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margiela is making painted flyknits, i guess
pretty surprised Vince is still in business since they're so meh and have been for so long. i still have a pretty good sweater of theirs from like 2010 though, just interesting enough.
@gettoasty let it rain on the wool. wool can take it.
Baking soda/shoe trees/give em a break between work days (if you're not doing that). Edit: oh I see you are resting them. Huh. Well, yeah, the first two ideas.@notwithit my f&b boots (grain leather, not suede) have done pretty well, like 3 years old now. the glued-down leather layer of the footbed needs to be reglued in the heel on one, but the leather is frankly good and the construction has held up otherwise.
Lesca -- Epaulet -- Naissance -- Qlo -- 3-16 -- Clarks
rug talk: I bought a large and at least supposedly old persian rug on ebay and I'd do it again. look for words like ANTIQUE, PERSIAN, and rug-creating towns like QOM, and you have to sort through a lot, but there are great looking rugs there.
damn yes
@Cotton Dockers your EG suit is great. i'm envious.
jasper is top tier.
those misorders look great
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