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Please make a YouTube video for the next construction for all those who are poor at reading directions. It could be like a DIY Network for the well dressed. Congrats, I admire your skill.
Honestly, I don't think you could pull off the alterations for such a dramatic change. One size is probably the most you want to go - plus, the fees for the alterations would wipe out any "savings" from the good deal.
Completely agreed on both points. If you have a tuxedo on with anything other than a white shirt, and sometimes a black shirt if you want to be the "different" one, it would most likely just look awkward.By formal, you do mean black tie, right?
I like the watch, not sure if it fits the pumpkin very well.Is that a 'newer' model Rolex?
Don't forget the socks up to the knees with the shorts.I'm in my 30s, and the salesman at the Allen Edmunds store highly recommended for summer I sport the summer shoe, high socks, and shorts. I honestly turned around looking for someone who must have been standing behind me. Unless of course, I look like I'm in my 70s.
In all honesty, if you're interested in that style, material, etc, and are especially cost conscious you might want to check out an Army Navy store. J Crew (and others) are calling it a fatigue for a reason.
Great captions in the G&M, especially this for George Clooney:Left-leaning actor/director George Clooney attends the after-party for the premiere of "The Ides of March" in a swank and exclusive club in Manhattan last week. He said last week he would pay more attention to the Occupy Wall Street movement were he not so busy attending events like this. Seriously. That's what he said
Are the glitter shoes available for St Patrick's Day? Or they only available in Boston?
This is a pretty entertaining thread to read through - but their is substance coming out of the conversation in the generational shift as noted by DWFII. I was just trying to find the article that I read a few days ago that mentioned college aged men/boys are spending more on personal care products than their female counterparts. That is worth having a conversation about. Otherwise, I am thoroughly entertained by comments like Ebichuman's.
Is this the basic style you are looking for? Just trying to understand a bit more. (ignore the ax and longbow)
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