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It sounds like the suede doesn't get dirty enough for new marks to be insignificant because you keep cleaning them?
I just got notice that my "petition was received" re: that South Korea form
Hah! Thanks. I'm in Providence atm, and that's where we are in the pic, but I don't live here, just traveling. Bene, I think you've mentioned on SF that you live here, right?
I just ran into @Benesyed
As the chelseas break in (that is, crease) the shaft and top of foot areas tighten up.
I don't use any water repellant but I also try to not walk in rainstorms in calf. But calf can take the occasional rain.But you also don't go out to dive bars or do yard work afaik
i use the big horsehair brushes you get at the cobbler. cream polish in the color of the shoe should really be all you need otherwise. clean the shoe if it's got stuff on it (use a damp rag), wait for it to dry, put some cream polish on another rag, wait a few minutes, brush it down for a minute or two.
I machine washed mine once and then noticed a spot on mine that's sort of 5% the size of what you've got there. mine's on the upper arm. I've been handwashing it since (i think only twice) and the loose spot has held it together. But yeah if it became a real hole, i'd diy a fix.
@Trit I agree, don't alter it. see if it isn't too late. You're admitting that it's illogical. That should tell you something.
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