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So SK going to spend it recourses finding and deporting a small tax fraud case?Amazing.
Take the L and keep it moving.
No hate, if it possible to look at personal bank account balances in Asia, I would love to be shown how. Would make my work life much easier.
Kinda impressive if you can actually look at his bank account, doubt it. So it's a he say or she say. Plus if you threaten to sue someone in advance for his/her liabilities anyone with average IQ would have brains to drain all the bank accounts and keep it cash.
would be down for suede harrington
think the title needs to be changed to "Promote your shitty TOJ looking brand in this thread" thanks
Dont leave out the juicy details cmon
Yea he just overspent $300,000
Last wave of legal threats was worth 20 jackets. Can we get those fake lawyer back in this thread for 20 more?
LA guy vs Charly? (If I am keeping up with the PRs correctly?)
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