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hell yes
hey, another ($$$) alternative http://www.superdenim.com/prodpage.asp?productid=4342
the geobaskets are engulfing him b/c his legs look short b/c his hoodie is too long
i'm saying it gives him hips
"dressed by the internet" but this does look pretty goodactual criticism: i like the sweater but the shoes are boring/plebian and u should post pictures that aren't blurry, half lit, or at weird anglesi don't like how the hoodie accentuates your hips
in this thread the jokes are indistinguishable from the rumors
i asked for 2-ways if they were still available on my yet-to-arrive jacket; charly said if any were still around, they'd do it but couldn't guarantee anything.
is that a one-way zip or a 2-way zip there, Colm?
whoa, not just f5 but control + f5. thanks moo
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