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Knize 10. I got a sample this week, tried it monday, and just hated it. the top notes smell like a recently-but-poorly-cleaned gas station bathroom, or like an old lady trying to hide something smelly. i smell no leather. but i'm fascinated enough by my hatred that i keep putting it on, and today, i put on more than i had been and...i like it? i guess it's that in smaller quantities, the bathroom cleaner aspects overpower anything else, but in larger quantities, other...
i like the blue better but that might just be the photo
i think it's great in either color. neither one works better w/ your wardrobe or fills a hole?
Bruno Acampora Nero. giant, gorgeous.
Floris Patchouli--got a free sample. Nice enough, but pretty boring.
true but i think it's still worth going cuz you can't try things on through your computer screen.
restaurants, all fairly inexpensive, all well known: mission burrito, morgenstern's (ice cream), shopsins (for the experience), russ & daughters cafefor stores, pretty sure it's covered if you go searching SF but some ideas based on what you said:GentryTotokaeloTokio 7Assembly nycDover Street Market
Absolutely diy them
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