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Do you hold citizenship in more than one country? Side topic - can you recommend any good leather passport wallets that hold 2 passports well?
god i hate seeing such beautiful clothes that doesn't fit me
Unfortunately not sorry. It was on an Australian tv show called "7pm". There might be something online if you wanted to search around. His theory was that just because he has money, it doesn't mean he has to spend it. He is happy with his current house and car, so he doesn't see the need to buy something better just because he can. Paraphrased quote "owning 5 houses and 10 cars might make the next man happy, but it won't improve my happiness. It is more of a burden...
Just saw an interesting interview on TV with Warren Buffet. The man is worth in excess of $60BILLION dollars, yet he still lives in the house he bought in the 1960's for $30k and drives a second hand car.
Alexander Wang Heather Grey Pullover can't wait for it to arrive
you have some nice stuff but this is very confusing since your pictures are not in order
god damn that RL Regent Custom Fit Dress Shirt shirt is awesome! if anyone else has the same size/colour hit me up
Quote: Originally Posted by scribbles +1000 First it was My Life Is Unremarkable Then it was Life after university is depressing... Now this? LOL + 1 cheer the fuck up buddy. They may have some better belongings than you BUT as you said.... she is bulemic, alcoholic, a meth-head and addicted to cocaine plus living with a boyfriend who's also addicted to coke and meth. I'd take a shitty car over that any day.
Quote: Originally Posted by percy what be these? ALIFE
Thanks Jonathan
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