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Agreed. And furious. [[SPOILER]]
For anyone who's read the books this season is going to blow. [[SPOILER]]
Search the forum. A number of us have posted pics of the Hannover. Can't beat them for boots. The pebble grain is robust. The commando sole is bulletproof. The full brogue style is timeless. The dark brown color is rich. And, the lack of speed hooks means you can wear them with hemmed pants and not worry about pulling out your hem.I recommend AFPOS to buy them.
Still no email????
same w me
What color are those G&G punched Balmorals?
If you're a GangStarr fan you get even more props and stunts than In Stitches.
I've had issues with one particular credit card on paypal making transactions with AFPOS. All it takes is an email to them and call to my credit card company to resolve it.Bear in mind that it's Sunday. If you email Sarah or Julian on Monday morning UK time everything will be resolved. Take a deep breath. I know you want the shoes, but calm the fuck down.
I would become a double four-in-hand or a Prince Albert depending on where you tuck your front blade.
Completely agree. AFPOS has always been very quick to respond to my questions and have been extremely helpful with sizing. They also have great promotions. They are a great seller. I've bought five pairs of AS from AFPOS. All have been in proper condition and have been at a great price. The quality/price ratio of AS very good. I will not hesitate to buy another pair of AS from AFPOS.
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