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All prices include shipping. Shipping within the continental US only. Epaulet blackwatch mashup fun shirt, size S, $50 OK this one's crazy. I love it. Based on the concept of the midcentury Brooks Brothers fun shirt, we've got three different checks or plaids or whatever here in various parts of the shirt, all a soft, crisp cotton. This one just called to me and I had to buy it at full price when it was available some time ago. A button-flap chest pocket and robust...
ok, i understand how the cali douche issue could be an issue. but as an east coaster, this is not a thing to me. "halfway on his head"--yeah i don't get the problem unless it's "cali douche" again
what do people have against slouchy beanies, i don't get it
Shit I better give my pair a soak just in case
fooling around last weekend, before the weather went to shit [[SPOILER]]
@solargarden, thumbs way up on that first fit, but I do not like the cdg in the second fit. It seems like a very normal garment on top of a bottom half of weird garments.
blazer seems good, assuming you've mastered the "gray blazer without matching pants" look (which i haven't figured out how to pull off yet)
I'm wearing these big ass Altama boots that, after having to abandon my car and walking home, I'm very glad I bought last week.
Black 511s are a solid jean tho, keep those in your life
I think these two comments together get at what SF does if you play your cards here right--you just gain, uh, style. If you don't have it already, you can gain an understanding for how things fit together, how to balance color, cuts, et cetera. Not everything has to look the same because one item ("too tight" jeans) can work in concert with something else in the outfit/the rest of the outfit to look good, and there's a million cases like that. It's kind of like music....
New Posts  All Forums: