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hey @flowcharts tell me about that cardigan
fuck that's good
Lesca x opthalmologist visit dilation EG Qlo 3-16 F&B
@rara447 there's a "should i buy..." thread for this sort of question. but anyway, so it's like a zippered tote without handles, like some sort of big clutch bag? weird. but if it really speaks to you, that's what matters here.
No man walks alone is doing a Leder greatcoat preorder right now for 6-something
It may be more of a hunt than you're looking for, but setting up eBay alerts for brands you like that are usually outside of that price point might be worth it. Making offers too can work, especially for things that haven't sold for a while.
this month I 1. bought higher rise jeans 2. got them tapered, and 3. since I was feeling real wild, sent them off to railcar for chainstitch hemming. i hope i never have to explain this to anyone in real life.
@oulipien The nonmatching blacks issue/rule wouldn't apply here because this is pretty arte povera
Monitaly Leder Niche Buttero
Well I think those are great.
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