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[[SPOILER]] the lesson: if you're getting a pair of jeans worked on, taper before getting them hemmed if u want a chainstitched hem, and tell your tailor to taper on the inseam and not the outseam if u value your selvege, even for minor tapering jobs. [[SPOILER]]
Muji's current $100 linen blazers are the real deal. unlined with taped seams. My H&M suit pretty much gets the job done but is fully lined and has the usual H&M low armhole, reducing motion. But I do believe I saw a set of them at H&M when I was there about 2 weeks ago. Now, a few caveats: I have no idea what Muji's sizing is like beyond Small, which is true to size. And the sleeve cuff buttons are functional, so if u need them shortened, it'll be shoulder work or a chop...
denim overload on WGSN (via Rebels & Rogues)
@masshi a DR and an MA-1 are gonna have some different measurements anyway.
hey @Epaulet it looks like the writeup for your white women's sneakers appears on both the white and leopard print pages.
@MickeyPunch weird. I've never heard anyone mention specifying a back measurement in the thread, and I've been reading it since 2010. also, because the old measuring guide saying "fig 5) Front length: (the back length is calculated automatically from the front length)," i never tried to ask. also, in TOJ's history, I ordered jackets through charly and through drew and neither of them asked.
looking at the spreadsheet. back length? we've never been offered separate front/back lengths before.
glad culture is at the point where getting naked in japan with guys you met on an internet clothing forum is just another day on vacation
International glitter bomb
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