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number one. has collar, is less like old pajamas. but this is a good color for you.
This came in. Now I want five more tender shirtsEdit: just copped another one
thanks! they're an ST model from maybe 4 years back. they were gray; i dyed them black; they faded.i'm into it
all of a sudden this Sova smells like an eggo waffle with maple syrup on it i'm not sure i'm complaining
Sova. Weird but good. Noticing less of the "drunk rasin" aspects today and more of the tobacco--a difference I'm enjoying.
Is the cph measurement chart coming sometime before end of day today?
@notwithit my thoughts based on your notes: body length 1/2 or 3/4 longer, sure. narrower sleeves, totally. the shoulder adjustment thing is not apparent to me. don't touch the midsection; i'd say its looseness is not important based on these pics. w/ the hem, if you make the body longer, you may want a different measurement there. so that makes it tricky.
@NycLondon i'm getting the sense that maybe the streetwear & denim side is not for you
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