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i wouldn't go shortening that jacket. the zipper probably wouldn't be a problem for somebody, but the pockets are placed in proportion to the length of the jacket, and chopping the jacket will throw off the proportions.
you could take a little off but it's not wildly too long.
the shirt's too long to be untucked. it looks tight in the chest but that could be from you holding the phone. jeans look like they fit you fine, though it's hard to judge from this angle.
i liked what poorsod said about this; the pitti coverage is really a sort of styleforum reality show. i will never touch 99% of the clothes they reported on, nor does a lot of it fit my aesthetic, and styleforum is diverse enough stylistically that the writers will not manage to hold interest by writing about more brands. Add to that the fact that writing about clothes tends to sound like cliche advertising copy--or on the flip side, it's really boring to read about a...
the backzip is OK but not as good as a sidezip would be. they seem to do limited quantities and colors of the backzip ones, but if you keep an eye out over time, you might find what you're looking for. also it's worth asking your cobbler if they could put a zipper in. and @gettoasty let it bleed
managing the flavor w/ Clarks seems too hard
I listened to Run The Jewels while scrolling through these and it was
Re: the repro real McCoy's jacket, sorry, I forgot that non-Dr 2010 people would not understand this jacket.
hell yes
hey, another ($$$) alternative http://www.superdenim.com/prodpage.asp?productid=4342
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