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you mean, like, get deeper front pockets? or replacing the back pockets? neither is ridiculous imo, though i don't like the "phone in the front pocket" thing
frankly, masshi, i almost like the way the jacket ended up too short because of how it integrates into your personal style. if the sleeves were longer, i'd say don't worry about the croppedness. but since everything's too short, yeah man, it's too short. try to flip it and reorder.
i love this (with the pockets) but not $336 love it.do it.
when i did a stovetop dye job on a pair of jeans a few years ago, the near-boiling water seemed to soften them way, way up. and you could then throw them in the dryer with some tennis balls. so if you are inclined to go ham on an old pair of 501s, that stuff is worth a try.
The short sleeved pocket tees are listed this time as machine dryable, unlike the fall/winter long sleeve pocket tees, which were line-dry. So that's cool, though the two models seem very similar, so I wonder if the line dry ones are actually dryable. Whoever was asking, the back-of-neck cotton/poly blend triangle construction is the same as the fall/winter ones. first two pics are the new short sleeve, second two are the old long sleeve. the short sleeve green color is...
I dunno about you guys, but I'm just chomping at the bit to bid on this one
Some new pics outside of Sam's Hot Chicken on the Gram (drew not in the pics) https://instagram.com/p/BCxeXuNBP3t/ https://instagram.com/p/BCxeRshhP3k/
@kindofyoung, not sure if you're looking for any input, but have you considered moving over to baking soda instead of shampoo? My hair has come alive since I made the move.
@kwanon @stevefok I agree, a half inch added to the total shoulder isn't a bad idea. the sleeves could stand to have a tiny bit of length added too. the shoulder length addition will do some of that, but maybe .25 added to the sleeve length too.
New Posts  All Forums: