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If anybody here got that MMM sweater and doesn't end up wanting it, hit me up
good fucking hat
i don't know what the measurements are gonna be like, but Northern Watters makes some similar stuff, like the VC2: http://www.nwknitwear.com/products/VC2
thanks dude
thaaat's how i wanted u to wear that coat. and magicalporks' coat makes a lot of sense on ur wife.
it's a "different strokes for different folks" thing.
try using a pencil eraser--this worked on a jacket of mine. it could discolor them in the process, but it just might work.
i like that pier wu coat.
you're talking about your address & measurements reconfirmation email, right? i don't think they're sending email responses for those.
@brad-t, you're paying willy to make photoshop comic fanfic about you?
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