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The Vale of Arryn is the name of the region. House Arryn is the Lord Paramount of the region. The Eyrie is the name of the their castle.This is how things started- obviously there are some changes as to who is the Lord Paramount of various regions now.Stark/The North/Winterfell=Arryn/The Vale/The Eyrie=Lannister//The Westerlands/Casterly Rock=Tully/The Riverlands/Riverrun=Tyrell/The Reach/Highgarden=Greyjoy/The Iron Islands/Pyke=Baratheon/The Stormlands/Storm's End=House...
The Vale does. But not the Eyrie. It's a very small castle because of how it's built. It's really several castles on top of each other up a mountain where the top castle is extremely small. While impenetrable, it could easily be starved out in a siege or a long winter. The Eyrie only has the Great Hall, several sleeping rooms and the sky cells. It's got very little space for food stores.
The vale can be taken. It's the entire valley in the east north of the storm lands. The eyrie can't be taken by force from below. That's just the castle of The Lord paramount of the vale. But the eyrie doesn't have large food stores and can't survive a long siege.
I'm interested in Oxblood. I'm waiting for an oxford in oxblood in the next year and if one doesn't come I'm going to order a pair of Enzo Bonafes. It's the one glaring whole in my shoe rotation but I'm not in a huge rush. I'm a patient man, so there's no rush and the Moores, while not my ideal pick, would be something I would grab. I might prefer the Hunt or something made up Exclusive from the Handgrade line like Keats.
Except nobody is supposed to know that she's a Stark because then the Lannisters will march on the Vale.
Without Marillion, I wonder what the show runners plan to do with Littlefinger's cover up/patsy for Lady Lysa's death by Moon Door. Not a spoiler b/c the events have passed, in the book, the bard who ha followed Catelyn and her prisoner Tyrion to the Eyrie stayed on and played for Lady Lysa and Little Lord Robert Ayrn. He flew on a helicopter to Kings Landing on the show and Joffrey removed his tongue. So, he wasn't present for Lysa's fall from grace. It will be...
Agreed. Conan Stevens was perfect. Almost 7' big jaw and well over 400lbs. Plus a thick beard and face old enough to be Rory mccanns older. This guy looks at least a decade too young probably two.
They caught up on a lot of stories this episode. Really they only need to tell the several sides of the Tourney at Harrenhal and maybe everyone will be caught up. They can do narrative instead of BS when they want. Elia and Oberyn meet Tyrion in the crib. The Mountain kills Elia and her kids. Gregor burns Sandor. He should have said, "Then, they made him a Knight. I like dogs more than Knights." Petyr only loved Catelyn - hell, they almost told the Tansy Tea...
You need to rotate your shoes or you will wear throughout he soles quickly. They will also lose their shape if you're wearing them every day. They should be given a day of rest between wears with trees inserted. Personally, I'd say the minimum number of shoes one needs in rotation for a 5-day-a-week suit wearing job is 3 pairs. Unless you have a lot of money to spend, buy one and integrate it with your cheap shoes until you can buy another pair and then a third. If...
REally love those Chestnut Swan Neck. Just what I'm looking for, but nothing close to my size. Oh well.
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