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Here's why I'm thinking it's not working, because the styling shot is weird but not awful--it could be used reasonably.the styling shot is different from how you're doing in the following, important ways:the pants in the styling shot are weirder, more (seemingly) haphazard on the boot shaft, not half-cuffed.The predistressed denim might be OK if your shirt matched up w/ the vibe.An outfit idea (not perfect, but a little more coherent):those boots+jeans without cuffing (you...
svb: oooh yeaaah my timbos story: I had a friend in elementary school who got sent to boarding school. Years later, when I was in college, he called me up and invited me over to his mom's house to hang. It turned out that during high school, when still in boarding school, he'd ended up being a drug/various contraband dealer at boarding school, and when someone could not pay him for whatever, he'd just go into their room and take shit. So now in his mom's garage he had...
I did it by hand. Don't think you need to be particularly concerned w evenness of coat.
I feel that--my hair is in an in-between period. I'm growing it out a little while figuring what to do next. Basically, I'm just starting to play around.
destroyed chucks are cool; you don't need better footwear unless your environment demands it
I've used Lexol on my brown calf not for break-in but just for conditioning and nourishment. The brown is dark already and did not get darker from it. If you're worried about it, try a spot on the interior (a leather part of the interior, obviously) of the jacket first and wait a few minutes--if you get any darkening, sometimes it goes away when dry. It's a good idea to do it if your jacket is feeling a little dry. I'll mention too that my jacket did not feel softer after...
Right, it's on/off is just plugging it in and unplugging it from the wall. what do you mean by "can't set it down anywhere" and "have to wait for it to cool off"? Mine stands upright and has never damaged any of my bathroom counter tops while heating up/being set down after use.I just fill it up, plug it in, wait a minute for it to start boiling (with it sitting on the counter top,) use it, unplug it, quickly undo its cap (cap will be hot), pour out the leftover water from...
i do not find this to be the case.doubt it-- 5'6 might make you a 44-lengths guy, but I wouldn't guarantee it. at 140, your shoulders/p2p are probably gonna be a 46.if you were going out at night I think the dark brown + black shoes would work, but not in the daytime where the sun is gonna reveal that brown to be brown.
i think this needs different shoes, a washed out or pale color like the rest of the fit
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