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[[SPOILER]] next level
i got a stick of the tom's "unscented," which instantly makes me smell like curry and messes up my fragrances game i love curry but i cannot recommend this stick. i liked the maelin & goetz eucaliptus ok but didn't get to try it more than once.
we've seen what happens when you slim down the midsection. it's not good. do not make an hourglass shaped jacket.
u could get the shorts shortened
i think it looks good. any slimming down would only cause more bunching.
Fok, what did I say about proofreading
i've seen incremental shrinkage on many (non-Schneider) button-front shirts. that's probably it.
i still wear raws all the time except when work sends me somewhere corporate
heritage of violence
who the fuck is alpha-m and why are we talking about wearing fedoras in here
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