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More longsleeve pullovers.
@Severisth hellll yesss
not all chelseas are slim though.
Are the biceps tight? The rippling above them has me wondering.
Got lots of indigo on mine. It's gonna happen, no big deal.
generally I'd agree. i mean, first question is, it's cool, but do you feel like it's you? if there's no question, proceed. dry clean if airing it out doesn't fix the smell, shorten the sleeves just enough, maybe get it slimmed down to the size you've got it pinned to, plan on wearing some thick-ass sweaters under it, and enjoy.
oh cool, the Avery in that article is the the bar across the street from North.
food: North (put your name in and go have a drink at the bar across the street)shopping: Clover
ok good luck masshi
@masshi that's crazy short, and it's gonna look weird with an untucked tee. did charly have any advice when u emailed about sizing?
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