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Anyone know where I can find C&J? I'd rather not just blindly order online until I find the right size and last.
Does anyone know of stores in (or around) the Boston area that offers quality shoes (C&J, Carmina, Trickers, AS, EG, JL, Vass, etc)? I have only been able to find Alden and AE and would like to try on a few others before I buy a pair but have come up empty. Any suggestions made in previous threads seem to have closed since then.
I just sent an inquiry to Luisa and was told the 2 pairs I wanted were out of stock and should be in in 30 days, don't want to wait that long because with shipping and everything it looks to be at least 6 weeks.
What are some brands that offer thicker denim in low-rise semi-slim raw style?
I'm looking to buy 2 pairs of jeans relatively soon and am looking for heavier denim in a semi-slim fit with low-rise in raw denim. From what I've seen and read it looks like APC Petit Standards are probably my best bet but I'm wondering if I've missed any other brands I should consider.
Most likely with suits, or at least dress pants/dress shirt. These would be strictly business/work shoes which I would alternate throughout the week. I assume I should go with 2 pairs of Oxfords and then branch off into Bluchers, etc? I do like the semi broguing in the dark brown (to mix it up) and the plain captoes in black, I think that is what I'm leaning towards.
To start my new wardrobe I have decided to purchase 2 pairs of Meermin shoes. The first pair is going to be Black Oxford Captoes and the second is going to be Brown Oxford Captoes (all my other shoes are crap so I am starting from scratch). I cannot decide between these two Black captoes: I am leaning towards the 101273s in Black and then getting the 101198 in Dark Brown so that I...
OK, so as someone brand new to quality shoes (I have been wearing $100-$150 J&M, Cole Hann, etc) I will not notice that big of a difference? My only thinking is if I have THE basic shoe (black captoe) I should go fairly high quality and then I can lower that one I get into more intricate designs like wingtips, derbies, etc. I am also not thrilled about spending $1000 or more on a pair of shoes.
After getting bitten by the bug I have decided to began upgrading my wardrobe and one of my biggest problems is dress shoes. After deciding I would rather pay a bit more to upgrade from AE to Aldens, Churchs, Crockett & Jones, etc (~$500-$600) I have been wondering if it would be worth it to go all the way and purchase EG, JL, or Vass for my first couple pairs. Right now I am looking for a pair of black captoes and probably brown captoes with quarter broguing. What are the...
I feel like Alden is one of my only options because I don't have access to some of the other brands out there for around the same price, if anyone knows of a good shop in Boston please let me know.
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