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Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Unlined 6fold by Gshen I love you this big, guys. Very bold but very good Spoo.
Fab change from the navy P Johnson PG!
Quote: Originally Posted by blofeld It's hilarious. There isn't a single man on here (especially in MC), with even a fraction of his gravitas. Maybe that's the reason for all the hate. +1
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar A stud? Not wearing that kind of crap and certainly not with women anyway... Why so closed minded? Not the SF norm but I can't beleive people can't see he has a certain amount of charisma and a lot of good style even it's a little unorthodox. He's not working in a bank...
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar Conservative and queer are like horse and carriage especially in English public schools.
In terms of criticism, your collars are too big and ties are not great. Lurk a bit more and you will pick things up. However at this age jacket, suits and shirts need to fit VERY well (I know at a young age one has a budget but shop very carefully and you can do well) otherwise it just looks a bit stupid.
I think a lot of this depends on where you come from. Many of the posters in this thread are from the USA and seem to be saying that wearing even well fitting tailored clothing will make one a social pariah. I went to a public school in London and wearing beautiful sports coats and pocket hanks whilst doing all the usual hedonistic teenage activities became something of a trademark and the majority of my peers loved it.
Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del Did you 2 even realize what I was commenting about ? If wearing a 44/46 mm conspicuous watch with the outfit below is OK with you, don't know what to say. Not ideal perhaps but tbh Marzotto has so much style and looks so good I don't think it really matters.
Quote: Originally Posted by ctp120 Wore these shoes, though the pic below is obviously from another outfit. Very interesting suit, I like it a lot. Great lapels.
Quote: Originally Posted by Quadcammer Patrick owns 9 pairs of black shoes that look very similar. Hes also a bit of a prat, but leaving that aside. pretty boring. (I didn't count, nor do I care). Wtf? So monks, boots and brogues all look similar? Such stupidity.
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