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wool blend flat front on the website. I'd say go with the gray (not patterned and not dark gray)
at a thing at my house recently a girl came up to this bald white dude from behind, put her arms around him, said hello, and then realized she hugging the wrong bald white guy. her actual boyfriend showed up an hour later wearing exactly the same thing the first bald guy was wearing all bald white dudes look the same.
man, over 100 posts in a day I was hoping somebody had a meltdown
so regarding jacket estimate times/delay times, the following can reasonably be inferred from drew's posts: these sewing people, now 65 or some shit, who have been doing sewing work for some time, and whose hands are...well, i'm less than half that and my hands could not do that job. so i'm not surprised if the rate of production has slowed, knowing that. They produce at an unpredictable rate, and with the holidays, it's hard to predict a production speed. There's gonna...
the Gym Senate Committee on Concealing Scary Back Hair
i wrote another fragrances post since it seemed so slow in here and i had time to try out CDG 2 and Black again. then it got lost. briefly, a half retype: 2 once it dries down or whatever you say, is like baby powder on roses. Basically, no thanks. Black is cool. Cinnamon and nutmeg, lingers strongly. Not for me exactly, but great for somebody. But now that the 2 on my wrist is being overpowered by the Black on my forearm, I'm kind of enjoying what I can smell of 2. If...
ah, ok. anyway, to try to answer the question--pure conjecture based on my sense of TOJ and how samples are made for clothing companies--is that it was just a little aesthetic tweak away from how the sample was made up, that either Drew never wanted those hems there but they ended up on the garment maybe through a miscommunication, or maybe a worker not following Drew's specs; or that once the sample was made, he realized he didn't want them there. Since the toj stuff is...
you see grain on the top pic? edit: http://toj-gallery.com/main.php?g2_itemId=5392 "sample sale dr" is listed here as calf; i'm thinking it's the same one
i don't think it's ever come up. the sewn "hem" on the sample's sleeves seems weird to me. also, isn't that sample calf?
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