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Sellng a new with tags Gant Rugger crewneck sweater. Unlike other Gant Rugger stuff I've had, this fits true to size in a medium. I have a ~40" chest and normally need to size up but this fits perfectly. 100% cotton
Got a duplicate for Xmas so just trying to recoup about my original expenses. Paid just north of $220 after shipping from UK. Never worn. Still have tag & extra buttons. 100% Cotton Jacquard Flannel, 9.3 oz yarn dyed raglan sleeves two chest pockets with button closure white flag label at chest pocket white WIP script label on placket Professional pics here:
Bought this slightly aspirationally a few years ago and have never worn it b/c it's just a bit snug in the chest (I'm probably between a medium and large these days). It's a Folk size 3, which generally equates to a medium. I've copied and pasted the measurements below. If you're familiar with the brand you know that it retailed for some silly amount of money (mid-high 100s). The "standard shirt" is one of Folk's staple pieces that can be depended on every season, always...
This shirt: Retails for $125. Never worn. Tag size is large but the style guide instructs you to size down and this shirt will fit a medium or the smaller end of the large range (I'm a 40-41 jacket and the chest on this fits perfectly). Selling for $60 shipped CONUS. Will ship internationally at cost.
This shirt was designed by stylist Marcus Allen for Stock Mfg. They do limited-release runs of custom designs and don't seem to have any of these left. I love the shirt, but the upper arms are a bit slimmer than I'm comfortable with. This looks like activewear on me. So my loss, your gain, etc. It "retailed" for $46. I'm selling for $35 shipped in the US. Will ship internationally at cost. This should fit a standard medium so long as you, unlike me, have normal sized...
Missed out on this while it was around in 2012-2013 and they don't seem to be making it again.
Bought this on final sale but it's a bit heavier than I was imagining and I'm a sweaty dude in the summer. Selling for $70 shipped. SOLD.
Price reduced to $99 shipped.
I bought this lovely pair of pants a few years ago and never wore them. Hoping that they'd eventually fit, I kept them around. I'm giving up the ghost as my fitness regimen is incompatible with the thigh measurements of these pants. I'm viewing this as a small sign of maturity. My loss is your gain, etc. These pants were a limited-run collaboration between Ryan Plett of you_have_broken_the_internet fame and Rogue Territory. Ryan's original post with some great pics is...
Any chance you could provide the chest measurements? Or if you've tried it on and are selling it b/c it doesn't fit, maybe some comments about the fit. Just curious how slim it fits. Thanks!
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