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the vanson jacket is editable--you can remove zippers or change details for $50 a pop from my understanding.
@clark kent did you get an indication that the indeterminable delivery date was related to your jacket style--what jacket was it?--or something else?
isn't the Vanson/Styleforum/Thurston Bros jacket pretty much a MDR with slightly different pockets? not available as lamb, but they have some lighter-weight calf options.
i'm realizing i probably am better off just staying out of that thread, though i'm waiting on a jacket. i have trouble not defending the operation because, while there have been many problems, the specific content of the attacks are so flawed.
but there were deliveries last month.
those jeans are just barely passing in this fit. too clean, normal, and straight legged.I think this works great except it looks like you're trying to lean over backwards, waist toward the camera. if the shoulders looked larger in proportion, this would be a thumb raider.as someone who does not interact with any japanese fashion communities, i thank you for this explanation.stop trying to make fetch happensolar garden been arrived.
I'm talking to this dude who says he's been dropping off Prada and Jil shoes at Goodwill stores in Raleigh. He said he'd give what he's got left to me except he's a size 12.
Slim cut indigo is what I have. I'll sort of update since I've had them a while: slow faders. low rise still bothering me in terms of proportion, so I try to never have to tuck a shirt into them. Some but not too much stretch. As a $50 pair of denim, it's not like I'm expecting magical quality. I just wanted some slim shit I can get some fades on that don't stretch too much. If the rise was higher I'd recommend them fully.U know that's a Q in their name right
Search the thread, but they're just ok, generally. Which cut and color are you curious about?
This will let people see what has been ordered too, which is what I'm pretty curious about
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