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AlexanderTG, i like where you're going. w/ that one, I'd just say tuck in the shirt until you can get one that's a shorter length or just get one hemmed. I wouldn't worry about it looking too weird when tucked in; a tuck is probably more normal looking irl than in a picture. Solargarden, I don't like all of your fits, but your fits are at least interesting and unique. You seem to know what you're doing, but i'm not surprised that this one, which is actively ugly normcore,...
that boot is p. good; no idea what it is though.
white vans eras white nike frees black nike frees and as for boots, w/ the black jacket, get black boots--something like the wool-lined or side zip butteros at No Man Walks Alone. if that's too much $, go w/ blacked-out Docs or (maybe, i haven't seen them in person) the black Clark's Mali boot. or simple black Chelsea boots, like something RM Williams makes. edit: also, white Stan Smiths or the Kent Wang sneaker
What about the "move the working cuff" option like on the left here?
it probably isn't necessary. just make your fancy dinner day a cp dayand he changes it weekly
Assuming it's the same as the slim fit:I got some stretch out of the waist, yes. Nothing insane, but a little.Uniqlo says (I emailed them) they're unsanforized, but I did a hot soak and saw zero shrinkage, so it's as if they're sanforized. The soak will help with the insane crocking though.
that's Doctor Dzgzdzg to you
oh my god
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