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The Juice Crew, NAS, and Mobb Deep would be disappointed to hear you call it that. Queensbridge.
Just made a Hober order. It's been a while and this tread has been dead since Pink Panther disappeared. Got three new squares: Carlo Riva - Pink & White Linen Arsenal Linen/Cotton Pocket Square #6 Macclesfield Madder Silk Pocket Square #8 Red, Green & Mandarin on Chocolate Macclesfield Madder Silk Pocket Square #MP-8 Atkinsons Printed Irish Poplin Pocket Square #9 Red, Navy Blue, Black, Light Yellow on Yellow Atkinsons Printed Irish Poplin Pocket Square #APRP-9 And...
I wear Under Armor no shows. are sized, which helps a bit. They're passable.
I'd measure your favorite pair of jeans and then go to Gustin's size charts. If you buy any of Epaulet's pants, I wear the same size in the rivet and walt as I do in Gustin's jeans.
The lapels on this jacket are gorgeous. Such a great roll and I'm not sure I've ever seen a peak lapel 3 roll 2.
Sent PM on size 34.
My high school baseball coach would make anyone wearing a cap backwards catch batting practice. You want to dress like a catcher, you have to be a catcher for the day. Needless to say, everyone strictly adhered to the coach's dress code.
You'll find that most of the brands/makers on this site size their pants true to the measurement or pretty close. Measure a pair of pants from a mall store brand and they're going to be 2-3 inches larger than the tagged waist size. It's to make people not feel so bad about how fat they are. Vanity sizing. Soon a 32 will measure 36-38 inches in many brands.Take you best fitting pants from another brand. Lay them flat. Take a measuring tape and measure across the waist...
+1. Language barrier can be a factor, but the work is very good.
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