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On the subjective piece I find the C&J lasts a little better fit for my feet - 348 and 363. In AS I haven't tried the 724, however I have the 48 in an Ex makeup of a HG style, 99, and 87.On the objective, I agree that the leather quality in the AS Ex is equal to C&J handgrade. On my special make up of the AS HG style, the burnishing is nicer than on C&J HG. My AS Ex also have nicer soles- semi-fiddleback than on the C&J HG. I also like the slightly higher heel stack on...
Please call him Sandor. He has a name. Just as he's not a knight, he's not an animal. That's his brother.
I have both C&J handgrade and benchgrade. The Exclusive range of AS is much nicer in terms of finish than the handgrade. I'd say the soles are nicer on the AS Exclusive than even the benchgrade C&J. The leather is pretty comparable. Lasts are really personal fit, so they're hard to compare, but both have a variety available.I've got 3 pairs of AS in heavy rotation, plus two in light rotation - a light colored slip on that I only wear in summer and a patent leather...
The destruction of Cat's character was the most angering part of the entire show changes. She and Robb's dialog was changed in season 2 - reversed in fact. She wanted to stay with him to be at his War Councils and he wanted her to go back to be with the boys. In the show they flipped the script. And, then, of course, she released Jaime without knowing the boys were "dead." It eliminated her motivation and made her a worthless figure. Plus, it got rid of my favorite...
At least they created a way for him to be north of the Wall when Mance attacks because the original way just won't work anymore. That said, someone is going to need a fleet of helicopters to enter that battle.
Strong Belwas shits in Daario's general direction. Hate Daario having a bigger role. Hate the exclusion of Strong Belwas. Hate hate the minimizing Ser Barristan's role. Great episode.
One of. There's also the question of whether one or another particular character is Azor Ahai reborn/The Prince* Who was Promised. One of those two along with Bran will be most important.There's a lot of important back story told through Bran's chapters by Meera and Jojen especially about the Tourney at Harenhall. I'm not sure why they passed that up. Plus having Ser Barristan tell the other side of the story and even Jaime telling his version of Harenhall make it all...
The problem w Dany on the show is that Ser Barristan is a prop and not telling the stories about Rhaegar in disguise or otherwise and that the prophesies are ignored.The problem w Dany in the books is that the plot moves so slowly and she becomes more and more passive. If not for Ser Granfather I'd probably skip her chapters altogether and be happier for it.
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