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Quote: Originally Posted by illumin8em where is everyone getting these coupons? I think they were in the latest catalog. Mine didn't have one.. but I'd love one if anyone had an extra.
Quote: Originally Posted by sazon mine came the same way as yours. I was thinking it was cuz i ordered a 31 length which is not the standard length. Anyway, they looked terrible so I took them back. Shame. Yeah, I have a 29 so you might be right. Quote: Originally Posted by crosswound adambz yes. i have the same chinos and they fit pretty ill. the fit's not that bad, but this little issue is bothering me.
I have a question.. I recently purchased the essential chino(urban slim) and they look different than the picture online. This is a picture of the essential. Notice the stitching around the bottom? Well, mine has no stitching, like these. Does this have something to do with me getting them uncuffed?
speaking of white jeans.. do you guys have any recommendations?
anyone have the glen canyon madras? opinions? i'd love to see pics. i was going to get the plantation madras but they're sold out in XS.
Quote: Originally Posted by jekyoo_style looks great, thanks
Anybody have the plantation madras? I'd like to see pics of it, I'm probably going to snag it tomorrow with the 15% off.
I'm looking for white jeans.. something like he's wearing, but not as slim. Anybody have any suggestions?
Quote: Originally Posted by scribbles I've got both and they both look MUCH better in person. The sea bluff looks like crap on the website, so much so that I bought it in the store and didn't even realize it was the same shirt. Here is a fit pic of the sea bluff that's been posted here before. If there is enough interest I'll post a fit pic of the Glen Canyon tomorrow. [image] What watch are you wearing in the picture?
Are there any good, cheap(price), plaid, madras, gingham.. basically any button down shirts out there?
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