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Someone start a gofundme page for Charly's salary.
someone is always left holding the bag, better do your chargebacks sooner than later.
Doing that will most likely lock out TOJ out of its paypal account, and everyone ends up with nada.
Does the CWU count as a MA-1?
Need to see a Paypal balance with over $150k, then puts this theory to rest i guess.
This is kinda ridiculous.Guess I am not getting anything till 2015. Mid August order date
I have a black body, black sleeves & navy ribbing. TOJ 1.5 Near 48-49. Will trade for something in 48
Was quoted year end for a August 2013 order earlier in the week. For what its worth.
What is the last batch of jackets shipped ordered on? Ordered August 2013 - assuming 3 more months?
looking for suede harrington or A1 sz 48 thanks
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