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I think most polos are worn terribly, but I like the idea that with the right attitude/concept, a polo could be just right for being a weird additional signifier. Is there a Polo Challenge in our future?edit: stitches gets it
Hah! I played "Maxine" minutes after I took that photo.
on the radio [[SPOILER]]
I might put a pocket on the inside of my kamigata myself, on the backside of the current pocket. a tailor could put a pocket like that in for you on the doyle, on the inside of where a pocket already is so its stitching wouldn't be seen.
yep, that is great
(0?) (10?) either way, whichever one is most secure on your foot and could not get Biggskipped off.
@habitant skydiving is amazing. i'm assuming you're gonna be strapped to someone who knows what they're doing? i told the dude i was strapped to to "go nuts with it" and he backflipped me out of the plane. and to make it fashion related, i believe skydiving was the last time i wore a jumpsuit.
good news guys, the most tasteful car is also available on the most tasteful watch
ignoring the details on this specific hat, i don't think a full-brimmed hat + tee will work usually. though a white tee and those jeans and sneakers is cool without the hat, though standard. this specific hat is a boldly colored hat that frankly i would not wear under any circumstances. but if you wanted to wear a somewhat more chill hat, you could probably get this to work with a button-up shirt and some formalish shoes.
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