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@Benesyed Good Polar flavor. And you got those Lemaires!
In Chicago O'hare. There was somebody wearing green corduroy pants, a big almost matching green corduroy button-up, and black derbys. Looked surprisingly cool.
just use the standard apple ones. i find them totally decent.
saw a pair of Raf velcros in the wild, on a guy walking down the street in Durham at 10:30 in the morning. i was surprised. cool story bro
someone deeply, deeply tiny (like a real size 34 or less, no van buren, can't be over 5'5") should buy the 36 monitaly field jacket in black. mine came in the mail (38, but i could have gone up to 40, and i'm a 36/38), wore it today and loved it. maybe buy it for your girlfriend.
about the ring coat, like the green cotton one like i have--i just got a vintage (i guess it could be 60 years old?) m-43 jacket, and it feels surprisingly like my ring coat. I'm sure the m43 is an inspiration. heavy cotton, same color, though a different texture. i have referred to my ring coat as a "mutant military coat" but i didn't realize how right i was. like the ring coat, there's lots of buttons, plenty of pockets (but none on the inside), weird functionality...
the hospital jacket is speaking to me. what is this from/is there a whole lookbook related to thisi can wear my favorite a scarf? sign me upmy ring coat functions as a scarf; i've added a scarf on occasion but you can button it up around your neck like one and it does the job.
Sultan Pasha Ame Sombre - from a sample. this is so good. honey, tobacco, sort of a sweetened frankincense in there?--a lot of things I love. it's funny, the sultan says "rose" but like the kafkaesque blog says, i notice very little rose. it's more suggestive of rose, like the combination of ingredients says "hey a rose is like this, isn't it?" And like the kafkaesque blog says, it seems solid, like it thickens the air, a big, thick presence. i need to put it on in the...
i don't have a problem with the box + taper there
i own 3 pairs of 3-16s. first there was a gray pair i dyed black. then i got the blue pair and tapered them. since the gray/black pair are pretty beat up now, it was time for a new pair of black jeans. so i got a new black pair and tapered those.
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