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Quote: Originally Posted by PattyC Gah, I've been looking for a tweed blazer like this for a while and being 6"2 I just have to determine whether to go for a 40L or 40R. Judging from the pics the model is wearing a 40R and the sleeves look pretty long, and I was hoping for a fit similar to this. Do you guys think I should just go with the 40R to get a similar look? Email customer service with the item#. They usually respond pretty fast...
Hey RFX or anyone with the MMM mids can you post fit pics with tapered jeans?
The fit on the dockers looks decent. Good thing I'm not tall lol inseam sz only 30. I'll have to try them out.
Keep in mind that while the Epaulet M and BoO M have roughly the same chest measurement, the BoO chest is actually measured higher due to higher armholes which results in a much slimmer fit. Also, never pay retail for BoO, try B&S or eBay.
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