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I also order the same length for all. Just narrowed my ties by 1/8 of an inch though. I'm happy with the result. I'm now in the 3 3/8" club.
One of two of my recent Orange tie purchases on its inaugural journey. I am consistently frustrated with my iPhone pics. Are you guys using real cameras, b/c my colors are always washed out.
Already with the delivery courier. My switch to DHL has really paid off. Six days from order to delivery. I can't believe I used to wait three additional weeks.Now the real anticipation…----update- only 15 minutes later- It's arrived… Incredible service from David. Unbelievable turn around.The difficult choice will be to decide which one to wear Tuesday. (tomorrow is casual - just filing all day and off Monday).
Ordered them both. Went down from my standard 3.5 to 3 3/8. And now the wait.
I've narrowed it down to two-Burnt orange diamond weave and English Dot Silk #21Any other opinions- I might be pressured into buying both. Would that be overkill?
I have the Somerville in the same color- the handgrade chestnut antique- as opposed to the burnished chestnut benchgrade color, which is quite different. I use Saphir mahogany. I have gotten it from Kirby Allison's Hanger Project and A Suitable Wardrobe Store, but there are plenty of other good sources.
Wore an orange shirt (promotional item) to an event where we all had to wear them. My wife, and a woman at the office, both said I looked good in orange. Obvious next step- Burnt Orange Diamond Weave #19 Mandarin Orange Grossa Some Other Orange tie? I have a lot of grandness although not as many as some of you. I have no diamond weaves, and I know I'm going there soon. Recommendations?
Very nice. A man cannot live by black cap toes alone.
I would love the Keats in burgundy or oxblood with or without medallion and/or as a full austerity brogue.But, what I've been really wanted is something like this MTO G&G Hayes with extra punching around the ankle. It's a floating medallion Adelaide that really blows me away. Something like this in burgundy or oxblood with the same floating medallion as the new AFPOS whole cut slip-on would be ordered the day of introduction.G&G MTO just for illustrative purposes.
Serious move. Congrats.
New Posts  All Forums: