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The different lasts are different. Some are more generous than others. Some of my AS are 8UK. Others are 7.5UK. The same is true of my C&J. My one pair of Aldens are 8.5US. In other words, YMMV.
Pulled my pull tab right off my Somervilles today. Damn. I guess I should have loosened the laces a bit more before trying to slide into the right boot. Glad fall weather has arrived, but I wish I had been a little less enthusiastic about getting my boots on for the first time this season. At least the new coat of saphir mahogany cream looks good.
I have one fina, several grossas, and one piccola. My personal preference is for grossa weaves. But, I know that is something that varies person to person. I just like the larger loop appearance to the tighter of fina.I find the 4-fold construction to be perfect for me. I don't like a tie too thick. The 4-fold ties a great 4-in-hand knot and is as heavy as I need a tie to be.I have the navy blue grossa and it's my #1 most used tie. I also have dark red, which is close...
Just got caught up on this thread. Great stuff. Glad you cross posted on the AS thread, otherwise I would have missed all this. How much should I be setting aside for the safari jacket in this post? http://www.styleforum.net/t/358758/no-man-walks-alone-official-affiliate-thread/435#post_6591888
I have mahogany for my handgrade chestnut and cognac for my benchgrade chestnut. They are two different colors when new, so I figured I'd keep it that way.
I'm thinking something significantly worse to establish a neglected figure (I can hardly call him a character).
Might I suggest a MTM shirt so you can both button the top button, but feel comfortable physically doing it.I have a thicker neck than my body size in standard shirtings. I had the choice of fitting in the body or the neck, so I went MTM and now everything fits and is comfortable.
Very nice slip-on makeups.
I also have the Belgian linen square. It's my only white square for non-black tie situations (I have a Drakes silk textured square for black tie). I use it once a week and just use the stuff and go method, so I can't speak to the tv-foldability. But, it's a very nice linen, a little stiffer than the others I have. I have other linen squares in different colors from other makers. Hober does a relatively tight hand rolling of the edges.
I'm very interested in following this thread. While last shape is something of personal fit and preference, the finishing of the different shoes I think can be applied across the various lines. I'm glad it's a handgrade C&J that's in the comparison. Which AS model is it? Exclusive or Handgrade? I'm sure I can just wait for the write up on that particular pair. Thanks for doing this.
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