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w/ different shoes, i would support that outfit.
anybody know when online stores start stocking inverallan stuff for fall/winter?
L'Incandescent, thanks. I'm gonna look into those.
Heyo, just thought I'd ask the "three scents a day" crowd here, if I love stuff that smells like sap or like a tree, like Slumberhouse Norne or CdG Hinoki, what would you recommend?
it's extremely rare afaik.
Meant to respond to this yesterday and forgot.Customer service called these unsanforized when I asked, and the uk site, if you look, says they're unsanforized and mentions possible shrinkage.So I gave my pair of raws purchased in January (us webstore) a cold soak and a hot soak and saw no shrinkage. I've washed them since then (air dry) and not seen shrinkage yet.Is it possible to produce a denim that is "unsanforized" but does not shrink? Maybe that's what happened...
but they were rightre: the noragi, i like mine. fits kind of big, so the shoulders actually fit me right and I have a full range of motion for various physical activities; i can cook with it on and not worry about splatters cuz it's dark and washable, I can dry my hands on it--basically, i'm treating it like shit and it looks good. The denim is pretty soft, not jeanlike. The sleeves are really long so that I can...not sure yet, maybe i'll unroll them for fall-season...
oh my god
i like the concept here, but just about every piece has something weird about it--aside from what's been said, the shoes look really long. but with that said, its perverse combination of elements--almost-bared midriff, raw hems, pigsty, dress belt--make it fascinatingly coherent.
538 would tell you to eat a burrito at La Pasadita while in chicago
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