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now that he is making the jackets he is not shipping it fast enough? Drew can never win it seems.
do you want Drew to hold your hand as you type in your order information?
Thats a female XS
& to think Charly was not even paid to deal with level of stupidity for a year.
If people whose orders are the bottom aren't worried why you guys care?
Assuming 2-3 weeks for a jacket think we can give Drew additional 2 weeks to see if he delivers rather than faking continuing legal actions. Have to love the people who feel entitled for free legal work.
Are the buyers updating the chargeback (Y/N) column or Drew? thanks
thats rudethats rude
Updated the spreadsheet with my 4 orders. I believe in you Drew
No clue about his lifestyle but deaf driving cars might not be the safest thing. Stay safe Drew we need you. $800K/year revenue buissness assuming at least 40% gross profit, in my opinion no level of BMW raises a flag for me. just my .02 of course.
New Posts  All Forums: