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Price drop to $215.
These are a beautiful shoe. I purchased these less than a year ago, but I just don't wear them enough. I only wore them occasionally, and they've always had OSB cedar shoe trees (included in the sale) in them when not being worn. These go for $328 new on OSB's website. I have an eBay profile with 100% positive feedback, if you're interested in more info, just PM me. Sizing advice from OSB's website: If you plan on wearing normal or no socks, we recommend sizing-down one...
Any ideas if the APCxNike Airs will be restocked online?
Does anyone have these sweatpants? What's the fit and quality like? Hard to tell from the picture.
When will the oxfords be restocked?
Does anyone know if they do shortwings in dark brown suede?
When do you guys think the next percent-off sale will be? I'd like to buy the chambray, but I don't want to pay full price.
Also looking for a proxy, I need an OCBD.
How are J. Crew's polos? Specifically the "repp piqué polo in tailored fit".
Anybody have this shirt?
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