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the double indigo setup is not working for me but i like all of the individual pieces.@bhajz, the first fit seems like it'd be better w/ a non-khaki-color chino. clashing khaki tones w/ the jacket. great second fit.
my San Francisco thoughts based on the few days I've spent there: Coffee Four Barrel: I got a fascinating, unique cup of coffee. Not my favorite cup ever, but unique in a good way. The Mill: Good, not mind-blowing. The line gets long and they could really use a name system to attach orders to people. Shopping Unionmade: That place is packed with stuff. Talked Rothko w/ a female SA wearing a pair of huge jeans. If you like the stuff they carry online, definitely check it...
there's a swd travel thread that started just a few weeks ago; one of the only discussions on it so far is san fran. http://www.styleforum.net/t/402162/streetwear-denim-travel-recommendations#post_7230230
it's not MTM, but have you noticed the SF/Vanson jacket (see the thread about it) that's been put together?
if it's a tie, just let the guy in third win
@James Wierson I feel like you've got a lot of options. it's a jacket with some attitude, so think accordingly for sneakers. black boots and most black sneakers, some white sneakers, something like raf velcros or vans sk8 hi (or a higher-end similar sneaker), maybe subdued color boots--dark green, burgundy--and then there's ways to work brown and tan in if they're cool enough.
"wear without care" - pg
@Tirailleur1 looks like you turned up in the nyt fashion/design blog at the MAN thing
things that quickly come to mind that look good with black trainers: faded/very broken-in indigo jeans black or gray jeans green chinos
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