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I'd just like to add to the consensus that different models fit differently even if made on the same last. I posted about 10 pages ago about my right toe feeling pressure in the mcallister in 13B but I tried the strand in the same size and didn't have a problem.
A little unsure about sizing after a trip to Allen Edmonds in D.C. yesterday, and it's going to be a pain to ship back and forth: I have a difficult foot to fit. The area around my ankles is very bony and I often have slippage because of it. Because of this, I have a hard time finding shoes that allow for a gap in the eyelets when laced. I tried on the strand in a 13 C and it felt too loose around the ankle area. The SA laced them so there was a finger's width but it...
Selling this Cardigan for 30 shipped in the United States. PM me to get discuss a shipping quote to anywhere outside of the country. Measurements: Chest 19 1/2" Back Length 24 3/4" Sleeve 28" uncuffed Shoulder 18" The color is a bit darker, like indigo. Those white specks are not part of the sweater. Please message me with any questions
Selling this NC sweater that retailed in the low $300s for 80 shipped in the United States. Please pm me if you're outside of the US and would like it so we can figure out shipping costs. Measurements: Chest: 19 Back Length 26 Neck point at what would be the shoulder seam to sleeve 35 Shoulder Roughly 18" (Raglan) The sleeves are plenty long and have a thumb hole. I will gladly address any questions.
Hello, For sale are two tip-lined ties by Apolis Activism SOLD They are thicker than most ties The shade of this tie is accurately represented in the last picture Please let me know if you have any questions
Bummer. I agree with someone's comment earlier about trying on every shirt for alteration. Consider the fact that the armscye may sit higher or lower and while two shirts might have the same side seam measurement, the seam will sit higher or lower in comparison to the other.
I believe you could get away using the shirt both tucked and not tucked if the rise is sufficient. I like the rise at a point high enough so the length is enough to stay tucked in while still looking good with jeans without a tuck.
How close is the side seam to the top of the waist when tucked? One possibility could be to sew some shirting fabric onto the shirts cut to the side seam length you enjoy and blended in. To do this, he could undo the hem and you'd have a heftier rolled hem for a short distance at the blended in area or he could also even serge the bottom to avoid the thick rolled hem. Leaving it serged would give you some additional length. Forget about how the finishing looks at this...
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