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damn yes
@Cotton Dockers your EG suit is great. i'm envious.
jasper is top tier.
those misorders look great
i'm of no help but i hear it's better than Greenville NC. if you go up to asheville, that town is great and is full of cool shit to do/beer to drink/food to eat
they've got the Uniqlo U high tops on the us webstore now in white and in black
I thought I had gotten past sticker shock for any clothing possible but sorry @LA Guy this $500 belt talk has revealed a new barrier
I know it's too late now anyway, but to me, Tam Dao is 90% identical to CdG Wonderwood (for better or for worse.)
pretty sure the funny fit issue with tender is meant to be a feature, not a bugthe first video game i ever loved.PS two days after I hung out with @Benesyed I hung out with @spacepope. great dudes.
it's got hand-warmer pockets, which indicates it's from no earlier than the mid-80s, though the vertical stitching next to the bottom button hole looks like it's two lines, which would be the generation before that. So that's weird. Maybe in the 80s there was a crossover in design details?
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