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I say shirt outside the shawl
anne d elder god piece makes me wanna learn to knit more than i already did
i too have a heirloom cardigan from 2010 and it's still fucking great. wore it yesterday. no pilling at all so far; i seem to be a snaggy guy, but any snags i get, i just pull back through to the inside of the sweater with a half-unbent paperclip and it's as good as ever. at some point i'm gonna wear it under my noragi for a full winter outfit.
oh i wanted to mention that the discussion about big john tapereds from 3 days ago introduced me to a jean i'm pretty sure is my optimal jean measurements, so GDL, yes, someone out there wants a mid-to-high rise jean "with heritage and craftsmanship" that at size 28 to 30 has approx. a 7" hem.
definitely can do it with a needle and thread (plus anything as a thimble.) even a little piece of wood would work as a thimble. examine what the stitching on the other buttons looks like, think about the order of operations on it, and copy what you saw. that's how i learned to sew buttons back on.
pretty tempted by this thing http://www.uniqlo.com/us/product/women-urban-sweat-long-sleeve-dress-141963.html#03|/women/featured/urban-sweat/tops/|
that big temple in nara is something else. inside is surreal. [[SPOILER]]
that's nuts. whats it fit like / fitpic?
the writing for the "Ryan Seacrest Distinction" collection is the most cliched stuff i've heard in a minute i just heard an ad where he said it was classic with a modern twist
They did it 2 weeks ago along w the flannels
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