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A) It's absurd that a customer would have to pay international shipping for a mistake as blatant as putting barrelicuffs on a formal shirt.B) A reply to the email is just professional courtesy.
I purchased the standard @luxire tuxedo shirt, and it arrived with button cuffs. I emailed and asked if they would replace the shirt. They told me that they'd be happy to replace the cuffs if I mailed it back. I asked if they would pay for the shipping since it was their mistake, and they have yet to reply.
I ordered a tuxedo shirt a couple of months ago. While, I entered custom measurements, I did select any custom features. I simply asked them to make their standard tuxedo shirt to my measurements. When the shirt arrived, I noticed that it had button cuffs. While I didn't explicitly request French cuffs, I assumed they would be a standard feature. Should I send the shirt back? FWIW, it was the 3rd of 4 orders I've placed with Luxire.
Put them in your cart, then click the link to the sale in another tab. It should apply the 15% to the items already in your cart. It worked for me.
These are a steal at $152
I'm not sure whether I should pretend I was trolling or confess to crippling stupidity.
This may be a silly questions, but is modern velvet actually made of...velvet? I'm sure that there's a lot of synthetic "velvet" out there, but would a pair of Albert slippers from say, Brooks Brothers be made with the stuff that comes from antlers?
The shoes are REALLY nice. I'd put them on par with C&J (benchgrade) or Carmina.
So, I got permission from the wife to do it next year for my 40th. Did any of you guys actually do it?
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