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i remember sneaking Return of the Boom Bap past my mom. i'm not sure if it's the first explicit lyrics cd i bought, but it's the one i remember buying and hiding.
xpost of me wearing my inverallan indoors, under another jacket, as I did much of the day yesterday
via the instagram: "workhorses"
thanks dude.
i feel the opposite; I'd never wear it alone outside, but i don't think there's any sweater i'd wear alone on a day that was actually cold. however, I started wearing mine inside regularly starting in October and obviously still am.
i like my uniqlo socks but they seem to get a little swampy if put to the test with, say, walking on a hot day. i've been blaming the cotton-poly blend but who knows. i'll still buy more as my various pantharellas wear out.
I imagine there's gonna be a lot of pinching at the material to make sure you're only sewing through one layer, and otherwise, you should probably use a curved needle so you can get in and back out of the jacket without needing a Portal gun
always repair jeans. do it yourself, and to do it until it is too much of a hassle to repair them. then keep wearing them in times when ripped jeans are the right thing to wear.@caseyfud nice hair
i like it hitting at the top of the coin pocket. seems too cropped when much shorter than that.
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