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But why did she add Thoros of Myr, Lord Beric, and Melisandre? Does that now mean she has to try to kill each of them? I'm glad they didn't take Ser Illyn out just b/c the actor is dying (mayhaps dead) and won't ever appear again.
I think he's got chain underneath, but he's definitely not riding around in full plate. In the book Sandor has Arya scour his rusted chain.
I think he's been written out. Too much expense.
It was bad but not cringe worthy like last week. This was more of a frolic than a detour.
This is true- at least in the past. I'm not sure they run any stock models of the HG - at least for US shops. Leffot used to carry them, but stopped. When I had stopped in to see the range they said they could do a single shoe in any color, leather combination, and/or last based upon their HG models.
Another 3 Hobers on order: Macclesfield #109 Navy Diamond Weave #4 Slate Blue Prometeo Grenadine #8 This will make 15 Hobers. The official SF tie is out of stock for my second consecutive order.
For my chestnut Westbournes which are from the benchgrade collection I use Saphir cognac, both cream and wax. Sometimes I throw some Mahogany on the toe cap (1/4 of the time), but only the wax not the cream. For my Hangrade Somervilles, which are also called chestnut (but are a completely different color - much more red), I use Saphir mahogany cream and wax.
Wore mine today too. Two pairs of mto Blakes in dc at the same time. Wore my swims out to lunch.They are great shoes and look great. I'd really like a mto in oxblood. Different style. Not sure what. But an oxford. Maybe afpos will do one of their special models in oxblood.
And Selmy is just a prop on the show. No Rheager stories or anything.
It was pure garbage fan fiction. The kind of stuff nobody reads on the inter webs. And, now it's on the screen. Vomit.
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