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i got tired of hunting through the thread for the link so i emailed myself the link. i recommend people do the same, or, if you actually use bookmarks, do that
xpost from waywt with the guatemalan shirt
welcome. strong first post. the NB's aren't a bad choice for this.
with the casual nature of the zippered boot, i think you've gotta do metal eyelets. "sleek" is not the point of a zippered combat boot. edit: i do see that all the margiela zippered boots on yoox have blind eyelets. feels weird to me, but ok.
@round i am not for the too-large henley
a friend who was moving gave me his black leather cons. So i put leather laces in and painted them. I like the effect on the black leather more than the white canvas version i tried last year. the laces are too short, but they were what i had on hand at the time, and now they are painted into place anyway.
i'm not feeling the needles sneakers.
so totokaelo is pronounced "toe tokyo"?
lamb, also lexol
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