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In the G&G thread there is a lot of discussion by a bespoke bookmaker who criticizes some of the internal materials choices from the higher end RTW makers, particularly plastic or other synthetic toe puffs and heel cups. Of course many bespoke makers use similar pre made parts, rather than shaping leather for the same areas. I don't know anything about it but ti's probably worth checking out that other thread.
Navy suit, white shirt. I think it would work. Mid grey also with white shirt. My biggest problem, which I didn't think of at the time was that 80% of my shirts are light blue in some form or fashion, so it's probably no good with any of them.
Just received today: Macclesfield #109 Navy Diamond Weave Slate Blue Prometeo Grenadine It's my first Macclesfield and first Prometeo, but one of many grenadines.
Born in smoke and salt is the hardest prophesy for Jon to qualify for. Obviously being born on Dragonstone helps that one. There was no fire reported at the Tower of Joy. Salt could easily be Lyanna's tears of hearing of Rhaegar's death. Dany was born on Dragonstone so she more easily qualifies. Hell, Stannis is partially Targaryen and his daughter has greyscale - stone men- and was born on Dragonstone. She has King's Blood. She could be Azor Ahai reborn. ...
There's a big difference between a two handed longsword and a two handed great sword. Gregor wields a great sword with one hand. A long sword is the same length whether one handed, bastard, or two handed. Two handed just offers more grip alternatives.
Unlikely. Jon will warg into Ghost. Then his body will likely be placed into an ice cell, or burned by Melisandre (King's Blood and all). Remember, Melisandre's prophecy - man, wolf, man. Seems like that's warning and returning to his body. Also, when she asked to see Azor Ahai, she only saw Snow. Oh, and if R+L=J he's got King's Blood and she can raise a dragon (Targaryen) from stone (frozen solid).
When your father is best friends with the King and there are a lot of people named after the King, you add a "B" to differentiate.Robert BaratheonRobb StarkRobert Arryn (called Robin on the show just to not confuse stupid viewers)Robar RoyceRobett GloverI'm sure I'm missing some.Lots more Jons. None with the H.Jon ArrynJon Snow (obviously named for Jon Arryn)Jon ConningtonGreatJon UmberSmalJon Umber [[SPOILER]] Lots of Jeynes include two major Jeynes who have been written...
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