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Levis STF will stretch w wear, yes. Probably an inch or inch and a half from their shrunken state. Not sure about specific sizing bc I don't know the extent of their vanity sizing or how much shrink there is.
Won't be a problem
I mostly agree. but I like the shoes, though maybe not with such an otherwise-clean outfit. My short advice (since Master Classter's explanations explain most of what I recommend): lose the hat, change the shirt t shirt color, put on some beat up jeans. Thanks for coming over to SW&D, Caustic Man.
hmtwrk Moto-style jackets are traditionally short bodied; Shotts are standardly this way. I would add an inch to the arm measurements as has been said, but it's not bad here.
good old man steez.also, I wanna see that diniro fit with a preacher hat
I think the 2 zip on a big guy would create the "expanse of leather" effect that drew has specifically labeled as the issue with the 2 zip.Anyway, whoever was talking about lamb in the rain a few pages back: my lamb jacket has kept me dry on various rainy days. It does absorb the water, but it didn't get through to me. Also the lamb ages beautifully in the process. Pics soon.
These are still my go-to indigo jean, and they breathe pretty well for their weight. My pair just from May 2012, and I've put in probably a solid year of wears. I reinforced the fly button holes a while ago--about to need to re-reinforce one of 'em--and I finally had them hemmed just a few months ago. They've come so far comfortwise, and the cut really is good on 'em once you get 'em all the way broken in. That hip measurement was hard.
Got two shirts today. Measurements are spot-on and fabrics feel nice, but just like the last shirt I got from Modern Tailor, one of the shirts has a few badly stitched button holes, with stray strings that catch when unbuttoning.
tojs tend to start that way and then settle down.
whoa Baron Wells is back
New Posts  All Forums: