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Sansa and arya are both revealed to be alive in the vale. That's reason for lannister Bolton and tyrell to march on the gates of the moon. Doesn't make sense where they've taken it.
Just one?
Valar Morghulis
I have an AE burgundy belt.
So does "nipples on a breastplate."
I did my second read immediately following my first. It was better than the first (except for a few plot surprises) and none of my other subsequent reads have been so revealing. The prophecies and religious stuff was really something I glossed over on the first read. Plus, Robert's rebellion and the Tourney at Harrenhal were far too confusing the first time. Oh, and that's the same Lord Wyman Manderley in A Dance with Dragons as in A Clash of Kings.
That's right.1 Stark- King in the North - the King who knelt.2 Harren the Black- King of the Iron Islands and Riverlands (built Harrenhal and melted by Aegon the Conquerer, Greyjoys became Lord Paramount)3 Gardener - King of the Reach - killed on the Field of Fire by Aegon; Tyrell became Lord Paramount4 Arryn- King of the Mountain and the Vale5 Lannister- King of the Rock6 Martell- Princedom of Dorne7 Durrandon- Storm King (Baratheon sided early with Aegon and became Lord...
The Vale of Arryn is the name of the region. House Arryn is the Lord Paramount of the region. The Eyrie is the name of the their castle.This is how things started- obviously there are some changes as to who is the Lord Paramount of various regions now.Stark/The North/Winterfell=Arryn/The Vale/The Eyrie=Lannister//The Westerlands/Casterly Rock=Tully/The Riverlands/Riverrun=Tyrell/The Reach/Highgarden=Greyjoy/The Iron Islands/Pyke=Baratheon/The Stormlands/Storm's End=House...
The Vale does. But not the Eyrie. It's a very small castle because of how it's built. It's really several castles on top of each other up a mountain where the top castle is extremely small. While impenetrable, it could easily be starved out in a siege or a long winter. The Eyrie only has the Great Hall, several sleeping rooms and the sky cells. It's got very little space for food stores.
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