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the vanson/thurston joint is a rider the fok jacket is a moto
been wearing my SEF chelseas a ton. one of the metal toe taps fell off, so I took the other one off. As it turns out, I like the feel of walking in them a lot more now. And this way I don't have to worry about scuffing wood floors. otherwise, the boots are doing great.
Smaller in terms of chest, shoulder, arms, body length...what specifically?
Blue in green is where I'd buy any pbj; go ahead and buy from there if it moves you.
real talk, for a professional athlete, i have no problem with how the middle guy - that's alves, right? - is dressed.
s/o to @willy cheesesteak and his tumblr. finally a white version
Yesterday, escentric 3. Totally whatever to me...faint, only a little interesting, not in my style anyway
Oh hey I am wearing a blazer in my last waywt
Largest in the world, in fact. Global flagship.
Fok, thanks for all you do, but from that time you expressed interest in putting Brad in a toaster, I'd have thought you'd learned to proofread your posts, but no...
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