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@brad-t, you're paying willy to make photoshop comic fanfic about you?
exangel if ur gonna be weird at least do it all in one post
it snowed today, so it's perfect for slumberhouse norne, my favorite monster of a scent
oh hey i didn't realize i was over a year until now
what were you playing at band camp
i can't imagine that jacket is good at any angle/posture, but slowjim, it sounds like you already know that.also, there is nothing wrong with indigo stains.
@Benesyed that's a good fit until u get down to the floppy cuffs @notwithit that's a good fit until u get down to the 2009 cuffs
ATG, keep breaking the black/brown/blue rule
@LA Guy i'm saying that "what's cool" has floated down to be much more common, not that "we did this" or that we're being used for market research or whatever else. and i wonder if it's just a short term trend where "our stuff" and that stuff is lining up or if it's a longer term shift.
have we talked about all the rider jacket-inspired shit for women in the mass market right now? My gf bought two coats and they both have cuff zips; there's a wool bcdr and another wool ridery thing at the gap I'm in rn. Also there's a Gap Kids jacket here that looks like that one black and white EG that Synth has.
New Posts  All Forums: