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Stanley van Buren!! That was diabolically crafty of you, Stanley ban Buren...to try and secretly get me banned!! Fie fie, Stanley van Buren. Snowman...can you believe this??? He has been trying to get me banned!!!
Stanley van Buren!!! So it was you who complained...and it was you also about the food posts? I thought it was poor Mr Moo... Why?! You know there is an "Ignore" button, don't you Stanley van Buren...I know it's rather pointless given the quoting that goes on...but it does sort of help to some extent...
Stanley van Buren? Santa Maria....Are you advocating to get me banned?But why? Why?!?
do you have a link to where this is from, or more info about this, please?
This is what I imagined a witchdoctor would dress like, at a witchdoctor "intervention"...looks like you're putting a spell on your victim there (strung up on a clothesline, out of image range, to the right)...the stench of the burning hallucinogenic roots means you have to hold your nose, plus you don't want to breath that shit yourself, only your victim must so they start speaking in tongues...In the second photo, after an hour of tiring chanting, blood-curdling screams,...
Obiter dictum....Laudate dominum, you dressed the same way as me today Except for me no japanese brands, on principle. APC is nice. Same way as me, and almost everyone else I've seen on the street today. Post more.
You are correct. I wasted another hour now reading the "interview" Kitonbrioni gave (did he interview himself). I am convinced Kitonbrioni was a Jehovah's Witness...anywho, here is Kitonbrioni on his wardrobe:Q: Isn't this whole blog just a pathetic, embarrassing joke, or are you just insane?A: [Quoteth he the Good Book:]"Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap."If this is not Kitonbrioni himself inviting a feeding...
seriously, wtf are you talking about?
what's been confirmed? That blog hasn't changed since Monday....
Who got confirmation for what, where and how?
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