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not really. the shoulders in your second pic don't bulge anymore but they are still way down the shoulder. the length is ambiguous w/ your shirts as long as they are, but from what i can tell, it's at least 2 inches too long. it's your personal preference but that is not how a toj was intended to fit.
@CasvalRD yeah this looks too big in the shoulder and body length.@boon2537 but it actually doesn't look too large imo. the cuffs are the only thing that looks big--are those zipped/buttoned/whatever you do on an mdr? also that calf looks fucking great.
xpost, 4 year old calf
is @Claghorn's mom eligible for the proportion challenge
i use mine to tighten the waist on my dr up by just an inch (half inch on both sides) or so
what might you have coming to you?
yeah there's just something bizarre and new every day. with that said, it actually is way less toxic in there now that things are shipping and the conspiracy theories have died down. "struggle kid" appears to mean something in Namibia.
the other day: Slumberhouse Sova that is a crazy one. my gf said it smelled like curry; i disagree only slightly. there's something else it reminds me of too, but i can't figure out what it is. but she did say she didn't think it was bad, just entirely like an indian restaurant.
brand on fanny pack
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