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Does anyone have the Mercer madras? How does it look?
Does anyone know about this? I don't see it on the J. Crew website.
Has anyone seen/tried on the marled cotton shawl-collar popover?
All of the items from the Spring lookbook will be out by the end of February, according to a representative I emailed.
Does anyone know if it's possible to get the discount codes if you just get the men's section of the catalog? That's all the send me, and I've never gotten a code.
Does anyone know when the cardigan from picture 1 will be out?
Should we switch over to the S/S thread now Spring items are rolling out?
New arrivals are up.
Quote: Originally Posted by m.gway How did you get the strap off the Timex? Watches have these little things called "spring bars." Look for a YouTube video on how to take them out. I use the dull side of an x-acto knife, but there are specialized tools you can buy to do it.
Can someone tell me what sweater is shown under the university coat on page 123 of the new catalog? I swear I've seen it on the website before, but I can't find it now. EDIT: Of course, I just found it. I think it's the wool-cashmere jersey mockneck sweater.
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