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Snowman, before I start...yes, there is definitely a touch of the Basilicato or Calabrese peasant to you...but that's no insult, is it? I must say what I see...if I describe Ivrii's fit as "Behold! A Japanese princess!", members will think I'm nuts...Now for your fit...O Madonna!At least you are not bursting at the seems like Reedobandito, so I think you actually can afford to buy things and can choose which items to buy and at what just don't buy whatever's...
Magnificent, my brother from one of my favourite (and coolest) countries in the whole wide world...Magnificent.Martin Margiela sneakers look is perfect...matching is perfect...colour matching is perfect....even the philosophy is perfect, as the creator intended...Martin Margiela must always sit side-by-side on the same body as Adidas...I like the overall Nordic freshness of it all too...Magnificent.
Reedobandito...such a chorus of opinions about your fit, let's hear something directly from the horse's mouth:1. Are you in a choir? Me too!!! What voice do you sing?!? Are you singing this Christmas? me too!!! 2. Did you meet your ladyfriend's family today for brunch? Or was this more misleading nonsense from the SF Iranian posse? If you did meet your ladyfriend's parents (read: father) for the first time...oh no...not like this. But behaviour is orders of...
alpha. I am not Malakas.beta. I am not Otter.gamma. I am not I thought we had an agreement after what happened last time that I stay the fuck away from you and you stay the fuck away from me...remember? So wtf are you dragging me into your "fits" again? And I saw you were dragging yourself into Stanley van Buren's sissy rant as well...which part of "staying away" do you not understand...the "staying" or the "away"?
Well, Aniruddha looks a lot like the Bamiyan Buddha, before it was blown upUghh! Yes, he is very sycophantic..trying to get me banned! Can you imagine him as a lawyer? Uggh! he a lawyer? that other guy said so in his catalogue post, but I thought Stanley van Buren was some sort of entertainment mogul in Lalaland...The deceitful, two-faced, toad!!!
well, somebody poast something interesting...I'm all jittery and on edge now....still trying to come to terms with the fact that Stanley van Buren has been advocating to get me banned I feel idiotic.... Shah(ishah), how did you change your name like that?
When I was in university there was a drinking game called Fag or Eurotrash....where whilst drunk, you had to look at a picture and say if the gentleman featured was (American) homosexual, or a trendily-dressed gentleman of European extraction.I just looked it is available online:!and you never answered--are you in Houston?
I love this one: Is this true, Stanley van Buren?
I am now seriously very worried....Stanley van Buren may be...well...(It won't be the first time on Styleforum)....Please Stanley van Buren, put me on "Block Member" and please don't try to get me banned....I'll do the same for you.
"Stanley van Buren", there is an Ignore button. You click on the profile and clikc on "Block Member"....ask if you need any assistance.But I am puzzled have been replying to me more than most...while trying (secretly) to get me banned?!? Why, Stanley van Buren? As you say, the "shtick"...(what is that?) is at Reedo could have put me on ignore, like was done by Uncontrol of blessed why try to get me banned?Who are you "Stanley van...
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