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I just bought a new pair of NS, my first pair of raw jeans, and would like to have them hemmed because they are way too long. Should I wear them a bit before hemming them or can I hem them right away? Will they get any longer or just stretch in the waist/thighs? Would you recommend an original hem or will I be fine with a regular one?
I'm looking for a pair of Dark Gray Raw Selvedge jeans that fit similar to the APC NS, can anyone recommend a jean that fits what I'm looking for?
I might have to go with NS then, I have a feeling I'll need more than an inch. I'll probably just buy NS 2-3 sizes small than normal.
I just purchased a pair of PS in 29" waist and after wearing them for a few hours the waist has loosened up a little bit. The thighs are skin tight and I am worried they will not stretch out to where I would like them to be. I am considering returning them and going with NS (which I think are a little too loose for my liking and have a higher rise than I would like). Should the PS stretch out or are they pretty much set at the thigh?
Any idea who makes the lightweight Peal&Co shoes?
Are you sure its still open? I can't find it one Google, any idea what the address is?
Is there a way you can post that insole measurement? For those of us who have never tried them I'd help eliminate some of the shoes we are considering.
I could do C&J or AS, how can I be positive they are either of those when I am trying them on?
Anyone know where I can find C&J? I'd rather not just blindly order online until I find the right size and last.
Does anyone know of stores in (or around) the Boston area that offers quality shoes (C&J, Carmina, Trickers, AS, EG, JL, Vass, etc)? I have only been able to find Alden and AE and would like to try on a few others before I buy a pair but have come up empty. Any suggestions made in previous threads seem to have closed since then.
New Posts  All Forums: