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@prscustom regarding color, hard to tell w/o natural light. it does look long. i'm not into its styling.@jdrizzy but that's a totally different sneaker style.
@1989thenumber i support your name choice i mean it's unfair to say it "just came to you" or whatever because we have to thank Chuck D but still, i wouldn't have thought to use it as a name
sounds like my 38 is the right choice.
i'm buying a 38 1A and i'm v. near your measurements. granted, it's my first inverallan, so i'm not sure on sizing, but i figure, i buy 36 in all my blazers (except for a few brands where i'm 34), so this counts as sizing up. The 38 has a 19.5" chest measurement and I don't want it to hug me, and 36 would.
thumb for chino xl while we're at it, how do you pronounce synthese synth-S? synth-EEs?
why is it there's no US suppliers? are wholesale orders prohibitively expensive due to like import costs or something, or is the whole "made by old ladies" thing prohibitive for stock to anybody but the few places that already have stocking arrangements?
brand names. gee guys, it's like taste differs from person to person or something.
whoa they doubled their stock from what was up yesterday. thanks for the heads up.
@SaintCrispy the shoes are a little fancy for what is otherwise a dressed down thing. l am way into that otherwise.
the novelty of that liner is gonna wear off.
New Posts  All Forums: