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I never really considered looking for deals like that in Nordstrom Rack locations in the States. Is there some good stuff in those stores? Or did you order online?
I have my eye on some items. Another round of discounts starting in the next month or so? I am hoping.
Trying to give this away for the cost of shipping!
Not nearly enough.
The Baffler, first established in 1988, is a printed magazine of art and criticism appearing three times annually.   You will receive all of the following issues. (See the official site for descriptions.) Some of them were gently read; others were never read. Issue 24 is one of the most recent in print.   18 19 20 21 22 23 24   My price is for seven (7) issues altogether. Shipping for the entire package is 9 USD.   Each issue, when ordered new from the MIT...
Turning our attention to the online storefront, who else is unpleasantly surprised by the Spring season banner at No Man Walks Alone? I am referring to a neon-colored all-weather jacket being worn over a suit, superimposed over a field of yellow blossoms. I am not a hater, but to me this appears incongruent with the store's aesthetic.
Personally, I have only seen them tagged as IT 46, IT 48, etc.
I picked up a Calabrese laptop sleeve, and the patch is stitched on slightly crooked. Is that normal? Not really complaining, just wondering.
There is another Martin Greenfield sale over the next 23 hours (from the time of this post). I am thinking of picking up a new suit from this collection. Do any of you have any more recent thoughts about this topic? Do those prices look reasonable?
I have seen Martin Greenfield suits on Gilt for around $699. Do you guys think that might be a good value? Any opinions about the Greenfield brand?
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