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Yes, I must admit I joined long ago, but didn't make any posts and subsequently forgot about it. I thought I should give it another go. I'm glad that an "uber-lib" can take notes from an "ultra-conservative" too. Your family could fit right into our blog as you mentioned - but we do cover much more than just conservative dress. If you want different in the vent side - try the ventless. Typically reserved for tuxedos, the ventless sportcoat or suit/jacket will stand...
Recently, we have had a few clients inquire about how to correctly match their watch to the suit, or vice versa. As a watch aficionado myself (or at least I aspire to be), I had some thoughts, but all were very basic suggestions. The obvious is a formal watch with a formal suit, casual with casual, etc, etc. Beyond the obvious, does anyone have some concrete suggestions or thoughts to pass on? Is gold appropriate at some times and not others? When is silver best? Or...
If I may make a suggestion for future reference - try sticking to double vented jackets. They generally fit better, walk better, and sit better - in my opinion, look better too. The original single vent was designed for riding horses, and the style has 'continued' for it is easier and less expensive for manufacturers to build jackets with a single vent. Apologies if my suggestion was out of line. Justin
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