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The best swordsman in the Seven Kingdoms during Robert's Rebellion. Ser Arthur Dayne was his equal, but only because of Dawn. Also, likely best with the lance considering all of his tournament victories even right up until he fled kings landing. How many of the Gold Cloaks did he dispatch on his way out of town - without even having his sword which he left for Joffrey.
I know 3 people who stopped watching after he muttered, "Help me Grey Worm."Turns my stomach. He's my 2nd favorite book character. Not only did they make him a nothing after the first season, they ruined him. Ser Grandfather would cut Dario to pieces. He kills that champion pit fighter like it's nothing. Imagine him at half his age.
I should have mentioned how bad it was on the show that Robb Stark, King in the North, got married before a Septon and said the Words of the Seven. His wife was from Essos, so it's not like the Faith was her religion. It made me so fucking mad. He's the King in the North and follows the Old Gods. There is no Northern Lord who would follow someone who believed in a Southron Religion. The phrase "The North Remembers" doesn't just refer to Ned's death or the Red Wedding....
Cersei is wearing a wig too.
They can kill off all the made up characters they want whenever they want and in whatever fashion they want to make it more awful. But, when they kill Ser Barristan for no reason other than they've already underutilized him and Ser Jorah was returning early, it pisses me off.
There's a lot correct, but a lot missing (and some things wrong or misleading) in the posts above about the religions in ASoIaF. The Faith of the Seven - This is the largest religion in Westeros. It is the religion of the Andals - an invading force from Western Essos who displaced the First Men and the Children of the Forest as the inhabitants of Westeros. The Religion is based upon Seven Gods - The Father, The Mother, The Smith, The Warrior, The Crone, The Maiden, and...
Now that they are completely off the page the writers have no idea where they are going or what the characters' personalities are like. It's a joke at this point. The High Septon is pretty good. The only enhanced character in the show this season. Everyone else is either two or three notches below their book version. Except Sansa who is a completely different character. But, she's so bad in the book that they had to do something different. Im not saying this version...
Thanks for all the suggestions for socks. I'll try them a couple and see what works best.
Just got my navy pair. I've never needed a shoe horn with sneakers before. They're a little tight on my forefeet. I have flat feet so many that's a factor. Any recommendations for no-show socks. My no shows are quite a show in these sneakers.
Once they decided to completely deviate from the source material, I think they lost their hook. It's why the story is mediocre. They are great adapters and fine show runners, but they don't do plot and twists well.George has said that Winds of Winter will contain a very disturbing scene with Sansa. A lot have speculated it will be a rape scene. I guess the show may now be a spoiler. But, the rapist will be different. [[SPOILER]]
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