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just thinking out loud, having dyed some jeans and shirts before, though not with coffee, I would throw 12 oz of coffee into a bucket, add enough hot water so that you can submerge the jeans, put the jeans in and leave them there for a workday's worth of time. come home, remove the jeans, and wash them in the washer. if they're too brown at that point, wash them w/ a little bleach; if they're too light, repeat the coffee dye process. i think the dye will hold enough.if...
notwithit, the moto looks great, and i don't even like motos
Yo is that Drew on the left? https://instagram.com/p/BHCmvQXhzaK/
You could Nike Id yourself some all-white runners
@nyclondon please multi-quote and spoiler
I recommend lexol on lamb. I apply a little to an area and rub around briefly with a cloth. once i've covered the whole jacket, i rub briefly with a new cloth to absorb any extra lexol and hang up overnight.
nobody responded w a recc i guess, so i'll weigh in. i condition my (non-ep) leather jackets once a year or so, with case-by-case conditioning if something particularly rough happens, like if a lamb jacket goes through a torrential rainstorm. i believe the mullberry and thorpe are both calf, so probably once a year is fine unless you are really beating them to death, and it doesn't sound like that's what's up.for conditioner, i use lexol on my normal jackets (calf, lamb)...
#3 or 4Love the idea of those Tender joints but yeah it'd help to be like 6'3"
yep that's a standard american firetruck
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