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can we have a "bad brand name" challenge next?
Yoox got a shipment of the Vivienne Westwood Pharrell hat. I got a promo email at 10:09 this morning. It's 11:40 and they're sold out. What were they charging for them?
end of day relaxing scent: Comme des Garcons Black. I don't like its licorice note but I like everything else--a smoky cedar, tar, leather, pepper thing. too bad the licorice part never really goes away.
you know, a day later, the Suitsy almost reminds me of some Talking About the Abstraction conceptualized shit, like jeggings to the nth degree
The last update said he was gonna confirm addresses before shipping the next batch. So this is him doing that in preparation to ship.
The container store does sell full-shoulder hangers. I have a bunch of them; they are a little crude but the price is right.
http://www.betabrand.com/mens-business-suit-onesie-hybrid.html I jeh...beh...ruh...
yeah, we had 2 cool days in the past week and i was going "ooh layers" and now we're gonna get to about 80F every day for the next 5 days
what style of rider, @afixedpoint?
Funny--Heat Tech is way hot when worn as a base layer when doing active things in my experience.My order arrived. Took them 5 days to give me shipping notice, but then it came to me in 2, so 1 week from order. a collection of shirts; i'm happy with all of them--blue oxford, a second denim shirt, a white/gray flannel, and a light gray supima pack.Did you guys see the email that said their merino pills less and is washable now?
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