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13? 45? foot size of control
is that these? pretty good. with the vans, I don't mind the squiggle. I personally am more concerned about the toe stitching reminding me of an indy boot.
Back zip. giving up on my plebeian converse, and I'll never see a pair of white Raf velcros, so...
made two orders last week; the second order came yesterday, and the first order has yet to ship. so i'm just waiting on an out of stock notice. that +J vest was one of the things I got. It's a cool piece, and thick as promised, though it's thickness can make it hard to layer. I sized down 1, since it has a big p2p, but I might exchange it for my normal size so it'll fit over all my outerwear. I haven't decided. Oh, and the wool feels a little weird--thin, stretchy. I'm a...
heeley vetiver veritas this morning. reminds me too much of bug spray. a relatively nice, grapefruity bug spray, but still, bug spray.
whoa moo's finest moment
and it's misaligned so that it never shows the whole brand name. i support its abstraction. it represents the consumerist collage that is Styleforum.
i'm not sure i understand what you've got there, but there are guides to reversible button sewing online, and i've stitched plenty of raised buttons back on. stitch loose and wrap around the stitching once you're feeling good about the button stitching.
button sewing is the easiest sewing. it's unfuckupable if you take any care at all. (though i'm sure someone here can impress me)
it's overeager entrepreneurs. you're going to style the shit out of them. The blue shirt is good.
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