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You'll find that most of the brands/makers on this site size their pants true to the measurement or pretty close. Measure a pair of pants from a mall store brand and they're going to be 2-3 inches larger than the tagged waist size. It's to make people not feel so bad about how fat they are. Vanity sizing. Soon a 32 will measure 36-38 inches in many brands.Take you best fitting pants from another brand. Lay them flat. Take a measuring tape and measure across the waist...
+1. Language barrier can be a factor, but the work is very good.
Check out Kirby Allison's hanger project. He has different saphir products for stripping and redying leather shoes. Under shoe care, there is a section for recoloring and repairing. They all say they are for smooth leather, but when desperate you may need to try them on pebble grain.
I've got a pair too. Highly recommended.
Bought the knit fleece bomber in loden and the loop wheel in aquamarine and I had to add something to my order to get free shipping. Been kicking myself for not grabbing more of the hoodies and sweatpants (both are the best I've ever had) when those were on clearance, so the bomber is a no brainer at that price.
I had my Hanovers out in the 30+ inches in Maryland. Pebble grain walnut and commando soles did great.
AS made G&G before they had their own factory.
Would have taken two of the ammo pocket colors, and they not had the pocket. With a 28" inseam, I can't really afford another pocket just above my knee.
Varies by last. Some are a full size down, some only half. Sarah from AFPoS is terrific with sizing advice.
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