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I'm not a huge fan of their derbies due to the rubber sole. I think it adds bulk to the shoe and takes away from the sleekness of it (something that the oxfords have due to the leather sole). The derbies without the rubber soles are only available in the Rui last which is very round and takes away from the sleek look I'm going for.
Are wholecuts not meant to be worn with chinos or jeans? Are they strictly a suit/tux shoe?
I know I am going to get ridiculed but I am not a huge fan of the double monks. I have been visiting this forum for a while now and while they are starting to grow on me I am not ready to purchase a pair yet.
What else would you recommend?
I'm starting a new job soon and need to up my shoe game, I have decided Meermin is my best bet for quality and price (as I am a recent college grad). I'd like to purchase 3 different pairs of shoes and am basically starting a nice shoe collection from scratch (I have black cole hann captoes and a couple J&M/Florsheim slip-ones in black and brown). I'd like something that I can wear with chinos/jeans but also dress up with a suit (I figure oxfords with some broguing is my...
I'm considering picking up my first pair of "dress boots" (I have a pair of Clarks DB Beeswax) and after looking through various threads have decided upon going with something from Alden. I like both the Indy and Cap Toe Boot. The boot will mainly be paired with jeans with the possibility of chinos from time to time. I am leaning towards the Indy because I think the Cap Toe will be too formal for what I'm going for. Any advice on which one I should go with? What about...
Does anyone happen to know how often Meermin updates their website with their latest styles that are carried? I am looking for one of the styles they have in a different color but do not want to pay for the LM line. I am hoping the next batch of styles they release will have it available.
I'm debating picking up a pair of the Weird Guys in Grey Selvedge but am worried they will be too light after they are faded. Does anyone have an pics of them 6 months/1 year in?
Can anyone recommend a pair of Dark Grey Raw Selvedge jeans similar to the fit of APC NS?
I attempted to size down 3 with NS because I liked the PS but they were too tight in the thighs and I hoped to get a little more room in the NS. Needless to say I could barely pull them up to my waist because the thighs were so tight and almost as worse as the PS. I would say try to size down 3 but if you workout regularly or play any sports (like myself) it probably wont work out well.
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