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i got to the floppy stage, realized it wasn't gonna be better until parts of it got past shoulder-length, that that was gonna be a damn long time given how slowly my hair grow,s and then gave up and cut my hair. if you live somewhere/have a job where you can wear a hat constantly, i'd say wear a lot of hats.
oxford report: the thing about the slim-fit oxfords this season having a swooping out waist is true, though since I almost always tuck when I wear mine, it doesn't matter, and the swoop may actually help them stay tucked in. I wear last season's tucked in too, so I would never have noticed that this was a change. Also, the minor fit change since last season is not something I'm noticing when wearing. The fabric (on the white one) feels the same.
i interacted with a grand total of 6 people today2 of them complimented the vtg, probably because it stood out since it was slightly too hot to merit wearing it.btw that other leather jacket thread keeps putting up this worn calf picture and i'm pumped to have a black calf jacket in the toj queue. [[SPOILER]]
this type of thing would make a killer "modern housecoat" or something. single color, put a pocket in it for an ipad or all your tv remotes--fleece lined? i like the lapel btw.
it's like thewho13 came to my house and laid out my outfit for tomorrow thewho for board mom
My climbers haven't pilled but I have one weird thread spot--it looks like there's a piece of white thread stitched in near my knee, I don't know what happened there--and I'm not tearing through the woods with them, I'm just working around slightly less snaggy stuff--concrete, carpet, some metal. I have an old model, which has a lot more rise than the current models, so I have not had any "pain in the dick." In fact they're really comfortable.
ghost, that's crazy.
i came up with something; now i gotta find time to put it on/photograph it
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