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it's a "different strokes for different folks" thing.
try using a pencil eraser--this worked on a jacket of mine. it could discolor them in the process, but it just might work.
i like that pier wu coat.
you're talking about your address & measurements reconfirmation email, right? i don't think they're sending email responses for those.
@brad-t, you're paying willy to make photoshop comic fanfic about you?
exangel if ur gonna be weird at least do it all in one post
it snowed today, so it's perfect for slumberhouse norne, my favorite monster of a scent
oh hey i didn't realize i was over a year until now
what were you playing at band camp
i can't imagine that jacket is good at any angle/posture, but slowjim, it sounds like you already know that.also, there is nothing wrong with indigo stains.
New Posts  All Forums: