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I think the Thenns should have bronze weapons. They don't have steel, at least in the books. They are supposed to be more primitive and speak in the old tongue.
I wouldn't count on it. [[SPOILER]]
Rickard - his father - was tried for treason for Brandon - his brother - threatening the Crown Prince. He chose trial by combat. King Aeyrs chose fire as his champion and roasted Rickard in his armor in the throne room suspended from above a bonfire. Meanwhile, Brandon was tied by the neck and he tried to save his father and strangled himself to death.
separate prophecies [[SPOILER]]
I'm upset she had any words at all. Better for Jon Snow to think he may have killed her with an arrow himself. [[SPOILER]]
They'd have plenty of time if they hadn't had all that Bran BS storyline earlier and this was ep 8 instead of 9. But, I don't really see there as too much left- [[SPOILER]]
In the G&G thread there is a lot of discussion by a bespoke bookmaker who criticizes some of the internal materials choices from the higher end RTW makers, particularly plastic or other synthetic toe puffs and heel cups. Of course many bespoke makers use similar pre made parts, rather than shaping leather for the same areas. I don't know anything about it but ti's probably worth checking out that other thread.
Navy suit, white shirt. I think it would work. Mid grey also with white shirt. My biggest problem, which I didn't think of at the time was that 80% of my shirts are light blue in some form or fashion, so it's probably no good with any of them.
Just received today: Macclesfield #109 Navy Diamond Weave Slate Blue Prometeo Grenadine It's my first Macclesfield and first Prometeo, but one of many grenadines.
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