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Kevan Lannister is Lord Tywin's younger brother (the non-dead/missing one). He's frequently Tywin's battle commander when Twyin cannot be in the field with the Lannister Army. He also is Lancel's father - the Lannister cousin who was banging Cersei when Jaime went into the field. One of his other sons was killed by Rickard Karstark - a page or squire - held prisoner by the Starks at Riverrun. It's why Robb Stark beheaded Lord Rickard.
Ordered Monday at 8:40pm EDT. Received Wednesday 9:30am EDT. Unbelievable service from AFPOS. Unbeatable price. And, another terrific product from AS. Anyone needing rugged boots should really consider these Hannovers. They are beautiful. The pebble grain with the full brogue really looks terrific. And, it's a gorgeous dark brown color. Only complaint- it was a beast getting the trees out of the boots.
I could not stand the Damphair, Asha's chapters became grating, and while at the Iron Islands I didn't even like Victarion. I even liked the Dornish chapters better than the Iron Islands chapters, and I wasn't crazy about those. I did like Brienne, especially on the Quiet Island and when she met Randyll Tarly. And, to whoever was criticizing the Arya plot line and chapters - I couldn't disagree more. Her chapters are few and far between and they are all awesome. Plus,...
Prince Oberyn Martell explained it to Tyrion in this week's episode. Rhaeger was married to Elia Martell of Dorne. She was a bit of a frail woman, but considered attractive, and bore two children. Ser Gregor dashed Prince Aegon's head against a wall after ripping her from Elia's breast and then raped Elia before killing her. Armory Lorch killed their daughter who was hiding under her father's bed, if I recall. Both were ordered to take the Red Keep by Lord Twyin. ...
Bit the bullet and ordered a pair of Hannover boots. Been eying them for months and couldn't resist the sale. It rained today and I'm so sick of only having one pair of shoes to wear with rubber dainite soles. I'll be adding commandos in a few days. A full brogue boot in pebble grain might be too much for a suit, but I'm sure I could pull it off with flannel or donegal trousers. And, of course they will be my go to with jeans on a rainy weekend. Very excited.
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Only if T polygamy is recognized and they were married. Otherwise he's just a bastard of a different euphemistic surname.
GRRM has said several times that he warned D&D not to kill certain characters because they have future plot value and are very important. We just don't know who those are. Mayhaps Dany's bloodriders, one of the Tyrell brothers who has been ignored, or who knows who else.
Jeyne Westerling only has value if she is with child. While Jaime noted her narrow hips and Catelyn had previously noted her hips comfortable for childbearing, it's possible Jaime only met her sister. If she isn't pregnant, and it would be highly unlikely given her mother's precautions, she is just a widow. Robb's will is in the Neck with several of his banner men - and Howland Reed. His succession (likely Jon Snow) is contained therein. If Jon is legitimized and made...
Obviously not spoilerish anymore. But, why would Mance have a coordinated attack both North and South of the Wall at the same time? The Northern attack is guaranteed to fail w/out the Southern attack first succeeding and opening the gate. Just makes Mance seem idiotic tactically.
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