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i am convinced. pm sent.
i dunno, the 511s have a functional rise and more thigh room than their corresponding size in uniqlos, at least on the lower end of the sizing spectrum
ughhh why can't you be a small
maybe between this weirdness and your work in the toj thread you should post less and get out more
black 511s have stretch and have no contrast stitching
if u want something real bulky and serious, get 10" vulcanized Altamas. and Epaulet is coming out (i believe in the next months) with a side-zip all-black boot.
@sinnedk that's old news though.
i'm excited to pull my 6 year old sized-down-zero APC Hipsters out of my girlfriend's closet and cuff the fuck out of them.
is that the rare Quadruple Uniqlo combo?I wonder if this could be even cooler with slightly looser pants but jesus that scarf. i gotta start knitting.
New Posts  All Forums: