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Fok putting his $$ into this is a big leap to make based on what he said there.
notwithit I own two other jodhpur boots, not SeF ones, so I'm obviously a fan of the style. I don't think a buckle is too bad, but yes you've gotta learn it. Better than lacing boots up though.
I'd say the color is like Stanley's middle picture mostly. Maybe they look like the third picture on overcast days. Mine have never looked as warm as the color in the first picture.I can't decide which of the three you should get. I think for you the Chelseas could be a cool departure from the standard #Styleforum sidezip but the sidezips also would look good. I guess I'm not sold on sef jodhpur yet. I guess we haven't really seen that many pictures of those. Maybe that's...
Oh, I see 100ml is 3.1 oz. I thought it was less than that.I'd worry that anything that looks like perfume from France in your bag if they go through it when you come back from France is gonna attract attention, but maybe border guards underestimate the spending potential of styleforum posters and you'd be fine.
i don't know what his process is, but if Lian was hurting for business, he'd probably have his public face (the website) more in order. its lacklusterness i take as an indication he has does not need to work on expanding at the moment.
those jeans are not flattering
needs different shoes
i would imagine, hypothetically, that one could ditch boxes, wrapping paper, etc, and put fragrances in the toiletries bag.
i was assuming laguy would be announcing another toj alternative. i can't imagine he's got "good news" from or about drew.
there's a spreadsheet that lists what he's working on. people have gotten some jackets.
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