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@flowcharts is there like a link so that i can order your htrk shirt
wearing lebreton's bois lumiere. for me, it sits exactly between the smell of beeswax and the smell of a carpeted bathroom, which is a thing i've unfortunately had to smell before. I had no idea these two smells were so alike. i love the idea of smelling like beeswax, and i'm fascinated, but no thanks.
i've been wearing my pair all the time since i got 'em in early 2015. wearing them right now.
this morning: L'Artisan Timbuktu. Florals, incense, and vetiver are not really my deal, but i seem to be good at forgetting that. tonight: L'Artisan Dzongkha. Now we're talking. Weird, smokey leather. The vetiver here I can deal with on account of the rest of it. I'm gonna wear this a lot.
synth jokes bringing the white heat
@jmaudi0 you might look through the DIY thread--i think there's been a discussion of dying shoes there. and ask them in there about it if you can't find it.
huh that gboard is pretty good, though the emoji search mostly doesn't work for me. thanks for the heads up shah.
yeah, my gf also has a zara coat that has held up well, though the zipper snags on the coat's puffed-out material once a week when it's cold enough for her to be wearing it
i imagine @dieworkwear might be interested
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