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i mean, it's gonna look all marked up, but i have no problem with that. as long as you're not like trying to use it as a bank employee or lawyer, it's probably fine.
"TOJ Update Grammar Discussion Thread"I would prefer that thread to this one, based on the past few months in here.
The lack of a production manager is shitty, I agree. That's what's affecting orders here, and that's gotta be what the "summer delay" is. I don't see any statements indicating that backpacks and wallets are affecting jacket order production.
"Some of the jacket types are going into November and December dates due to ease of batch making and some are still in a glut of the more individualized styles." I see that it's an ambiguous sentence since it doesn't specify what "November and December dates" refers to, but I think my interpretation is likely. @dieworkwear, you're reading that sentence to mean, to use many of the original phrases, that some of the jacket types, the more individualized styles, are going...
hearing that some november/december orders are in production is really fucking exciting.
yeah, i'd think to take it in at the side seams.
i'm pretty sure there wasn't a change in factories. anyway, sorry to hear about your lamb; didn't someone recently say their recent lamb jacket was thick like the old stuff?
@Cotton Dockers It's kind of hard to tell how the jacket is working w/ your hands in your pockets in both shots; i like the jacket with those pants; the cons bring it down, as @notwithit said. a lot of good fits lately. keep slaying, bruhs
capturing my local zeitgeistpants at least too baggy for the blazer.
you could try Sabahs. Email or in-person order only, but from what I can tell, they do a "midnight blue."
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