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If I could state a preference, the Henry/Keats models from the Handgrade line would be outstanding in burgundy or oxblood. I know that's very particular and probably harder to accomplish given the division between exclusive and handgrade, but I figure it's worth throwing out there.
Any chance you've done a oxford in burgundy or oxblood?
Adelaides are the style of oxford with a U-throat around the lacing. Those are mostly not mine, just images I've collected of my favorite style over the years. I have the Alfred Sargent third in line and at the very bottom (same shoes/different angles) The top and the red ones are bespoke and definitely not mine. I also have a pair of Crockett and Jones adelaides.If I were going for a plain adelaide with no brouging besides my AS, I'd probably buy these Gaziano and...
I'm a fan of adelaides, but I find these very unattractive. As examples of adelaides that I like check out these examples.
I have a different pair (Blake) in the same color. I use medium brown cream polish and medium brown paste on most of the shoe and dark brown on the toe.
Never thought about it at all.But, I think it's critical that both Euron and Victarion appear. [[SPOILER]]
Completely disagree about Tyrion's long road to Mereen. His stay at Magister Illyrio's is interesting especially for one point regarding Illyrio's late wife's picture. And, I really enjoyed the Griff and Young Griff storyline. Showed that Tyrion is still clever. It remains to be seen whether he will run into the other character who we already know.Once they wrote off the prophecy about the Sun's Son, The Griffin and the Lion, etc. I guess Quentin became irrelevant. ...
Her story with the boots is awesome and I don't expect it will be included, unfortunately.
I loved when he took a dump on that guy. And, he loved liver and onions and honeyed locusts. Considering they are looking to add more diversity of actors - and they like to add comedy when none exists, Strong Belwas would have been great.
Completely agree.Although Jaime's best story line, where I found him most redeemed, were when he negotiated the end to the siege at Riverrun with the Blackfish. He's obviously not doing that if he's going south to Dorne. And, Bronn's best scene was the one told to Cersei where he killed Lolly's father to gain Castle Stokeworth. That was just awesome. Yet, he's now in the Jaime plot, so that won't happen. Oh well.I also hated how they ruined Sam's plot to gain Jon the...
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