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I'm using shoe snob's plastic (travel) shoetrees. I had a couple pairs of those trees that i only use for travel, so when I'm home for a while, I've got them laying around. Anyway, I just screwed them down to the lowest length. They're adjustable. They fit great in the heel and are a little tight across the forefoot, but that's perfect, because originally the sneakers were too tight across my cuneiform bone. After about a week of stretching/wearing they're perfect.
I believe [[SPOILER]]
I've mentioned earlier that Ser Barristan is my 2nd favorite character in the books. Arya is #1. I am always excited to find one of her chapters and none of them has ever disappointed. Some of her chapters in Bravos are my favorites of the whole series, especially the one with the boots. I hope that is upcoming - although they will be different sized boots. Probably merging that situation with the one teaser chapter from Winds of Winter.
Interesting theory regarding Bronn. Although his honor won't be spoiled, that's for sure.WRT Jorah, exactly. The best swordsman in the Seven Kingdoms goes out like a punk against perfumed and lazy slavers dressed in masks while a slightly younger out of shape (at least in the books) middling Knight cuts through trained pit fighters like they're swiss cheese. Really annoying.Another consolidated storyline is likely [[SPOILER]]
I actually think the show jumped the shark with the Bran story last season. It was episode 4/5 or something like that when the mutineers at Crasters held him, Meera, Jojen, and Hodor. It's like, where's Summer and if Ghost is there also (for no particular reason other than to keep the Direwolves out of the Stark children's lives) wouldn't the wolves just kill all the mutineers to protect Bran, warging or not? It was like they stuck two irrelevant episodes right in the...
The plot is no longer based upon source material. It's wholly made up. So, not only are they writing dialog, but also plot. Even when they write dialog for previously plotted scenes, they cull some of the better lines from the text. Now, they've got nothing. They don't even know the character's motivations. It's like they are improvisational actors.Only Tyrion should be IMP-rovising.
The best swordsman in the Seven Kingdoms during Robert's Rebellion. Ser Arthur Dayne was his equal, but only because of Dawn. Also, likely best with the lance considering all of his tournament victories even right up until he fled kings landing. How many of the Gold Cloaks did he dispatch on his way out of town - without even having his sword which he left for Joffrey.
I know 3 people who stopped watching after he muttered, "Help me Grey Worm."Turns my stomach. He's my 2nd favorite book character. Not only did they make him a nothing after the first season, they ruined him. Ser Grandfather would cut Dario to pieces. He kills that champion pit fighter like it's nothing. Imagine him at half his age.
I should have mentioned how bad it was on the show that Robb Stark, King in the North, got married before a Septon and said the Words of the Seven. His wife was from Essos, so it's not like the Faith was her religion. It made me so fucking mad. He's the King in the North and follows the Old Gods. There is no Northern Lord who would follow someone who believed in a Southron Religion. The phrase "The North Remembers" doesn't just refer to Ned's death or the Red Wedding....
Cersei is wearing a wig too.
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