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double post
@GraphicNovelty I just think maybe those nikes are a misstep.
That's pretty much his intent, and I'm not the only person who was drawn to him for exactly that at first.
jesus, kunk. dunks come in 14?i'm saying, it's a blessing and a curse to be sz 9/42that wendy & jim suit looks cool
13? 45? foot size of control
is that these? pretty good. with the vans, I don't mind the squiggle. I personally am more concerned about the toe stitching reminding me of an indy boot.
Back zip. giving up on my plebeian converse, and I'll never see a pair of white Raf velcros, so...
made two orders last week; the second order came yesterday, and the first order has yet to ship. so i'm just waiting on an out of stock notice. that +J vest was one of the things I got. It's a cool piece, and thick as promised, though it's thickness can make it hard to layer. I sized down 1, since it has a big p2p, but I might exchange it for my normal size so it'll fit over all my outerwear. I haven't decided. Oh, and the wool feels a little weird--thin, stretchy. I'm a...
heeley vetiver veritas this morning. reminds me too much of bug spray. a relatively nice, grapefruity bug spray, but still, bug spray.
whoa moo's finest moment
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