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drew once asked me to take a pic of my first jacket's shoulders w a measuring tape across them while we were working out measurements for my second jacket. i'm sure this'll get dealt with.
no change.
I agree w/ above; suit supply.or just h&m, and save yourself hundreds of dollars
black calf or black lamb, depending on if you want a long-term break-in period or a supple no-break-in experience, for a bcdr. if the horsehide is still available, i'm curious, but that's probably just too intense a choice. if you want something intense, calf would do.blacked out? stick with black and silver.
ah ha, the kind of chart that would have gone well with my essay from December, when there first arose a lot of dysfunctional crosstalk about the nature of wait times. [[SPOILER]]
ms. ghd's mom has some v. reppeto-esque ballet oxfords. I like those. that Shaum stuff is kind of what i had in mind--simple, well built, versatile. cool story too. a shame about the lack of internet availability and price tho. Hunting around, I just saw the stuff from K. Jaques. Their Laura or Barigoule models are about what I had in mind.
anybody got any women's sandals reccs?
I have a theory that there is no one Miran, that it's copycats doing the Miran concept--maybe even people helping each other to craft Miran-like messages?long looks good; I suspect hemmed to be a little short would look good too. cuff looks funny though.All bald men look the sameWhat, you don't have a baby shoe collection?
"@StanleyVanBuren should kop thread" size 34 mmm http://www.yoox.com/us/49135807NT/item?dept=men#sts=sr_men80_m
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