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More burnished oak. Perhaps in a better light.
I am in.Same two choices of last as the Milton? I am interested in the 48.And trees?
I would also pass in burgundy.Burnished oak or mahogany are my choices, with a preference toward the burnished oak.
Or Alden. Or random interesting shoes.
I think this is what my #1 preference would be. on the 48 last.
I'm definitely in for Oak or Mahogany for the Blake austerity brogue.Less interested in chestnut and would probably pass. I have C&J Westbourne in chestnut and I'm looking for some diversity in both color and style. Austerity brogues in a darker brown do that for me.Here are three shots in burnished Mahogany handgrade from Leffot:
I have.I didn't want to start it b/c I didn't want to commit the funds right now, but if someone else did, I'd have no choice.Here is the AS Blake.pic via AS websitepic via Leffot in Handgrade in burnished MahoganyPersonally, I'd be looking for calf in a mid-dark brown on the 48 last. Prefer something darker like Oak.Calf should bring the price down a bit compared to shell, which other than the Miltons seem to the favorite choice for MTO.
There are a lot of 1 and 2 BR condos along Mass Ave a little further west (toward convention center) that have either converted to rentals due to them having been built right around the bust or are perpetual rentals by owners who are terribly underwater. They were all built around 2006-8 and should have luxury/faux luxury qualities. You may want to consider the Chinatown area. It's no longer Chinatown and it has a lot of new construction.
I have three four-fold lined, self-tipped grenadines from Hober- Dark Navy, Dark Red, and Dark Purple. Yes, I prefer the darker shades for solid ties. The purple is fina, the other two grossa. More planned.Four folds are sufficiently thick. If you do anything more complicated than a four-in-hand knot unlined would be the way to go, but with four-in-hand lined is both sufficiently thick and doesn't make a clown knot. Lined six-fold with a full windsor would be silly.I...
Damn. I have a feeling these will be resold for more. Only about 6 hours late.
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