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Bit the bullet and ordered a pair of Hannover boots. Been eying them for months and couldn't resist the sale. It rained today and I'm so sick of only having one pair of shoes to wear with rubber dainite soles. I'll be adding commandos in a few days. A full brogue boot in pebble grain might be too much for a suit, but I'm sure I could pull it off with flannel or donegal trousers. And, of course they will be my go to with jeans on a rainy weekend. Very excited.
double post
Only if T polygamy is recognized and they were married. Otherwise he's just a bastard of a different euphemistic surname.
GRRM has said several times that he warned D&D not to kill certain characters because they have future plot value and are very important. We just don't know who those are. Mayhaps Dany's bloodriders, one of the Tyrell brothers who has been ignored, or who knows who else.
Jeyne Westerling only has value if she is with child. While Jaime noted her narrow hips and Catelyn had previously noted her hips comfortable for childbearing, it's possible Jaime only met her sister. If she isn't pregnant, and it would be highly unlikely given her mother's precautions, she is just a widow. Robb's will is in the Neck with several of his banner men - and Howland Reed. His succession (likely Jon Snow) is contained therein. If Jon is legitimized and made...
Obviously not spoilerish anymore. But, why would Mance have a coordinated attack both North and South of the Wall at the same time? The Northern attack is guaranteed to fail w/out the Southern attack first succeeding and opening the gate. Just makes Mance seem idiotic tactically.
And Ser Loras believes she killed Renly in the books, but that seems to be of little interest on the show. At this point in the books she and Jaime should still be in the Riverlands, so their early arrival has changed some plot points. But, when she does arrive Loras accuses her and Jaime intervenes. Eventually he relents. That story line appears to have been dispensed with.
I'd bet that's a few down the line.Episode 6 is called "The Laws of Gods and Men." That could be when it happens.
Absolutely right. George is the show runner for Ep 2.
I think they used to do small MTO but now they may only do that in hand grade and at a high up cost. You may be talking around $1400 for such a mismatched creature. Quite a step up in price from exclusives, which are at a great price point- at least for me.
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