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I have short legs 29" inseam, and I have them hemmed.
Here are mine. Also from AFPOS. Can't beat them. I have since replaced the laces. The ones from the shoes got worn pretty easily. I went with something with a higher density and more synthetic feeling yarn, but still dark brown.
Agree about the general, but I wear 8UK or 7.5UK in different lasts in both C&J and AS. I am an 8.5US on the brannock.
I'm sure you'll be fine. Like, I said, I love it. Maybe it needs partner like a Calatrava or Annual Calendar for business wear, though.
Loving the Patek. Although it's probably a jeans watch, being sporty, rather than something to go with what you'd wear with black cap toes.
I'm still a novice - 13 so far. But, I have 9 more on the wish list.
Interesting. Been looking at the forest green and midnight blue and the charcoal grey and midnight blue in this style. I've got so many on my list.I shouldn't be buying ties now. I have to hold steady for a little while.
APC Rescues might work. They are are a straight cut, but not a slim straight.
That's exactly the oxblood/burgundy combination I'm hoping for.
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