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Tickets will have face value of 1500-7500. If I can get one of the cheapies, I'm in. Both friends who were going have bailed.
Not that anyone cares, but I ended up picking up a pair of Saks house brand Chelseas off Ebay for $60. The inside says made in Italy. Anyone know which Italian company makes Saks' shoes?
I've seen rumors that only 1000 ticks are being made available to the general public, but that doesn't jibe with the "no comps for celebs or whales" talk coming from Arum. Right now there is no official release date or pricing info, although there are reports that face value will be 1000-5000 seats in the stands, with floor seats going for 100k, and 250k ringside.
Anyone planning on going to the fight? I've booked that weekend and budgeted a few grand for tickets. I have a feeling I'll end up watching on closed circuit because they'll be out of my price range,
I was looking to spend roughly $100, but I'm 4 hours away from the closest Cole Haan outlet.
Barefoot, it is.
I'm headed out to Vegas for the first time in over a decade, and I've been reminded about the "no sneakers" policy most clubs have. I've done my best to avoid "dress code" nightlife for the last ten years, so I've found myself without a pair of "going out" shoes. With the exception of two pair of cap-toe oxfords and one pair of Albert slippers, all of my shoes and boots are brown. I have little interest in investing in a black loafer or driver, because I know I won't...
A) It's absurd that a customer would have to pay international shipping for a mistake as blatant as putting barrelicuffs on a formal shirt.B) A reply to the email is just professional courtesy.
I purchased the standard @luxire tuxedo shirt, and it arrived with button cuffs. I emailed and asked if they would replace the shirt. They told me that they'd be happy to replace the cuffs if I mailed it back. I asked if they would pay for the shipping since it was their mistake, and they have yet to reply.
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