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Let's just work with what's been on screen and off through the end of Clash of Kings to avoid spoilers. What has she done?She outsmarted Ned Stark and had him arrested before he could leave KL and throw his support to Stannis. But, it backfired on her b/c she didn't control her son and he beheaded Ned, leading to the Northern Rebellion in which much of the Westerlands was pillaged.She dismisses Ser Barristan losing a great ally to the Throne and giving him to Dany.She...
LOL Cersei politically adept.It seems to me that the combination players are most successful - both have military leadership skills and political acumen.Tywin LannisterTyrion LannisterMace TyrellDoran MartellMance RayderRoose BoltonWyman ManderlyVarys and Littlefinger require others to win the battles, so they are always at risk from that angle.And my wildcard character who is definitely martial, but unclear politically- Randyll Tarly
Looking for Oxblood or a deep burgundy. My preference would be for Keats or Henry.I'd also like the U throat to be suede, but I know that would be a reach for some.I'd also prefer to wait until the Blakes arrive so I can fully confirm sizing on the 48 last. But, you know, those were due in March, so...
Last season they swapped her lines with Robb's. She wanted to stay with his War Council and Robb thought she should be home with the boys in Winterfell, but the showrunners reversed it. Made her demonstrably weaker. Why not have Maester Luewin send a raven advising the boys were killed. Doesn't make any sense and changes Robb's story as well as Cat's and a little of Jon's. Not knowing the boys were "killed" made her release of the Kingthalyer inexcusable. It converts her...
AFPOS is now shipping Exclusives worldwide again!
Way too many made up scenes when they have plenty of source material to work with. Perhaps too much. Rather than cut it, why make stuff up.
The answer is balmoral boots with dress pants and blucher boots with casual pants and blucher boots with speed hooks with jeans.
Ser Barristan [[SPOILER]]
Varys and Littlefinger are both great actors, but they really stuff way too much Littlefinger into the show. Varys and Littlefinger are good characters b/c of the mystery that surrounds them, not because they're on every page.Jaime and Brienne should be in a lot of scenes this year.
Ordered the carbon black piccola grenadine and English dot silk #2 today. I've got two grossa and one find, so I figured I'd go with something in the middle. My Hobers are dark navy and dark red grossa and dark purple/black fina and English stripe #33. Looking forward to my 5th and 6th Hobers.
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