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Quote: Originally Posted by blank I didn't know it was a pop-up shop. I happened across it on Saturday - I love their stuff. I think this is a brand poised for big things. Blank - I stumbled upon it too. A realtor friend was showing me some spaces he has in Soho when I noticed their flag hanging down on Mercer. I didn't know it was a pop-up shop until I checked their website yesterday.
Quote: Originally Posted by BrooklynHighpost Do you remember if they have small and xsmall jackets? Another sporting store, Paragon, on 14th st, also carries Nau, but mostly in large and xlarge. Material looked very well constructed. It looked like they had full size runs of most of their stuff on display.
I had a chance to swing by the Nau pop-up shop in Soho over the weekend. I, like most others I assume, have not seen much of their stuff in person. I was very impressed with their stuff - construction and materials looked solid, and their color palette is great. It's open through the end of December at 69 Mercer St.
Anybody with a spare invite?
Quote: Originally Posted by breakz True, more like dudes in khakis and Asics running shoes from what I've seen. Asics?!? DC is a New Balance town!
Quote: Originally Posted by uristocrat why dont you check out the aether space hoodie or barbour collection (I will admit, I will never wear that jacket, its hideous) The Barbour stuff looks great, in particular, the shirt jacket caught my eye. Is the Beacon collection exclusive to Japan? Quote: Originally Posted by Geste Check out the review of the new Arc'teryx - Veilance F/W 09 wear on...
some dude with a purse
You know I'm in. Hope you called and got us a reservation!!!
you know i'm in for friday. you should probably call ray's and get us on the books NOW. private karaoke is the shit. where'd u all go last night?
mauro - i can do ray's whenever. no calls with overseas clients this week. let me know and i'll make a reservation or we can just go after u close up one night. their new wine list is HUGE.
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