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since it hasn't been posted in a few pages https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_0B0TbD-QDLH8azZydtmfUwnmBSmL5UoLutgSzpexdc/edit?pli=1#gid=0
hoodog: you're doing pretty good. i like the lighter pair of jeans, actually. i'm not into the dh gats. i think it's the one dark stripe. i have no problem w/ the grandma sweater generally, though yeah, it kind of brings down the 5-zip. not a dealbreaker to me. the second pair of jeans, obviously, needs fades. Yes, it would be SF cliche, but just put the 5-zip on the first outfit and i think you'd be all set.
Yesterday it was Puredistance Black. I put it on at 10 in the morning, and at 5:30 p.m it was strong enough for my girlfriend to complain.
vampire author photo
[[SPOILER]] the lesson: if you're getting a pair of jeans worked on, taper before getting them hemmed if u want a chainstitched hem, and tell your tailor to taper on the inseam and not the outseam if u value your selvege, even for minor tapering jobs. [[SPOILER]]
Muji's current $100 linen blazers are the real deal. unlined with taped seams. My H&M suit pretty much gets the job done but is fully lined and has the usual H&M low armhole, reducing motion. But I do believe I saw a set of them at H&M when I was there about 2 weeks ago. Now, a few caveats: I have no idea what Muji's sizing is like beyond Small, which is true to size. And the sleeve cuff buttons are functional, so if u need them shortened, it'll be shoulder work or a chop...
denim overload on WGSN (via Rebels & Rogues)
@masshi a DR and an MA-1 are gonna have some different measurements anyway.
hey @Epaulet it looks like the writeup for your white women's sneakers appears on both the white and leopard print pages.
@MickeyPunch weird. I've never heard anyone mention specifying a back measurement in the thread, and I've been reading it since 2010. also, because the old measuring guide saying "fig 5) Front length: (the back length is calculated automatically from the front length)," i never tried to ask. also, in TOJ's history, I ordered jackets through charly and through drew and neither of them asked.
New Posts  All Forums: