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For all of you who don't have to shave daily in order not to look like you've just walked out of the jungle for a month - I'm jealous. I'll trade places anyday for those can shave only once a week - or even every other day and get away with. By 5pm it is time to break out the razor again.
Hi inlandisland, I really like the jacket, shirt, and tie combination. Just curious, what kind of pants are you wearing? I can't determine the fabric type by looking at it. I hope wherever you work they appreciate great garb.
I have (more like had when it was thick) a very similar type of hair and have found good success with 'hairplay' molding paste by KMS california., I don't know if it is available in Oz.Hope this helps.
I should have been on the lookout for fakes! (I probably wouldn't have noticed the difference of a good fake to be honest)
In all honesty I can't imagine the point of spending $2k on a watch as you're entering MBA school. As an MBA grad myself, I certainly didn't see ostentatious displays of luxury whether in class, 'on assignment' in F500, or even my work in management in F250. Even in many Wall Street offices luxurious watches are not on display. If you believe this is the norm in Columbia or at Stern/NYU, I would highly disagree. As eluded to in a previous post, sporting a Rolex going...
I have to admit I have sympathy for someone who might be on their feet all day walking, talking, meeting with people, and always on camera. I would feel tempted to wear the sneakers too.
That is a very beautiful watch. The style looks almost like it's on a Mad Men episode, a 'throwback' to past styles. I do mean that as a compliment.
Perfect, all I need is an extra $20k+, or a trip to Canal St in NYC and about $40 to pick up a Patek Philippe. As their ad campaign states, I wouldn't own the PP, I would only be holding onto it for the next generation.
Okay, I thought I replied to you, and the post is listed in my 'post count,' but it doesn't appear on the thread. So if my posting comes up twice, then sorry. Anyways, I am glad that an "uber-lib" can engage and take notes from an "ultra-conservative." Truly progress for all. As per your suggestion, I think your family would fit in well with our conversations about suits on our blog! (I mean that as a compliment too) On a side note, have you ever considered going...
Thanks guys for answering the question so quickly and with all of the info. I think you're correct about matching the bands and face to the complexion of the wearer. But as always, it always defaults to personal style. Thanks again for sharing your expertise. Justin
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