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I said 5 because barramundi did; it's impossible to say how long it will last because, as I say, though I can see that it's aging, I don't see anything wearing out, nor can I tell what would wear out first. Comparing a lamb jacket to shoes is not perfect; shoes are not made of lamb. You know, I think there are zero stories of a toj lamb jacket ever wearing out, and people have been wearing these since what, 2009? Was there one story about someone's ripping?
toj ratio math: 1.1 @ 19 or 19.5 chest is 20.9 or 21.45.
At the beach w a hat, i'll do a tiny topknot underneath the hat sometimes until it dries.
mine melted in the rainjuuust kidding. my black lamb dr: it's got some scuffs from scraping against stuff here and there, and it probably wouldn't do well if, say, I fell off my bicycle in it or like rolled down a mountain or something, but normal life will not wear it out. i've had mine for more than a year. it's my most-worn jacket, especially in rainy conditions. I could imagine having this for 5 years or more, yes. I've Lexoled it, as I recall, twice.
I agree, good fit; don't need to mess w it.
MoK better fire up the MoK Batsignal
mok, I could never wear that, but I support you in wearing it.
I feel like this challenge will be full of inventiveness.
i was offput by the feel too, but i always assumed it was just that i never wear anything with stretch as pants. Maybe there's more to it than that.
@Caveat I think I like the sandals. i have a black and white shirt like that shirt; that pinkish color of this one is gonna be hard to wear. consider layering it under stuff.
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