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Re:Rei/Elle: It's too bad dude feels belittled or whatever but wow there is just no way, w that level of 'tude, he isn't part of the problem. Kind of surprised nobody found a way to throw him off the project before the interview took place.
seems good if that's your zone. it seems somewhat old-school academic but not at all "prep" to me. if it's not a boat shoe or a loafer (or a spectator shoe, i guess) it's not a prep shoe.
that's nuts. what was the item?
tried out the big-collar ocbds. love the comfort/freedom of the oversize collar, and the length is great for not tucking it in. but with the hem being squared off plus the collar, it looks a little like i found a big shirt at the thrift store and had it tailored down. also, the armholes are bigger than they should be for a size small, and finally, the cloth is thin enough that you can see the french placket construction through the shirt in some lighting conditions. no...
I came here to figure out how to dress myself. Now I dress like a skateboard hobo. Thanks guys!
i'm no expert but what @kindofyoung heard from that sa sounds like classic sa bullshit
@rossomatic yep! Good stuff in there rn
@Coldsnap hah the SA in maketto was wearing rafdidas when i was in there. barneys--I haven't been in there in about a year, and i've mostly forgotten. it's mostly unimpressive. pics online show, like, hood by air and cdg play cons, and i remember other whatever stuff like theory and paul smith, and of course there's the big denim area. but i do remember an interesting few racks. it's probably skippable, but maybe you should call 'em and see if someone will rattle off the...
submission: ghdvfddzgzdzg / DR1 / calf / black / creeping behind a rubber tire art object
I tuck em all the time
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