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oh my god
notwithit looking like a mortal kombat characteri keep thinking about what to do for this challenge and I realized I would only be tweaking what i did for the incongruity challenge. thus, i'll repost that here but i'm not gonna submit it as my entry. [[SPOILER]] also, a piece of inspiration for somebody
The Dries would be cool with something funkier--no tie, white jeans (or destroyed jeans). can't decide about footwear--black boots? black loafers? white vans? maybe something oxblood.those redwings look enormous given your jean tightness.hell of a time in here. Pope, i'm loving the silhouette on your last one (the "better with a dress" one). Protagonist status.
Sounds good to me. Sorry if it sounded like I was dissing; I was legitimately curious what the things that looked like arm straps were.
I got close enough to realize i didn't want my phone lost to a jet of water. And I suppose fatboy slim's foam "snow" wouldn't have been great for leather.
wow, that sucks. well, i came through Chicago yesterday, where it was snowing, and then they canceled my next flight due to weather. and we did get a sandstorm in California on Saturday. global warming doing its thing I guess.
1. bentobox, I think I stood next to you at some point this weekend. I saw somebody w/ an arm office on their jacket and looked at the shoulder for a minute looking for details but I didn't say anything and I couldn't remember the details of my anniversary harrington enough to figure out if it was toj or not.2. coachella is surprisingly clean, it's dry, people are physically pretty respectful, and it gets down to the mid 60s at night. every night, i was wishing i had more...
for spoilering, you need to select the code and text for anything you want in the spoiler, and then click the spoiler button, which is the black text bubble amongst the collection of formatting buttons in the editor area. does that make sense? also you can change the part after the equals sign that says "warning:spoiler" to anything you want. anyway, good starting fit. what's the deal with those sleeve tabs?these would slay w/ different shoeslooks like there's a lot of...
GW/PG said, back when he dealt with this stuff: "What I do is whilst my shoulders are natural, arms are straight & pointing down, I then raise my hands to be horizontal & parallel to the floor. The suit sleeve then should rest on the back of my hand with no break. I have used this for the last 9 years with no fuck ups." I follow this and it works for me.
I don't think this is safe to say for everybody. Sleeves and body both could be too short depending on your own measurements. I'd recommend measuring the sleeves and body length on a similar jacket that fits you well and comparing if you haven't already.
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