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Bought the knit fleece bomber in loden and the loop wheel in aquamarine and I had to add something to my order to get free shipping. Been kicking myself for not grabbing more of the hoodies and sweatpants (both are the best I've ever had) when those were on clearance, so the bomber is a no brainer at that price.
I had my Hanovers out in the 30+ inches in Maryland. Pebble grain walnut and commando soles did great.
AS made G&G before they had their own factory.
Would have taken two of the ammo pocket colors, and they not had the pocket. With a 28" inseam, I can't really afford another pocket just above my knee.
Varies by last. Some are a full size down, some only half. Sarah from AFPoS is terrific with sizing advice.
I found the same thing with my HH trainer compared to my CC tennis low.
Terrific shot
duplicate post
You missed a lot of countries I usually purchase from: Great Britain and Ireland in addition to Italy, France, and the US.
Here are the Blake in a 7.5 on the 48 and the Moore in an 8 on the 724.Both from AFPOS. The Moore in burgundy - in stock on the site. The Blake in burnished oak and finished to exclusive standard, not handgrade. I really like the deep color of the burnished oak toe cap. Just got back from a trip and haven't swapped out my travel trees.I said I prefer the 724, but that's really because it fits better on my foot. The shape of the 48 is slightly more pleasing to my eye.
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