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will do. Tan suede Chelsea. I'm hoping for a early/mid-next week arrival
Regarding the boot: that's great. Black is the number one color to make it in, though I'm biased. But the real question... might there be any interest or possibly in a run of the upcoming white hi tops with side zips?
got a shipping notice for my suede Chelsea boots, ordered January 10th
ah, now i see what's up. i'd assume that they'll get back to you if you've submitted what you need to, which it sounds like you have. just another layer of things to be patient about.ur right i'm drew
did you ask for a refund? what/when did you order?
i've used a pencil eraser to get pen marks out of leather before. it might leave a pink mark or a smudge, but that might be better than the pen mark was.
@ScuffedBluchers this was fun to think about. I'm not sure it deserves an entire thread, but i guess threads are cheap. here are the basic rules I've found: *use a reasonable camera/camera phone *get your whole body in the shot *clean your room, or better yet, find a cool space to shoot in *use a clean mirror or, better yet, don't use a mirror *assume an ungoofy pose *position yourself so a light source illuminates the side of you facing the camera *if a light source is...
aidanssk those do not look bad. Do u know how she washed them?
The whole suit together is too Matthew Lesko but either part has its rare place
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