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I believe that's what AFPOS is looking into. Personally I would prefer it with a medallion on the toe cap of the Moore as well or a medallion toe adelaide with no cap, but beggars can't be choosers. I really just want an oxblood oxford from AS.
Of course they have killed off all of her handmaids and bloodriders. Probably just b/c they can't afford to keep a cast of thousands so in order to add Missendei and Daario they have to kill Dany's other secondary characters. They could have at least put Daario in charge of the Stormcrows so that Brown Ben Plumm could be introduced later. I expect he will have a role to play in the story.
As soup?
Given the graphic nature of the show, Tywin really should have stood up, had Tyrion shoot him in the bowel, and for him to shit himself. Then, Tyrion could have reloaded and said, "I guess you don't really shit gold." That would have been nice for book readers, given that they dropped the whole Tysha motivation.
Except, while it's cold, down by the Wall, it's not thick snows yet. It's hardly fall, much less winter. Mance surrendered and many of his men were lost in the initial attack by Stannis, but the vast majority of his horde fled. They just picked up and ran. They weren't conquered as much as their vanguard was broken and their main and rear were scattered. Stannis only attacked and broke the tip of the spear.
As an early adopter of the raw plum, maybe even the first on this board, I have had a little trouble matching it with anything other than a navy suit/jacket.
Manse's army isn't an army. They don't have any organization of their ranks, they are all on foot. And, of the 100k, probably 25k are younger men. The rest are women, old men, and children. It's 100k Wildlings, with all of their possessions, feed animals, etc. They don't have armor and their weapons are whatever they could scavenge from the Night's Watch dead, plus wooden spears and rocks.Stannis has castle steel and a few hundred armored knights to go with a couple...
Really. No mention of Tysha. Really? Something that affected him so deeply and he mentioned it in seasons 1 and 2. Not to Jaime. Not to Twyin. No mention to Jaime that Cersei was banging Lancel. Great episode, but it was missing some key character stuff. And, that sure didn't look like Blood Raven. Plus, Jojen knows when he's going to die, and it's not today. Maybe as soup, but not today.
I have the Somerville on the 363. It's a boot, so it may a little different in boot form. It fits me better than the 348, which also fits pretty well, but not quite as well. The 363 is my best last including my mostly AS collection of shoes. Anyway, I wear a 8.5US in Alden Hampton last, which is pretty standard to the Brannock. I wear the 7.5UK on the 348. I wear an 9US for Barneys in the 363. I assume that tracks to an 8UK, but I can't be sure because it was sized...
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