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my mum orders my TOJ jackets for me, i'll let her know
The Nagma order is mine, Should I be expect my Lamb MA-1 soon?Any clue on the other 3 jackets?(for its worth i never called the restaurant)
Since charly already left the company anyway he can shed some light on the situation? conspiracy theories seems absurd to me, maybe i am naive.
I have a suede Ma-1 in que with TOJ. ( I gave up on it long time ago)Bought a few bombers from APC x Louis W, & a black one from Saint Laurent.Custom option I came across was clothsurgoen. Didn't really find any reviews on the material decided to go with Louis W x APC
In the same boat for a MA-1 & CWU August, did you receive a email on shipping?
I own a handful of TOJ jackets which I ordered same way and they all come out perfect. & no I am not posting pics.
My 10 year old brother has enough common sense not to give his suit jacket measurements for a custom A2 bomber.It's easy to find jackets of same style from any store and return it back.
Why is it so hard to just measure your best fitting jacket and alter it if necessary. I don't get it.
Think I am just going to eat 800 bucks worth of food next time I am in Korea and just do a charge back. Drew I am coming for you.
awesome have a CWU ordered August 13, nothing yet.
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