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it's not MTM, but have you noticed the SF/Vanson jacket (see the thread about it) that's been put together?
if it's a tie, just let the guy in third win
@James Wierson I feel like you've got a lot of options. it's a jacket with some attitude, so think accordingly for sneakers. black boots and most black sneakers, some white sneakers, something like raf velcros or vans sk8 hi (or a higher-end similar sneaker), maybe subdued color boots--dark green, burgundy--and then there's ways to work brown and tan in if they're cool enough.
"wear without care" - pg
@Tirailleur1 looks like you turned up in the nyt fashion/design blog at the MAN thing
things that quickly come to mind that look good with black trainers: faded/very broken-in indigo jeans black or gray jeans green chinos
I sized up from my dry pack tees (up to my real size in us brands) and did not notice any length difference between the two, but I'll do a more exact comparison at some point.
I found out today at the sf store that the prev season of slim fit chinos is different from the new season--the waist fastener is different, i had a bunch of pocket flare on the new ones, and frankly the rear looked terrible on the new ones. If you need chinos buy the old ones, with the waist fastener extender and not the new interior button. Sizing seemed to be the same though.
I'm wandering around San Francisco today. Anybody wanna meet up?
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