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You could try a spray tester of it from luckyscent for $6--first time i've ever seen luckyscent do a spray tester, but i guess they're doing it for all the le labo stuff. ymmv, but i'm figuring i can get at least 15 wears out of this tester.
apparently L'Incandescent's name is untaggable in posts. anyway, @TheShoeMaker --Patchouli 24 is fun and weird. a big meaty barbecue that dries down to vanilla. not for everyone, but i recommend it.
no pics of the caterpillar? come onnn
@flowcharts is there like a link so that i can order your htrk shirt
wearing lebreton's bois lumiere. for me, it sits exactly between the smell of beeswax and the smell of a carpeted bathroom, which is a thing i've unfortunately had to smell before. I had no idea these two smells were so alike. i love the idea of smelling like beeswax, and i'm fascinated, but no thanks.
i've been wearing my pair all the time since i got 'em in early 2015. wearing them right now.
this morning: L'Artisan Timbuktu. Florals, incense, and vetiver are not really my deal, but i seem to be good at forgetting that. tonight: L'Artisan Dzongkha. Now we're talking. Weird, smokey leather. The vetiver here I can deal with on account of the rest of it. I'm gonna wear this a lot.
synth jokes bringing the white heat
@jmaudi0 you might look through the DIY thread--i think there's been a discussion of dying shoes there. and ask them in there about it if you can't find it.
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