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it sounds like those are pretty out of place in your wardrobe. probably sell
Sultan Pasha Pure Incense. First try. It smells a lot like pine tree sap, and I love that.
norwegian rain coming through? cph included?
Clarks Originals Trigenic Flex
put on a sample of Naomi Goodsir's Bois d'Ascese. it smelled wonderful, and then a second later it smelled like Office Depot. the other arm that has a lot less on it smelled much more reasonable. took about 20 minutes to calm down.
Looks like a good size for you. Body will get too long, I'd think, if you size up
someone adventurous could try a cold soak and reblock
Tabac Grande by Sultan Pasha. Turin said it reminded him of North Carolina, and I agree, but not how he'd expect--when I smell the top notes of Tabac Grande, I think hanging out with my dad's Sufi friends in Chapel Hill in the 90s. I haven't smelled anything quite like this since I was about 13, so the sudden, unexpected memories are sort of a trip. They all smelled like this. Anyway, trying to get beyond that, I do recognize the still-curing tobacco leaf note, and I love...
love the shaved head.
my Sultan Pasha samples turned up in the mail today, 5 weeks after being marked shipped, uk to usa. the period between buying and them being marked shipped had taken a while too, but he gave me a number of prototypes beyond my 16 samples to make up for it!
New Posts  All Forums: