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needs different shoes
i would imagine, hypothetically, that one could ditch boxes, wrapping paper, etc, and put fragrances in the toiletries bag.
i was assuming laguy would be announcing another toj alternative. i can't imagine he's got "good news" from or about drew.
there's a spreadsheet that lists what he's working on. people have gotten some jackets.
word. i have no desire for pristine shoes.
ah, the hunt.
do you work in a job that lets you have facial hair?
fuuma, couldn't you have someone print the word NIKE how you want it on a sweatshirt?
a veg tan belt probably can just get some Lexol conditioner every year and be fine for basically ever unless you're frequently soaking it in water.
a fishtail-like notch would not be bad on that if it could be done properly, but i worry it's hard to do properly.
New Posts  All Forums: