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I'm not sure whether I should pretend I was trolling or confess to crippling stupidity.
This may be a silly questions, but is modern velvet actually made of...velvet? I'm sure that there's a lot of synthetic "velvet" out there, but would a pair of Albert slippers from say, Brooks Brothers be made with the stuff that comes from antlers?
The shoes are REALLY nice. I'd put them on par with C&J (benchgrade) or Carmina.
So, I got permission from the wife to do it next year for my 40th. Did any of you guys actually do it?
or $118 cheaper than THAThttp://carsonstreetclothiers.com/cutaway-single-monkstrap-3637.htmlI bit just the bullet and copped a pair
We go to the opera a couple of times a year and a couple of work-related functions where black tie is implicitly suggested. I'll probably also wear it to see Nas play at the Kennedy Center with the NSO.
I have a couple black cap-toe oxfords, but I'd rather wear something plain-toed.
Agreed on all points. The last reminds me a lot C&J's 348.
This thread has been equal parts frustrating and informative. I just purchased my first tux, and have only just now considered that I need a waist covering. I also just assumed that I'd pair it with Albert slippers, only to learn that they are only appropriate for private (home or club) affairs. FUUUUUUUUUUUuuuuuuu. I thought I was done spending money on this rig.
Copped a pair of Lodgers the other night, but I seriously regret passing up the G&Gs. They sold later that night.
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