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Great sale today. I am very tempted to buy that new Jodphur. I don't need it. And, I really have no idea what to wear a Jodphur with. Plus, I have one pair of boots already in a dark reddish chestnut - although they're a balmoral. I've got to keep my power dry until the full range of AFPOS models comes out. Still hoping for an oxblood or burgundy oxford.
Purple is the best.I'm warming to orange. I don't have any, but I'm moving in that direction.
Congrats. Happy to see that whole cut in the 48 last. Can't wait to see what comes out in oxblood or burgundy. Hope it's also on the 48.
I would be interested in almost anything- Keats, Hulatt, Moore, Wilson, Hunt or some custom design oxford - with an Adeleide design at the top of my list. They are my favorite.
AS Blake (handgrade), made on one of 3 possible handgrade lasts, but to Exclusive production standards in burnished oak.
Pray tell.Some of us need to know time frames to set aside funds so the wife doesn't notice a large purchase. Of course, it would help to know what model will be available as well.
Hoping for an oxford in oxblood or a bit lighter in burgundy. Missed out on the oxblood Moores.
At long last here is the dark purple/black grenadine fina #35. Although my shirt stripes and jacket are washed out, I think the tie color is pretty true to life on my monitor. Sometimes it appears more violet, sometimes more magenta depending on the light.Sorry for the delay, no work Monday for 15th Century War Criminal Day.
Deleted message. Figured out a way around my error message.
I've got it, but with no pics. I'll wear it Monday and get a pic. No tie Friday at my office.
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