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i'm not into the hourglass shape the sweater is doing, but i'm thinking you'd only see that in pictures. i love the cargos + sneakers.
sorry, i don't know. dying is always a crapshoot.
welcome! a few thoughts: adjust your image to post larger pictures. the "width/200/height/400" part of your picture's url can be edited; I usually change mine to like "width/700/height/1000."take pictures somewhere that you are front lit or at least less back lit. it's hard to see detail at the moment because the picture didn't come out well.not feeling the white tee visible like an undershirt under the EG. maybe if it was a collared shirt?i applaud your rrl/raf brand...
I bought an iDye brand black thru ebay for the jean-dying project I posted about last year in this thread. I think it was the "gunmetal" color but I'm not sure. I liked how it turned out--black. But actually a lot of black jeans have a black warp and weft. Levi's, for example. I think the dye will take. Hard to say about fade changes though. It could look like the "black overdye" indigo jeans you see around. My DIY black jeans have faded in spots to their original gray...
2011's a scary place.anyway @reedobandito, yep, my memory was right. size down 1 from brannock. i bought 8; i'm a 9 in sneakers, 8 or 8.5 barrie. i'm a little afraid they don't get past your "not totally chunky" request since they have a considerable toe. but if you have an army/navy surplus store in your area, they'll probably have them, and it's worth a look. and it's winter. if there was ever a time for bulbous footwear...
@reedobandito i'll have to check when i get home, but i wanna say one full size down from brannock. even with that, I have room for huge, thick socks and can't stub my toes if i try. I recall that I sized down from what the store guy recommended at first. You can crank the hell out of the laces to tighten the fit up too. but like i said, i'll check; i'll be home in a few hours.
i got Altama boots, this pair:they don't fuck around. NC had a snowpocalypse last winter--roads littered with cars, people without power. I walked 3 miles one day, walked 3 miles the next, kicking my way through icy chunks of snow and standing in puddles of melting ice water. no wetness, no coldness, no slipping. every once in a while you knock your feet against something to get he snow unpacked from their huge treads. i think Bene got a pair of these too.
i just put on slumberhouse norne my cat is acting funny and keeps sniffing around my wrist. i think she is curious about the norne.
regarding the "old man" "young man" brown sportcoat talk: along with PItti, think about what @leftofthedial does with blue pants. a brown cotton or linen sportcoat or a barena-style thing swapped out for this coat would work well and think about this in tone/mood, though it's a little more abstractly related.
i have not compared w the regular ones but the changes between seasons in the slims is not noticeable.
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