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I...may soon have to discover for myself if baller sneakers are stupid.
i guess my nod was too subtle.
hmm, no foolin
re @reedobandito: they really are. the balenciagas are basically a white pair of jordans, and the ysls are like...well, obviously modeled on this, but sleeker than the vans, whereas i actually think i want a beefier sneaker, and then they have a fucking signature on them, and a logo, and i'd have to get inventive about both. the more i think about (and wear) these sk8 his, the more i think i just need to paint these white. it's weird; i'm not neurotic about kops usually...
These Vans came. i like the style but something is off about them. compared to other sneakers i know, basic and expensive both, these are wonky, but it's hard to say exactly what it is about them outside of the unimpressive leather. maybe with some break-in, they'll look better. finally, they are way grayer than i hoped; maybe i'll paint them white and see if that fixes most of my issues. failing that, does anyone make a nicer sneaker that is based on the sk8 hi?
i once got trapped in a pair of pants i was trying on because of their hem size being too small for my heel. i thought i was gonna have to break the stitching to get them off or get the shopkeeper to help me out of a pair of pants, but being trapped in 400 dollar pants i did not want, i started sweating, and thus it was easier to slip them off. which is way better.
thanks for all the kind words, guys. jesus, that first thatoneguy fit
still stiff, still stands up on its own. but it's a little easier. it's been good to me.
I had sized down from my slim oxford size. yeah go normal size to fit over jackets et cetera
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