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Now they've ruined Stannis. And, if you though a fight scene couldn't have been worse than the Snadsnakes versus Bronn and Jaime, this week topped it. Holy shit that was bad. And there were no honeyed and spiced locusts. I'll watch next week out of sport, but I think I'm done.
This is a thread for a StyleForum sponsor. Only the shoes sold by the sponsor should be discussed on this thread. That or design ideas/suggestions for future models. Not how great some other maker/seller is.
In this thread ToJ means Tower of Joy.
Though mayhaps this was a blessing. Had he lived he would have grown up to be a Frey.
It seems he'll get Winds of Winter to the publisher after the next season is complete - it may be published by Christmas 2016. Unless they keep the show going until 2022, there's no chance the last book will precede the final season of the show.
My predictions for final two episodes - includes book spoilers and extrapolation: [[SPOILER]]
They started making the characters play to type at the beginning of season 2 when they switched Robb and Cat's lines. In the book she said she needed to be with him to give him counsel about the war. Robb said that she should be home to take care of Bran and Rickon. It added to her regret when she learned that Bran and Rickon were "killed." Yet, on the show they made Cat play to type and say - I must go home to Bran and Rickon, they need their mother. And, Robb said,...
Why introduce the prominent Merman pin on the one fat bearded guy at the Red Wedding if Wyman Manderley wasn't going to show up at the Bolton/Stark wedding. I mean, you've got the new Warden of the North's son marrying the daughter of the hereditary Warden and sister of the late King in the North and there are no Freys (other than Fat Walda) much less any Northern Lords.
That oxblood color looks great.
Many great houses had Valaryan steel blades, but many other Houses did/do too (there's on in the Vale owned by a Lord who likes young boys and Mace Tarly (Samwell's father has one as well). Most were lost or destroyed overtime. The ability to make them was lost when magic left the world. Tywin could only have Ice remade because magic has returned - related to the birth of the dragons.Great Houses/Kingdoms:Targaryen - Dragonstone and Crownlands (not a Kingdom of its...
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