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It's on Essos. Different continent entirely.
That's true. And the horribly cliched way they have portrayed Ser Loras would really piss me off if they did Jon Connington the same way. I never liked the Tyrells - any of them - Lady Olenna is a Redwyne as she's proud to state - so Loras' treatment has only bothered me for the way it's stereotypical.
That's awesome. I never listened to the audio books. I've only read Dance twice, but when I started over and realized that Lord Wyman paid respects to Bran at Winterfell in Clash upon a quick rereading, I liked him even more. The fact that these characters are embedded early on, and then turn up to be second tier characters later in the story makes it so much better. Nobody appears out of thin air - except maybe the Griffs.
I agree that they missed him entirely. He's not entitled to be king. He's duty bound to be king. There's a huge difference. But, when they are making most of the characters into one diminutional caricatures it's very easy to miss Stannis. Hell, they made Catelyn into the archetypal weak mother figure very early in the story. It's still baffling to me why. I don't think they get Samwell either. Nor Jaime (although they were getting him right in the first three...
Without going into the destruction of Stannis' character on the show, this is a very good critique of why Ep 5:9 was so awful.
Dragons are fire made flesh. They can be killed (see the Dance of the Dragons and the other novella about the same period). They can rend each other's flesh with claws and teeth. Also, they can be killed with spears and arrows to the eye and a few other locations.
A King must have an heir. Oh, I'll win the throne with no other living Baratheon and see what happens. Totally ruined his character on so many levels.
Here is the summary from Westeros.orgBOOK TO SCREENThe episode covers elements from the following chapters: The Sacrifice (ADwD), The Watcher (ADwD), Mercy (TWoW), and Daenerys IX (ADwD)The Sacrifice (ADwD): What we see on the show is not directly in the novels, but draws heavily on this chapter as it depicts Stannis’s desperate forces as a snowstorm leaves them with rapidly dwindling supplies and mounting losses from the environment. The northerners in his host—omitted on...
Arya gave her first gift without being distracted. It was actually confusing and some slight of hand that took care of it. I had to read it twice to figure out exactly the mechanics. She also wore a different face to accomplish the task. Ser Meryn isn't in Braavos.Jon didn't go to Hardhome, but the Night's Watch returned with very few free folk and Jon let them through the wall to the chagrin of many. Stannis left a garrison, including Queen Selyse, Princess Shireen,...
Now they've ruined Stannis. And, if you though a fight scene couldn't have been worse than the Snadsnakes versus Bronn and Jaime, this week topped it. Holy shit that was bad. And there were no honeyed and spiced locusts. I'll watch next week out of sport, but I think I'm done.
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