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someone adventurous could try a cold soak and reblock
Tabac Grande by Sultan Pasha. Turin said it reminded him of North Carolina, and I agree, but not how he'd expect--when I smell the top notes of Tabac Grande, I think hanging out with my dad's Sufi friends in Chapel Hill in the 90s. I haven't smelled anything quite like this since I was about 13, so the sudden, unexpected memories are sort of a trip. They all smelled like this. Anyway, trying to get beyond that, I do recognize the still-curing tobacco leaf note, and I love...
love the shaved head.
my Sultan Pasha samples turned up in the mail today, 5 weeks after being marked shipped, uk to usa. the period between buying and them being marked shipped had taken a while too, but he gave me a number of prototypes beyond my 16 samples to make up for it!
circuitbird, that's her blog
i stumbled onto some behind the scenes shots for what must be an upcoming editorial?
@Van Veen you might want a bigger piece or two--there are cold days in october/november
@Van Veen this is based on the center of the state: it gets hot and very humid from may/june to august/sept so there's plenty of time to wear S/S gear but there's plenty of 20-50 degree days through the winter so coats get plenty of action. but i wear jeans through the summer anyway since everybody blasts AC. but it's colder in general if you're moving to asheville, and hotter if you're moving to the coast. we sorta got 2 or 3 climates here.
Been wearing CdG Black a lot lately even though it's summer. i love it, and to a fair extent it serves as weird deodorant, especially since it lasts all day on me.
who was it w/ the jacket that was more rope or something than a jacket, and it was mistagged in the lemaire section of yoox or something? cuz i saw this today
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