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try it with a shirt underneath that's either longer or shorter than it is?
that's some medieval long-handled axeman shit. i kinda like it.
i think you need a shirt with a collar...maybe something else collared in addition to that as another layer...underneath that big ass coat. there's gotta be a way to make that thing look good.
durability, yes. i am far from needing repair in a lot of areas i would have needed to repair by now on thinner denim. and my pair, at least, does look a little different from other denim, with bigger-spaced honeycombs, for example, because the fabric just doesn't crumple as much as thin stuff.
not for those very careful cuffs or the sweatshirt. i'm assuming you want feedback on this stuff. if you don't, just say so. and like someone said above, try to front-light yourself.
we never heard that production stopped for a few months except for the backpack-and-wallet-only zippergate.
I have some 20+ oz denim and it's not that much warmer than my other jeans. denim breathability/warmth varies a lot despite weight.
@tingle27, not feeling the double-branded North Face jacket but a strong bottom half.
it's true. xpost from waywt today:
@fireflygrave i'd hunt through the N&F thread for backup on this, cuz it's been a while, but i recall that people see more than an inch of stretch--2 sounds insane, but hey, if APCs do... of course, some SFers recommend a loose waist. not a bad idea here, especially if you're gonna be moving around a lot.
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