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oh, basically i'm looking for a version of Fucking Young where people keep their shirts on.
who knows more stuff like willy's tumblr or nico's instagram except with more fashion and less food/vines/anime.such a thing could include:designer clothingjapanese brandsa streetwear settinga minimum of supreme or hba representationa minimum of CM business
hey I was just gonna ask that; it occurred to me this morning that my blog list has fewer and fewer dudes wearing clothing in it. it's all spacepope posting moebius comics nowadays.lesfreresjoachim.com is my only appropriate recent blog addition.
that's what's up. also, bluray looks and sounds insane.
The link or the piece itself
I guess I'll have a reason to ride the silver line some day when in town
T should just submit the picture you already posted of him
thanks to @t3hg0suazn for spotting it and, again, to @brad-t for how to buy it
hey, a word to all those waiting on jackets who have gone silent in this thread: if you get a jacket, the real news in this thread, please say so.
the term "frankengarment" did come to mind. what is the context you see that i'm missing here?
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