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One right here.
I was wondering where the hell he was working. Nathan's an old mate of mine from the west. He used to run an alternative club over here (Sin for those who remember).
There's Herringbone, MJ Bale, Canali. Or if you want MTM or bespoke, there's a few other options.
I know them fairly well (Tony ply's me with scotch and/or beer occasionally) and despite rumour they're a really nice bunch of people.Shirts aren't too bad, I'm fairly happy with the ones I got (especially the recent ones though that may be down to upgraded fabric). The first 2 were not the greatest, but I have noticed a steady if not spectacular improvement since the last few (the last 2 are very very good though I did go for top of the range Monti fabric).This deal will...
The Zegna folks in Melbourne told me that they're opening concessions rather than having them run by DJs as they did before. Sydney and Melbourne have swapped over immediately. Brisbane/Adelaide/Perth to come later.
I've had a couple (3) shirts made locally by FT Russell using both Alumo and Tess fabric with MoP buttons. Cost me around $295 a shirt which was pretty reasonable considering the cost of material, freight, etc.As you pointed out, pricey but when compared to what Kiton is charging, pretty reasonable really.
Michael's is excellent. The latter is also true.
He's just eccentric. The guy you're talking about is Anthony Riordan. Actually a nice guy to talk to. But it's not bespoke, it's MTO. And I've heard a fair few negative reports about a few things. But he's been fine to me so far. It is what it is. I'm still waiting for mine. Lovely french blue number, we'll see how it comes out. The shirts are nice, but there's some fairly sloppy work which shows up rather badly with the herringbone fabrics I chose for the first few.In...
She is nice. Sold me a nice Brioni dinner shirt a few months back. I only went in to buy a pair of cufflinks.Meanwhile, Nigellicoln shirts are also in DJ's, along with Sand, a revitalised Paul Smith bit and some other stuff (including Loakes if you look hard enough). It's been improved....a bit. Patrick McMurray (who also does his own ties and cufflinks) and Sal (Zegna) are always a pleasure to deal with as well.
Sir Stamford is nice...mind you, I usually end up at the Intercontinental. The view from the 31st floor in the mornings is quite spectacular.
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