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what do you all think of this one?: http://www.amazon.com/Tissot-T17-1-5...7687794&sr=8-5
Nobody has mentioned this yet - trim your armpit hairs! Not saying shave by any means, but a little scissor action and you should notice a slight decrease in sweating.
I just purchased a few slim shirts and have the same questions: I feel like slimming the waist/chest area won't really affect the quality of the seams, but the sleeves are held together by their "glue": has anyone that has altered the sleeves noticed puckering after a few washes/uses?
should i or should i not buy...? Rugby scout deck jacket (in yellow) 119 on sale + my student 15% off discount. http://www.rugby.com/shop/item.aspx?...718&cp=3138868
Hey all, Update - just got back from brooks brothers. (applied for BB Mastercard and got it in the mail but left it at home - called service but was closed today.) Have, on hold, 2 Fitzgerald suits - Charcoal and Navy, both 40R. Jacket fit very well but trousers were not as slim as I had hoped for. However, I realized I'm not a GQ model and need some room for motion and once the pants are hemmed, I think they will be fine. I picked up about 6 slim fit non-iron...
That Chapman bag definitely has the character of a nice messenger/briefcase with the functionality of a backpack!
Would also like to hear others opinions on this...
Quote: Originally Posted by rdaws I'm a second year at one of the three strategy firms mentioned above (pre-MBA), so hopefully I can give you the benefit of some of my experience. First, if you have a suit, don't buy another one. I made the mistake of buying 3 suits prior to starting, each of which has been worn zero times on the job (they make an appearance at weddings, but I hardly need 3 for that purpose). Sportcoats, too, are unnecessary....
Wow! These responses have been fantastic! Thank you to everyone for all of your help, in particular those MC's who have experience in the field. I will be in the most entry level position in Minneapolis, so it will be cooooold. Suggestions for what to wear as overcoats? Is a big north face park-ish jacket appropriate? I know, not fashionable, but what is warm, useful against precipitation, and stylish? My thoughts so far are to get a couple of slim-fit non-iron BB...
New Posts  All Forums: