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Would like to know as well... Quote: Originally Posted by wannabeagiant For anybody who has one of these, how did you size it? Barbour states these as having a chest tolerance of 10 inches (38 actually measures 48). I've read elsewhere that it is 8". I'm a 39" chest and want it to fit slim, without having to use the belt. Any ideas if I should go for the 36 or 38?
PMed, brah yay or nay?
Yeah if youre talking about this one -, i had never seen it before, but it looks pretty badass and warm as fuck. I might go for the international for the next few months and if it freezes, will go for this beast, or a beaufort/bedale with lining. Quote: Originally Posted by PartagasIV Beaufort w/zip in pile liner really is warm enough for all but the coldest days....I am curious about that Orvis...
Don't want to start a new thread, but what do you guys think about this as a warm yet cool looking barbour winter jacket?
I'm undecided on the logo. Looks tacky on one hand, but part of the jacket's character on the other... For the people that have the jacket, did you leave the logo on or take it off?
Thank you. Is this the A7? Quote: Originally Posted by El Argentino The A7-model that I just picked up is quite warm. I'm currently up in SLC for college, and think it will decently put me through all Fall, Winter, and probably most of spring. It's actually heavier than I expected it to be, but that's fine. Born in Chicago, I'd say that it should manage all but the coldest of days.
Thanks for the response. Might pick it up as a fall jacket... Quote: Originally Posted by dave I would say no, it's not a winter coat. I live in Dallas and it's more than adequate for all but the coldest days. However, if I lived somewhere colder than this, I would definitely not count on it for a winter coat. Great for the rainy fall here though.
thread revival - How warm is the international? can it handle a chicago winter with layering underneath? I'm new to the city and have never experienced a winter (from LA) and looking for a stylish & warm jacket.
I need a F/W coat. What do y'all think of this - Warm enough for the winter (over several layers). Cool enough for SF?
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