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it might matter more since you actually live in california, but i kind of wouldn't worry about it if you're not doing the rest of that stuff. oh, and I am wearing skate hi's right now.
I like the green idea.
he told me it's a roomy toebox, thus sizing down was safe; this didn't surprise me because I size down from brannock frequently.edit: not that I actually have my boots. I'll post how that decision pans out when they arrive.
i ordered thru it. Lian told me which one to pick for what i wanted.
too hard to adjust settings
I wear mine over my black toj frequently. As far as vests go, it's cool as shit, but it's a vest, so yeah, it's somewhat ornamental cause it doesn't keep your arms warm, though it does keep your torso warm. Discussions have been happening in here about it in the past 2 months.
I asked Lian today directly about widths and he said these are only available in medium width, F, and that the chart width section is just for reference.
@OccultaVexillum ah, I took the width part of the chart to be more of a "for reference" thing.
my 3 faves in 2014 were Slumberhouse Norne, CDG Hinoki, and a somewhat distant third, Tauer Desert Marocain.
I'm getting some tan suedes. I've been going "dang I'd wear some tan suede boots with this" about various fits for a month now, so it's a no-brainer assuming I can work out sizing... about that. Lian has indeed been very quick with email, though if he can do different widths, it's strange he didn't mention it when I brought up narrow feet when talking with him. he told me that sizing down would take care of it. Maybe he's right, and I guess we'll see soon enough.
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