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you could buy some black canvas/cotton duck, and some foam, and find a tailor who will take the job on. (maybe talk to the tailor first about those materials)
Just had the fabled "someone won't quit touching my TOJ lamb" problem The person was my mom
oh. huh, well you could try: http://home.howstuffworks.com/how-to-remove-stamp-pad-ballpoint-pen-ink-stains2.htm
it's just leather, not suede, right? have you tried a pencil eraser?
Just watched the Tracy Morgan snl ep; Tina Fey turns up on Weekend Update in Margiela velcro hi's
yeah i'll never finish my pear and olive sample.
retried Slumberhouse Sova last night. my god, that's so weird. i can still smell it on me now sometimes and it's pretty unwelcome.
eh--black couro cromo, ghost, and sand seem legit.
if anybody's looking for alternatives, epaulet is doing a chelsea (in preorder now) for 275. http://epauletnewyork.com/products/chelsea-boot-suede-couro-cromo-2015-preorder-project
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