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I saw both of these shoes in The Style For Modern Men Method e-book, pages 55 and 97 for those familiar with it. Anyways, I cannot figure out who makes these or what model they are, or even if they are still being made. If someone has an idea of what they are I'd really appreciate it if you could let me know.
Perfect, exactly what I was looking for. Thanks.
Could someone give me the run down on the differences between shoe brands by country? I keep hearing about English and Italian shoe makers, etc. yet I do not know the differences or who the big players are in the market.
For some time now I've been wearing either black slip-on dress shoes like these ( or white Nike sneakers out to the bar/club, ocassionally I'll mix in black sneakers or boat shoes. I'm looking for something that is dressy and classy yet not too formal but still makes me stand out for the rest of the guys wearing the standard black shoes. I came across these Gray suede derbies by Bexley and really like them. 90% of the time...
I'd say $100-$200 for jeans, $50-$100 for shirts, $20-$30 for t-shirts, and $200 or so for a blazer, obviously if I can get them you less that's what I'd prefer but I could pay these amounts fine.
I'm just starting to get into owning nicer clothes and have been moving slowly into the slim fitting (or well fitting) clothes for a while now. I have read articles and posts but my biggest problem with finding clothes is knowing which brands of clothes are the best bang for the buck. I feel like I've spent so much money in the past on clothes I thought were well made/fit well only to have them fall apart a year later. I have figured out the fit aspect and now I need to...
I've recently been introduced to the world of selvedge denim and am searching for a raw pair (or two) of high quality, yet somewhat inexpensive jeans. I'm looking for a dark navy look as well as a lighter navy with a low-rise and semi-slim cut. I'm having trouble finding low-rise jeans that are not completely slim cut (tapered leg), essentially I would like a low-rise tight straight leg. Can anyone recommend a couple of brands I can take a look at? Thanks.
Any other opinions?
Quote: Originally Posted by harvey_birdman AE is your best bet in that price range. I would avoid J&M. If you can save up you might consider Alden or some of the English shoemakers. You mentioned you wanted a loafer and possibly a monk strap for use with suits. While these can work, they shouldn't be your first dress shoe purchases. Choose a cap toe (like the Park Avenue) and maybe one with some brouging (McClain, Strand) as your first dress shoe...
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