navy grossa, dark red grossa, dark purple/black fina, English stripe #33 (purple/silvery white).
My newest order arrived. Submitted on April 2- arrived via regular delivery May 3. Very impressed with the service and product as always. Carbon black piccolo grenadine and English dot silk #2 (dark purple). I'll try to shoot my Hober collection with a real camera soon.
Confirmed on the three shirt minimum. $300/ea for Thomas Mason Silverline fabrics.
Greyscale in children is sometimes not fatal and stops at a certain point. Whereas, in adults it continues to grow through the body and eventually drives the victim crazy as well as "turning them to stone." It's transmitted through direct physical contact when active. But, childhood greyscale when not fatal goes into remission and is no longer communicable.
Ned didn't swear an oath. He was never Lord of Winterfell and Lord Paramount of the North until King Aerys killed Lord Rickard and Brandon, making him Lord. His House had sworn itself to the Targaryen dynasty. But, his father fulfilled that oath when he presented himself to King Aerys after Brandon was making threats against the Crown Prince. Oaths always have two sides. And when Aerys cooked Lord Rickard alive in his armor, it seems to me that Aerys broke any pact...
One of the best episodes yet.Ser Barristan not being on the counsel is explained [[SPOILER]] Lord Beric and Sandor was incredible. Took away Sandor's second best line ever though- The night is dark and full of terrors. "I'm the only terror in this cave."The bath scene terrific.The ending scene with Lord Tywin and his kids was great.Liked Selyse even sans moustache, but they really are destroying Stannis.And, Shireen singing Patchface's song at the end was just scary....
Sky Valet is very good. Prices are higher than from England, but they carry stock, and those in the area can try on shoes, which is worth the added cost to me.
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