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Ordered them both. Went down from my standard 3.5 to 3 3/8. And now the wait.
I've narrowed it down to two-Burnt orange diamond weave and English Dot Silk #21Any other opinions- I might be pressured into buying both. Would that be overkill?
I have the Somerville in the same color- the handgrade chestnut antique- as opposed to the burnished chestnut benchgrade color, which is quite different. I use Saphir mahogany. I have gotten it from Kirby Allison's Hanger Project and A Suitable Wardrobe Store, but there are plenty of other good sources.
Wore an orange shirt (promotional item) to an event where we all had to wear them. My wife, and a woman at the office, both said I looked good in orange. Obvious next step- Burnt Orange Diamond Weave #19 Mandarin Orange Grossa Some Other Orange tie? I have a lot of grandness although not as many as some of you. I have no diamond weaves, and I know I'm going there soon. Recommendations?
Very nice. A man cannot live by black cap toes alone.
I would love the Keats in burgundy or oxblood with or without medallion and/or as a full austerity brogue.But, what I've been really wanted is something like this MTO G&G Hayes with extra punching around the ankle. It's a floating medallion Adelaide that really blows me away. Something like this in burgundy or oxblood with the same floating medallion as the new AFPOS whole cut slip-on would be ordered the day of introduction.G&G MTO just for illustrative purposes.
Serious move. Congrats.
Great sale today. I am very tempted to buy that new Jodphur. I don't need it. And, I really have no idea what to wear a Jodphur with. Plus, I have one pair of boots already in a dark reddish chestnut - although they're a balmoral. I've got to keep my power dry until the full range of AFPOS models comes out. Still hoping for an oxblood or burgundy oxford.
Purple is the best.I'm warming to orange. I don't have any, but I'm moving in that direction.
Congrats. Happy to see that whole cut in the 48 last. Can't wait to see what comes out in oxblood or burgundy. Hope it's also on the 48.
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