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Lifestyle, I guess, being a lighting test stand-in
damn, heattech does a good job
My order from I think it was Saturday just got here.The cashmere--I got one new stock crewneck, one old stock crewneck. One's described as thin, the other isn't, but I wouldn't know it if they hadn't written it. I'm thinking they're basically the same thing. Both are pretty thin, but they're all I need since I'll mostly be layering with them. You know, it's cheap cashmere. It feels good. Wear it till it dies. Some measurement tips they don't give online: the neck is pretty...
Just ordered 2 cashmere crew necks and 2 heattech v neck undershirts. I was just gonna get one cashmere but i couldn't decide between light gray and dark gray, so I just got both. The dark gray is the "lightweight" cashmere so I'll get to see how much difference it makes.
Was running around town today and, suddenly at the farmers' market, went "oh shit, that wool MA-1, gorgeous next level version of the normal MA-1, concept flip w/ the wool, close-up surprise twist w/ the herringbone, shit will slay" and now I check in here and see this disaster happened and been half cleaned up, wtf you guys, I'm glad people came around
Would carry while wearing my TOJ maybe-someday trench coat
I did get to the Lichtenstein. I thought I'd breeze through it 'cause I wasn't that interested, but by the second room (the one with the 3D radio) I was hooked. Seeing such a quantity of his work all at once and having it well explained at the same time made it click.The Federal-era furniture in the West Building, the Kaufman collection, is also gorgeous. I don't remember what they called this thing and it serves no practical purpose but it was a big gorgeous stone...
Charles Tyrwhitt jodphurs. Just roomy enough to either need thick socks for winter or inserts, which I've got. Thus this should be a pretty flexible boot for me seasonally. Thanks to cyc wid it for the heads up on these. sorry 'bout the mess; going on a trip tomorrow.
Ok I'm like two pages behind but regarding the two-way zips, the Vtg does great with them. Not that you can get one now AFAIK. It might even be necessary--the stiffness makes it so that riding a bike in the cold, with it zipped up, would not be possible without the bottom unzipped a few inches. I'm sure it's different with lamb tho. But the complaints about unzipping, I don't have--you just grab the zipper with your left hand and pull hard, pull up a little with your right...
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