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where do you guys get this stuff
Beyonce was great. Crew dressed like Black Panthers
Between purple and blue
this is nothing without instagram
usually heel slip dies down as a pair of shoes/boots break in.
i like ball & chain style best. the main tab or bar (don't remember which) zipper on my old lamb toj is still the noisiest part of the jacket over the ball & chain pocket zips. the main zipper on my new falcon isn't silent either, and it's a bar. you could diy coat the back of the zipper pulls with rubber if you care enough to do it.I don't think there's any non-damaging way to do it. you could probably get a pair of cutters in there and clip off and remove the pulls at...
had an item up for 2 weeks on ebay, posted it on grailed last night, it sold instantly i'm not complaining about this grailed shit
so that's how Masta Killa writes his verses
doubt it'll improve things. a tight t is gonna match up w/ the jeans to create a bodysuit.
yes, oisin, give up epaulet and join the dark side
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