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@tingle27, not feeling the double-branded North Face jacket but a strong bottom half.
it's true. xpost from waywt today:
@fireflygrave i'd hunt through the N&F thread for backup on this, cuz it's been a while, but i recall that people see more than an inch of stretch--2 sounds insane, but hey, if APCs do... of course, some SFers recommend a loose waist. not a bad idea here, especially if you're gonna be moving around a lot.
@fireflygrave N&F is notorious for stretching a lot. don't know about that specific pair. but 12.5 oz isn't particularly tough.
click "select shipping myself," do "charge actual cost," don't do international shipping. when it's time to ship, pay for shipping through ebay and print the shipping label yourself. their size and weight guesses for shipping will be accurate enough that your item will ship--their weights are big enough and their too-small package sizes seem not to matter. been doing this for my past 6 or so clothing sales.ah, but where's the best place to put it up when you're trying to...
i've been having a nice time selling things on ebay, actually. made some closet space, made some pocket change, watched a lot of X Files while measuring garments... in fact, selling stuff on ebay is way easier than it used to be. i remember poring over my listing choices before, and how they do it now, i'm no longer worried about accidentally undercharging shipping to like Djbuti or something.
no this is much less histrionic.
same sizing as you; same deal w/ my belt from about a year ago. i get to the first button with the on-the-hip rise of many pants, but if i'm wearing something high-waisted i get another hole in.
the vanson jacket is editable--you can remove zippers or change details for $50 a pop from my understanding.
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