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I've bought things. Thought, maybe I'll return them. Put them in the back of the closet, only to discover them a few months later and then shipped them off to Spoo. Nothing from Epaulet, but lots of other things.
I have a collection of Hober grenadines. Many of them are pictured below. I ordered the navy grossa first (1) along with the grossa swatch set. Then, over the next years, I went to work. I got the dark red grossa (2) and the dark purple/black fina (3), then the black piccola (4), then the charcoal grey/silver grossa (5), then the slate blue prometeo (6), then the SF unofficial tie - the powder blue and brown on midnight blue grossa (7), most recently I've bought the...
Outstanding customer service as always. As someone who missed the pre-order, I would be willing to pick up one of the returned waffle knits, depending on color availability and proper measurements. I'm sure there are others who would buy these lightly handled, returned items.
Very interested. I use a card case now as a wallet in my front pocket and have been looking for a replacement for some time. I like the idea of hatch grain or shell.What are the dimensions?
All billfolds or any cardholder size?
Here they are as promised. Not necessarily the square/tie combinations I will wear, but they are the best matches among the 3x3 that arrived today.All look great in person. The two paisley squares have so much body to them compared to my Drakes and other silk squares. They feel incredible.
I'd guess 37/38 short. If he's got relatively long arms, it could be more of a regular.
The old Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers Union (ACTWU) merged with my grandmother's union, the International Ladies Garment Workers Union (ILGWU - the union of the song - "Look for the Union Label..." to form UNITE! the Union of Needle, Industrial and Textile Employees. Not quite sure why they had an exclamation point. Then, because they had few members and a lot of money and the Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees had members and little money, they merged...
Very nice. I have the same model in Espresso Suede on the same sole.
Better than rusty.
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