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yeah those are gonna be my new winter house shoes. good call everybody. and you know I've been tempted about the corduroy suit. great buys.oh it's so good. i should wear it more.
I use another piece of denim, preferably lighter weight or at least softer than the jean itself. Canvas is also an option.
the first one.
@kindofyoung we are uncovering an exciting world of weird suiting. love it.
Thanks guys! Pleased to see that Document makes suits. Now I just gotta find one. and @Lorcan7, you are speaking my language here.
Interested in sort of an alternative suit. I'm thinking forward-leaning, maybe a little weird, nothing that looks too old-timey. should pass as a traditional suit at a glance. I've been thinking get matching separates from Engineered Garments, maybe corduroy, though EG's corduroy pants are really 5-pocket jeans, so I'm somewhat put off. I have a Qlomaire suit, and it ticks all the boxes, but the blazer on those has a thrift store vibe. What's out there like this?
White canvas gum sole old school. Been wearing them constantly.
it sounds like those are pretty out of place in your wardrobe. probably sell
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