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All the above posts sort of write around the feeling--I think it's a commonly held one, but that's just been from my observation--that yes, Americana workwear is sort of played out. A lot of the American workwear lifestyle stuff that was novel as it was sold to me in, say, 2009, has been co-opted/exploited or maybe just overexposed to the point that it doesn't feel good to see it anymore, ime. we've moved to Europe for our workwear.
Toj shoulders when the jacket is made in a thick leather tend to start that way and settle down when worn. My vtg was like this up front.
what's drew's last sf name? "2nd chance" something?
tried my sample of slumberhouse pear and olive again, this time in a tiny, tiny amount. I liked it more, just a little bit of sweetness without the weird notes coming through. But at that point, no one, including me, will ever smell it.
@Synthese http://www.styleforum.net/t/339124/the-not-even-slightly-official-sw-d-booze-and-cocktail-thread/300#post_6997971
related to all this, I've been going through a lot of http://lewisapon.com/ lately and have been feeling vaguely previous level.
people started getting jackets instead.
Interesting to hear lian's perceptions of his stuff. I'm used to leather being able to take a beating even if it's on a "dressy" shoe -- ae, alden -- so this concept surprises me, because I will always, always be kicking things, but I can see how that could be.
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