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Thinking about pulling the trigger on one of the Lorenzo from NMWA. Could someone describe the Lorenzo fit overall? I've seen some comparisons to other fits, but I've never tried on any Eidos. Is it overall a relatively trim fit? High armholes?
Just made my first ever order from Equus! Two belts, on black and one in australian nut. Too bad I'm so impatient...
Ordered the burgundy overcoat in my regular size (38). Really hoping it works out, since the 40 is out of stock...
Probably a long shot, but is there any where to pick up Eidos in Charlotte?
Hopefully I'm not bringing this thread too far from the dead, but here we go. I just ordered this: http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=4342728&cp=1760781.35256186&view=99&ab=ln_men_cs_sportcoats&parentPage=family Which with the additional 25% off comes to $525... seems like a good deal to me. This is the made in Italy PRL... is that still made by Corneliani? If not who is the manufacturer now?
Does anyone have an experience letting out the side seams on the Washington fit? About how much fabric might be available?
What is the general consensus on their wool-linen blends for business use? I work in a relatively un-conservative industry, but obviously still want to look professional.
What sort of pricing are you looking at for their standard tailored offerings?
Is there any sort of updated list of where I can find this stuff? Looking in Chicago.
I've been trying to get WhiskyFest Chicago tickets all morning but the website is totally dead. Has anyone had any luck?
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