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I think we're talking on different wavelengths because I wasn't specific about what I meant. My point is that the button-down collar oxford cloth shirt from that fit is something I like, that it's my favorite part of that fit. I think the fit is better with it than with an untucked dress shirt of the same length.
there was nothing wrong with the shirt in your previous fit and is the one part of that fit I liked.can you talk about how these do in hot/humid weather?
Probably don't size up but it depends on the brand. Sweaters are made to go over shirts and should not be that tight anyway.don't worry about it.Agreed.
Thanks stitchy. regarding good-smelling clothing, man, I got a sweatshirt a few months ago that smells amazing, and the smell is slowly fading and I wish it could smell that way forever.
They're really different jackets, so it really comes down to which you think you can integrate into your wardrobe more. You yourself said the t1 would probably be more your steez, so I think you answered your question there, but I understand the bcdr does pull at you anyway because it's gorgeous. I think it's one of those "appreciate a beautiful thing but know you don't have to have one yourself" things.
invisible butler pose
Beach vacation! brands I'd spoiler if I wasn't on the mobile site: old gift hat ray bans baron wells epaulet belt raleigh denim fake vans that cost me more than real vans would have
So ok, years-old question: are the four or so vtg jackets in the gallery the only vtgs? Or are there unphotographed secret vtgs out there?
weird, my climbers (original issue, maybe 2011 or so, w/ a higher rise) have done great. I wonder, if you took a needle and threaded it through the fabric, you could pull the loops back through, like a sweater pull?"dungs"--sorry dude, that's an awkward thing to call a pair of pants.
...bowling shoes?
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