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http://shop.palaceskateboards.com Palace skateboards webshop taking product copy to the next level
the cool thing about GoT is that there are so many people in the show and so many are referred to with nicknames or titles instead of their real name that i don't know who that spoiler is about.
the guatemalan thing was speaking to me. who am i to tell it no?
Wow OK. Sorry to hear that dude.
@notwithit so you you're saying you sent it back but the change was not made, and you've been returned your original jacket, AFAYK?
u want xs. i wear xs in all the tees and i've got bigger body measurements than that.
I'd mention the thread here in rft. But yes, I'd join a preorders mailing list
try Sabah?yeah a thread will not get seen. i rarely look outside of the My Subscriptions page
The Compendium http://www.styleforum.net/g/a/629083/ghdvfddzgzdzg-what-are-you-wearing-today#
not into the "dad around the house" shoes. strong otherwise.cola, that's your best fit i've seen. it shows restraint, and the pants look good below the knee.i'm surprised we've been talking about it for pages and pages, but some people think the eddie fit is cool, so it got thumbs.@in stitches that's a good-ass lapel.dude with the birks and shirt over graphic tee looking for feedback--different graphic tee or, yes, a white tee would do. there's plenty of visual interest...
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