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I found the same thing with my HH trainer compared to my CC tennis low.
Terrific shot
duplicate post
You missed a lot of countries I usually purchase from: Great Britain and Ireland in addition to Italy, France, and the US.
Here are the Blake in a 7.5 on the 48 and the Moore in an 8 on the 724.Both from AFPOS. The Moore in burgundy - in stock on the site. The Blake in burnished oak and finished to exclusive standard, not handgrade. I really like the deep color of the burnished oak toe cap. Just got back from a trip and haven't swapped out my travel trees.I said I prefer the 724, but that's really because it fits better on my foot. The shape of the 48 is slightly more pleasing to my eye.
I'll post when I get home. The G&Gs aren't mine. Unfortunately. I just collect pics of Adelaides. I have C&Js Westbournes and the two AS above.
I just bought the Moore in burgundy. I had been asking for something more unique for years, but when AFPoS put out the Moore in burgundy I was all in right away. A few years ago we did the Blake in burnished Oak on a choice of lasts. I got the 48. It's a nice shoe, but I actually like the 724 last better. I think the shoe would have looked better without a cap and with a medallion on the toe. That would have been awesome.The ones you pictured are not the standard...
Looks great. I haven't gotten my shipping notification yet.
I always love the look of whole cuts before they crease. So clean.Yours look great.
Since the reboot, the Exclusive line has always been their standard RTW styles. They have a lower line that they make under private labels without the Exclusive sole, and perhaps other internal quality reductions.I haven't seen the hand grades as RTW styles anywhere since Leffot stopped stocking them. I believe they are now just MTO. I imagine you can order them through any AS retailer, but I don't' know.
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