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It's not yet ordered, but we'd have to get everyone who has joined the MTO to agree.
Looks stunning. I hope we get 6 orders quickly. Secretly wish we had done the lace area inside the "U" in suede just to make it a little more unique, but I think that might have driven off some purchasers looking for a traditional austerity brogue.
Headed to Game 1 and 2. Game 1 comped through someone we do business with, who happens to be in the sports broadcasting business. Game 2 pricey through Stubhub. I'll consider to have paid the average. Go O's. Going to be chilly Sunday evening.
Very fond of Sky Valet. Local for me, so very convenient. And, very nice guys. I buy my Alden there too.I also have bought a pair at Barneys NY flagship store when they were on clearance sale. Those prices can't be beat - 50% off. Too bad there was nothing else I wanted at the time.
If you're looking for an adeleide, Alfred Sargent makes the Moore in oxblood. AFPOS carries them and has most sizes in stock. From what I've read, the AS benchgrade line is finished to or just below the degree of C&J's handgrade line. Might be worth considering.
I did see a Westbourne in burgundy on e-bay one time. It may have been a MTO shoe or through some retailer for a special production, though. Normally, I've only seen them advertised in burnished chestnut and black.
I have the Westbourne, although those aren't my images. They're a burnished chestnut (according to C&J). I have the Somerville boots which are in a antique chestnut (although a darker color by a grade or two) with polo suede shaft. I consider the Westbourne chestnut to be less consistent with other brands' chestnut colors. The Somerville's chestnut is more common. Westbourne is a lighter shade.I wear the Westbournes with mid grey, light grey, beige linen, and blue...
Here's a site with photos of the Westbourne with various polishes and patinas. It's on the 348. http://shoes.cogimator.net/Modele/222/Westbourne Lots of other C&J and other makers in the wild as well.The 348 is a chisel toe, not blocky at all in my experience.
I placed my order, with the assumption that the procedures will be identical to the Milton- place order for size only.AFPOS will email us for additional specifications - last; width.Wait for 6 willing souls.Thanks,Eugene
Julian and Sarah,Can you please confirm the choice of lasts and whether or not trees will be included.If the details are confirmed we're ready to go. I think we've got at least three and probably four right now and two more should pop their heads up at some point soon, right?Thanks,Eugene
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