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Any update? I'm starting to get excited…
If you're looking for a US source for C&J, I can recommend Sky Valet Shoes in DC. Prices are reasonable. No worries about customs. Don't know about shipping and phone orders, but I know they take them. I am local. https://skyvaletshoes.com/product-category/mens-shoes/crockett-jones/
Grey odd trousers. Blue odd trousers.
Maiden voyage of the SF Club Tie and the Starry Night square.
When everyone started showing pictures of it - ordering it - it became a cult status tie for members of the board. Of course the fact that it was out of stock for many months only drove me crazy. When it came back in stock many of us bought it to round out our collections. I think among those who have more than 10 Hobers it's close to 100% ownership. It's probably pretty high among others who frequent this board as well.
Totally a personal choice. I started with 3.5 myself and have reduced my width on newer orders to 3 3/8. You don't have to jump all the way to 3.25.
The grenadine default is now a 4-fold. It has been for a while. David says they wear better plus everyone was ordering either 4 or 6 fold for grenadines, nobody was ordering 3 folds. In many of the other silks a 3 fold is fine.I have the navy in grossa. I like it a lot. It's my most worn tie. I prefer the grossa for most of the ties. I would get something a little more differentiated from navy as my second. I have one fina, one piccola, and one prometeo. I also...
Unparalleled service again by David and those at Sam Hober. Ordered last Friday, arrived today via DHL. Will wear on Tuesday after our holiday weekend. I've finally added our club tie to my collection and the Starry Night square.
I consider the photo tasteful. Plus, it's not a stealth Patek like a Calatrava. It's a sport watch. Great watch. Great photo. As an IWC Ingenieur owner, I love anything designed by Gerald Genta.
Been buying too much casual clothing lately. Finally made another Hober order. The unofficial SF tie is in stock, so I finally picked it up. And this square just looked to interesting to pass up. Even though I like Dutch Baroque and generally don't like Impressionism.
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