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there's a spreadsheet that lists what he's working on. people have gotten some jackets.
word. i have no desire for pristine shoes.
ah, the hunt.
do you work in a job that lets you have facial hair?
fuuma, couldn't you have someone print the word NIKE how you want it on a sweatshirt?
a veg tan belt probably can just get some Lexol conditioner every year and be fine for basically ever unless you're frequently soaking it in water.
a fishtail-like notch would not be bad on that if it could be done properly, but i worry it's hard to do properly.
upon review tonight, Slumberhouse Sova smells like licorice. i can see that as the tobacco and honey notes people point out, but that doesn't make me like it any better. which sort of surprises me. i'll see how it progresses.
@ThaiToast good stuff. when you post, i recommend you edit the code in your post when uploading photos:"width/200/height/400" can be more like "width/700/height/900." obviously, adjust numbers to your preferences, but that tends to work for me. [[SPOILER]] @el Bert, beautiful.
New Posts  All Forums: