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He's in charge of Ser Pounce.
The Tyrion/Shae relationship is much more complicated in the books than on the show - like most else. [[SPOILER]]
The trial was great. Hardly deviated, if at all, from the book. The book is great. The show is great when it's close to the book. Even filing in small gaps can be great like the Cersei and Robert scenes in season 1. But the replacement plots have all sucked.
Reek is Reek, then someone else is Reek, then someone else is Reek. Reek might not have been Reek to begin with. Reek is s title, like King of the First Men, and the Andals, and Rhyonar (oh yeah, them too - like the Dornish)… as Robert says, "Titles, Titles, Titles."
If you consider the show to be an interesting parallel dream where many of the same characters inhabit the world and not really anything truly related to the books you'll be fine.The show is like a group of people playing telephone with the books. They leave a lot of stuff out and forget why the characters do anything and everything, filling in the gaps with garbage.
Cognac is more brown- a bit orange like the original color of my westborne. You could always go with middle brown if you're looking for a true brown.
Duck is pretty boring - along with his companions. Mayhaps they'll be introduced soon. More likely only three from that party will be included and Duck will be omitted.
Wondering what my Carmina sizes would be- any help would be appreciated: Here are my sizes in various makers/lasts: Alden Hampton 8.5US C&J 348 7.5UK C&J 363 8UK AS 87 7.5UK AS 48 7.5UK AS 99 8UK Thanks for any help… getting ready for Spoo's arrivals.
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