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button sewing is the easiest sewing. it's unfuckupable if you take any care at all. (though i'm sure someone here can impress me)
it's overeager entrepreneurs. you're going to style the shit out of them. The blue shirt is good.
done it with the heat tech. warm.
@aether nice vivarium @ghostface i think the jacket is the wrong color for this, but i like the experiment.
wow those are unwearable
what, and you're not gonna tell us what caused the allergic reaction?
black-friday-specific sale started. not that special, as said above; supima briefs already out of stock on us site. no dollar men's socks, but yes dollar women's socks if u want to get your girl some (and if she wants to wear the specific 7 socks they want to sell u for 7 dollars)
ludwig da god
it's not like the junya jacket is particularly original, but really what got designed by the group is more like an mdr.
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