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Thinking about a pair of these:
Sweeet can't wait for mine, thanks.
Recently been drinking more of that Guinness Foreign extra.
I'm in for a 25 ml. Just emailed ya.
holy shit, if all that works as planned.
maybe same way people at music stores get hired and are not musical.
Anyone else like the Dockers Alpha khaki? They're 50 bucks, I got em on sale for 16 lol. I love the fit. http://us.dockers.com/family/index.jsp?categoryId=11818030&cp=2271557
almost like these, shape is kinda awkward tho. maybe better in person?
I like the Jcrew one a little better because of the worn in look. But hey, just wear the hell out of the BR jacket and see if you can make it look nice and worn in.
it's just personal preference, maybe you'll be more into the stack later if your taste changes. my preference would be to hem those you have.
New Posts  All Forums: