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i feel like dc is also a great place to spend weekends when you're between 21 and 25. or at least it was when i was in that age range. and there's enough there that i still come up a few times a year.
i second this motion
Yeah, the "45 total inches" rule is primarily unenforced. Like you said, as long as it fits in the overhead, I've never seen anybody have a problem. I'm betting it'd fit, but don't quote me. Anyway, I wanna applaud Mike for the videos b/c I see a lot of amateurs try to explain some aspect of their profession on camera and it goes so, so poorly. Mike, you have a skill here.
leather gives but I don't recommend sizing down, intending to stretch it out--you get weird issues that way, like big elbow bags, among other things.
@dieworkwear not convinced about either. v1 needs the pockets of v2; v2's predistressing is weird looking in those photos.
you'll still get fades.
Finally, your street cred at the office will be maintained, $525.
if it's not as cropped in real life, mayyybe but sort of no
the first ever crop top waywt?
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