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You must remember your name.Reek, Reek, it rhymes with geek.
Sure, but the producers affirmatively eschewed eye color, which is a critical piece in the genealogy of Westeros. Dany's eyes should be purple, the Reed's green, the Lannister's green, except Tyrion [[SPOILER]] , Stark grey eyes, Baratheon blue eyes, etc.
Saalador Saan- fine Queen of Thorns- perfect, although not short enough- guess you can't have everything Xoros - terrible; ruined his character and I wasn't expecting him to be a Summer Islander; should have been cast as Moqorro if they wanted the actor
For the major characters:Ned Stark- solid- they aged everyone up, adults and some kids; he's neither handsome nor uglyCatelyn Tully- I like her acting; of course Cat in the books is younger, but I expected her hair to be a little more auburn - they've destroyed the character, but not by miscasting the actressArya Stark- perfect, but they've relegated her to second tier just because she's not in KL and not a sex symbolTyrion Lannister- perfect; great acting;Bran Stark- very...
double meaning [[SPOILER]]
Except the fact checker fan is fungible. There are probably a few dozen fans who are equally knowledgeable. And, a few hundred, who while they don't know as much off the top of their head, would be willing to go through everything and read old references to make sure there was continuity. Worrying about whether it was a mare or a stallion is pretty particular, but when genealogy is so important, eye and hair color sticks out quite a bit.
Do you think book internal fact checkers (not authors) make millions? I assume you're joking.
Jon Snow was born after Robb Stark. Robb was conceived on the Catelyn's and Ned's wedding night before he left for battle.Wylla was milk mother (wet-nurse) to both Robb and Ned Dayne. I don't think Ned would have known her early enough in the war to have a child with her and as I said, I don't think Ned would have violated his marriage vows, especially so early in the marriage. [[SPOILER]]
I'm almost positive that Ashara Dayne was in love with Brandon Stark. Although Ned shared a dance with her at the Tourney at Harrenhal, it was only after Brandon spoke to her. Ned was the plain brother. Brandon was the good looking, more charismatic brother. He was the wild wolf. Ned was the quiet wolf.Plus if the story of Ashara having a stillborn daughter is true, my suspicion is that it would be Brandon's, not Ned's. Brandon was already cheating on Catelyn before...
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