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Wights can't be killed with dragon glass. They are frozen meat and the dragon glass breaks against their flesh and bone. Fire is the most effective. because they are undead it's somewhat unclear what happens when you hack them to pieces. They seem to continue to fight short of limbs. I can't recall whether we've seen a headless body continue to attack. Conventional weapons work. You do not need Valaryan steel.
White Walker are the creatures who lead the dead. They are some unknown race and live in the land always winter. Little and less is known about them, other than dragon glass and Valaryan Steel (dragon steel) can kill them. They convert the dead into undead and make them their minions. The wights are the zombie like undead who have been converted by the White Walkers. Wights can be killed by fire. Presumably, White Walkers can too, but it's unconfirmed.
First great episode this season. First good one for that matter. Cersei pretty much stuck to the book. Arya was Cat of the Canals, which was awesome. Jon was off the page, but it was great and I wish the episode had been named Patchface. It was like everything he ever said, oh, oh, I know. The shadows come to dance, my lord, dance my lord, dance my lord. The shadows come to stay, my lord, stay my lord, stay my lord. In the dark the dead are dancing. I know, I know,...
In the books the Kings Guard shows up at the Sept of Balor and is not admitted. There's a bit of discussion between Cersei and the chief of the watch for the Faith. She demands to see the High Septon. He will only meet within the Sept. She is so intent on seeing him she tells the Kings Guard to stay outside. She essentially walked into a trap because of her own impatience. Don't know why they cut that out. It's also the second or third time she visits the Sept so...
She's the one character in the books who, when given her voice through POV chapters, I liked even less. Some never connected with me at all- Damphair, Victarion (although his chapters were funny), Areo Hotah, Quentin Martell. Some non-POV characters are among my favorites - Sandor, Wyman Manderley, Queen of Thorns. I even have a little empathy for Sansa, although I don't like her. But, Cersei, I disliked and once she became a POV, I liked her less.
I'm using shoe snob's plastic (travel) shoetrees. I had a couple pairs of those trees that i only use for travel, so when I'm home for a while, I've got them laying around. Anyway, I just screwed them down to the lowest length. They're adjustable. They fit great in the heel and are a little tight across the forefoot, but that's perfect, because originally the sneakers were too tight across my cuneiform bone. After about a week of stretching/wearing they're perfect.
I believe [[SPOILER]]
I've mentioned earlier that Ser Barristan is my 2nd favorite character in the books. Arya is #1. I am always excited to find one of her chapters and none of them has ever disappointed. Some of her chapters in Bravos are my favorites of the whole series, especially the one with the boots. I hope that is upcoming - although they will be different sized boots. Probably merging that situation with the one teaser chapter from Winds of Winter.
Interesting theory regarding Bronn. Although his honor won't be spoiled, that's for sure.WRT Jorah, exactly. The best swordsman in the Seven Kingdoms goes out like a punk against perfumed and lazy slavers dressed in masks while a slightly younger out of shape (at least in the books) middling Knight cuts through trained pit fighters like they're swiss cheese. Really annoying.Another consolidated storyline is likely [[SPOILER]]
I actually think the show jumped the shark with the Bran story last season. It was episode 4/5 or something like that when the mutineers at Crasters held him, Meera, Jojen, and Hodor. It's like, where's Summer and if Ghost is there also (for no particular reason other than to keep the Direwolves out of the Stark children's lives) wouldn't the wolves just kill all the mutineers to protect Bran, warging or not? It was like they stuck two irrelevant episodes right in the...
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