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i'd add enough length that it goes down to end at the top of your coin pocket. everything else looks good--the sleeves look maybe .5" long, but i expect they'll shorten a little once the sleeves on your final jacket get creased up. and once it's longer, the waist size may not be a problem anymore, and you've got those strap adjusters you can slim it down with anyway.
is that a collection of marios and luigis on the left there? that ebay story suuucks. reinforces my choice to not deal w/ international sales in ebay.
whoa had to read it twice to get it. i dunno about harsh, but accurate.
at this point, everyone posting here gets barraged by theories and hate. drew might get worse.
looks like it. and if someone says veiny, it's lamb.
dawg u forgot
i'm for it
many of the last batch of natural cxl belts started to split. if there were any pictures, they're from more than a year ago. the story was that when the belt was constructed, there wasn't any cxl available that was thick enough, so the belt was two layers of cxl glued together, and I guess it could come unglued. since then, i recall Matt has said he wasn't gonna use construction methods like that again since it had a higher failure rate than was acceptable.
@magicalporks how do you see that list
the a2 joke on the spreadsheet is, uh, confusing at best. those aren't real orders...right? but i am sad to see that "black lamb dildo" has been removed. oh and it looks like June is almost entirely fulfilled. there's one outstanding jacket, outside of the guy who couldn't decide what jacket he wants and the misconstructed jacket that was made and got returned.
New Posts  All Forums: