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You say it like that was my intention, to scam people. They are in a much better position to take action against TOJ (an actual company) than I am to take action against them. I am admitting what I did was fucked up, but if I was scum, wouldn't I just contact PayPal without even warning them? It's a question not worth even arguing about - I'm happy that jackets are moving, I know I'm blacklisted from TOJ forever, and I'm sorry to bring in a burst of negativity to a thread...
Not going to deny that this is what I did, and I'm really sorry you guys feel that way. The truth is that I panicked and what was I supposed to do? I paid over $2000 to people that weren't selling me anything. And like I said in my messages - I wasn't going to take any action until I heard from TOJ and saw it sorted out.Perhaps, in a way, my doucheiness led to Charly/Drew taking action (and also responding more strongly to refund requests). I have no doubts I'm blacklisted...
I got an eCheck on Sunday for the two spots I picked up from other people. (Another person refunded me for the 3rd spot to get his spot back.) I asked for a refund last week, a few days before Drew provided an update. Now I feel like I bought a house in 2008, when prices were at their highest, and then sold it at the bottom of the market. Guess it's my fault for not waiting it out, but it's great to see that people are getting their stuff and Drew finally responded.
If it was a reasonable reply, with an apology of sorts, an explanation, and a best effort view of future production, I think that people would still ask questions, but not necessarily attacks.I'm with you on the last part (and respect on the A$AP reference). Last night, walking home, I saw a homeless man sleeping on the cold cement without even a blanket, and he was in an old, frayed leather jacket. I couldn't help but think, how much money have I just spent on this...
Agree that Charly has been responsive, keeping a glimmer of hope. But maybe that's Drew's way of keeping people at arm's length until the whole ship collapses. Man up dude. Take some responsibility and say something.
Cool, thanks.Looking back on the first page, the weight/texture of the "inspiration" photo looks a lot softer and more matte than the photo of the modeled jacket. I would imagine this is due to lighting, but how does the look/feel of the jacket compare to the inspiration photo jacket?Also, I'm pretty sure a M will fit me well. If I order a stock M, doesn't fit, can I send it back and begin a custom order, based on the measurements that will need to change?
Awesome. Looking forward to size grading. Can you tell us what kind of custom options are available? Unlike TOJ, I feel like if I pay for this, I'll receive a jacket . Too soon?
Selling three spots: 11/5/13: Black Lamb QDR w/ upgraded lining/zip 2/2/214: Black Lamb CWU-45 4/?/14: Navy blue calf 2010 DR w/ upgraded lining/zip Can be switched to anything I guess. PM me.
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