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Nice writeup on ShoeSnob blog:
This pick makes me really want a pair.
Looks great with charcoal. Will try it with navy as well. Very happy with the purchase. Great recommendations from all of the regular posters on this thread. And, of course, great service from David.
Cold day. Warm tie. First time wear of the burnt orange.
I also order the same length for all. Just narrowed my ties by 1/8 of an inch though. I'm happy with the result. I'm now in the 3 3/8" club.
One of two of my recent Orange tie purchases on its inaugural journey. I am consistently frustrated with my iPhone pics. Are you guys using real cameras, b/c my colors are always washed out.
Already with the delivery courier. My switch to DHL has really paid off. Six days from order to delivery. I can't believe I used to wait three additional weeks.Now the real anticipation…----update- only 15 minutes later- It's arrived… Incredible service from David. Unbelievable turn around.The difficult choice will be to decide which one to wear Tuesday. (tomorrow is casual - just filing all day and off Monday).
Ordered them both. Went down from my standard 3.5 to 3 3/8. And now the wait.
I've narrowed it down to two-Burnt orange diamond weave and English Dot Silk #21Any other opinions- I might be pressured into buying both. Would that be overkill?
I have the Somerville in the same color- the handgrade chestnut antique- as opposed to the burnished chestnut benchgrade color, which is quite different. I use Saphir mahogany. I have gotten it from Kirby Allison's Hanger Project and A Suitable Wardrobe Store, but there are plenty of other good sources.
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