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stuff's popping up on ebay (in inflated prices), you could set an alert
along w/ trying to hunt it down, you could try cold soaking it and stretching it back to size.
True, though apparently if you don't log in for two years they can delete your page and let the url go to be claimed by someone else. And Johncoppidge.tumblr would be a great place for an anti-drew page.
The contemporary western audience will get that it's streetwear, though that understanding may be lost in time -- looking at paintings from the 1800s, I've got about a 5% understanding about what they're wearing there. Beyond that, we've got to examine what clothing means to us now. I know he's often painting people in their own clothes, and so I suppose we could understand what subset of streetwear the subject of the portrait identifies with, sort of a social cue. Is that...
hard to tell about widths, but yeah, lengths and shoulders are too big on that one.
oh uh i guess maybe we don't have to edit grailed links at all anymore? grailed.com/listings/520657-Undercover-Cafe-Racer-Moto-Leather-Jacket-Vest that right there works for me
yeah, but i'd love to not have to type "grailed.com/listings/" for every link to grailed - maybe we could try ".com.listings/.com/listings/520657"?
i can't comment on jacket length on the 52 specifically, but in general, i like an ma-1 to be pretty short. if you look at the photos in the toj gallery, i think a lot of them are too long, though a big part of that is how the front hangs lower than the back does. i don't know if that's still the design on the falcon.
Trying Slumberhouse Sova again since i found it so bizarre and repellent before. Today it's doing better. I'm mostly noticing its drying tobacco smell and nothing else, and that's been good so far.
@mistersparkle just found this clip of him mentioning some of the same clothes as the article (no brands mentioned tho) while wearing clothes he mentioned in the article. so it could be all real. in the article he says he wears them on stage on tour--i'm surprised in the difficulty in finding footage or pictures of him on a stage though. but he has previously worn a strange tie while talking about, um, accessories:
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