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looks like they could be hemmed a little but it's hard to say for sure w/o seeing what it looks like from the back or side. jackets are cray.
Went to NYC this weekend. Saw the Turrell stuff at the Guggenheim, got to the Met, and wandered around on foot and by bike. The new bike share thing is awesome--never realized how much fun it'd be to cruise through Manhattan on a bike. got to see a lot of brands in person for the first time. bought a ridiculous hat and some linen shorts at Assembly. Saw many, many tumblr-looking dudes.in front of what used to be the Yohji store, now the Marni store, laughing at a cabbie...
Stitches, you should try taking off that pair of "classic men's footwear" and put on some big boots to match the rest of the look, anything that look like you could kick ass in them. [[SPOILER]]
those are basically too painted. Gotta beat 'em up or do a shittier painting job.
Dellath, that is awesome. That patina reaffirms me to wear my jacket more when I can. Beautiful progress. Probably a cheap repair, that stitching, btw. If it were happening to mine, I'd probably go at it as a diy job.
that's a granddad collar, essentially. you could get a uniqlo shirt and cut off the collar as some in waywt have done to their linen shirts this summer. the shirt in that pic looks v. shiny--dunno where you can get a silk granddad shirt, but you can get close if u go diy.
oh damn I'm out of town
I think we're talking on different wavelengths because I wasn't specific about what I meant. My point is that the button-down collar oxford cloth shirt from that fit is something I like, that it's my favorite part of that fit. I think the fit is better with it than with an untucked dress shirt of the same length.
there was nothing wrong with the shirt in your previous fit and is the one part of that fit I liked.can you talk about how these do in hot/humid weather?
New Posts  All Forums: