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I'm almost positive that Ashara Dayne was in love with Brandon Stark. Although Ned shared a dance with her at the Tourney at Harrenhal, it was only after Brandon spoke to her. Ned was the plain brother. Brandon was the good looking, more charismatic brother. He was the wild wolf. Ned was the quiet wolf.Plus if the story of Ashara having a stillborn daughter is true, my suspicion is that it would be Brandon's, not Ned's. Brandon was already cheating on Catelyn before...
It's GRRM who sent him a few chapters the first time as a gift- I think he then started being GRRM's personal fact checker. I'd agree if he were doing it for the publisher, but for the author, it's kind of a favor for a favor.There was also an issue one time about a mare becoming a stallion or vice versa. He's read each book over a dozen times, so he far surpasses me in terms of attention to detail.She's been really good and very well fleshed out on the show. In the...
Gorgeous. They're on my short list. Too bad I've pretty much run through my shoe budget for the year.
True. And that guy and his wife are proofreading WoW right now. They don't get paid at all, but get to read the story years in advance of us peons.He's the guy who maintains the wiki and westeros.org.
Don't do that. You will get a LOT more than the backstory. You will also get huge spoilers about future developments about all of the characters. You want these things to be surprises. I'm willing to discuss future story behind spoiler tags and past story as it differs from the books, but I wouldn't want you to ruin the entire show by reading the wiki on characters.
Reek, Reek, it rhymes with freak, sneak, meek... [[SPOILER]]
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