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never cut your hair; the need for tidy hair is a conformist construct intended to make you fall in line/be exploited by the illuminati that makes the everyman a cog in their global machine [[SPOILER]]
damn @barims
thanks for the heads up.
@Jorme that's a cool piece in part because it looks so much like a bathrobe. and i say keep belting. @jet is right about the bottom half; flannel cuffed pants are not an optimal choice here. I'd try white or gray jeans, green fatigue-esque pants, or do it like the eg modeling, with printed floral pants, rolled-up khakis (which could be khaki colored or gray) or...shorts.
i haven't noticed any dye transfer but I'll keep an eye out. there wasn't any noteworthy dye transfer when I last dyed a pair of jeans with this same brand of dye though. maybe a little onto shoes, but less than you'd get from new indigo jeans, and definitely none onto my body. part of this dyeing process is a detergentless cold wash at the end, but i haven't washed them otherwise yet.
the question to be answered is more general--what really are the qualities of "good" leather versus "bad" leather? "thin" is commonly called cheap/crappy in here, but "thin" is not necessarily cheap/crappy. so no, it looks like we are not agreeing on that.
Once people have their jackets I'm betting they don't really want to spend more time here in "waiting on jackets" land
I had some old Epaulet digicamo rivet chinos I wasn't wearing so instead of trying to sell them, i got some black dye (i used iDye brand) and did a "stovetop almost-boiling pot of water" dye job. they came out with the camo pattern still visible, except now blacked out.
bene, that coat is great. keep working with it--i'm not for pairing it with that sweater but i'm all for the coat.
i expect u got a bill in the mail by now? that's how it went for me.
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