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These jodhpurs were featured in "The Style for the Modern Man" ebook on pg 97. They are exactly what I am looking for in a boot and I like that the clasp is low enough that you can see it under a pair of jeans as well as the cap toe and sleekness. Can anyone recommend a US equivalent model as I am unable to order these from Finsbury.
How does someone find out about which shoes are available that are not on their website? Sometimes I see them in the tumblr but I've seen a lot of shoes posted that are not MTO and are also not on their website? Is there anyway to figure this out other than guessing and emailing them about a specific shoe?
Im 5'10" 160lbs with a 38" chest and 31" waist and with a 15/32 I could pop the buttons off by flexing. Its by far the slimest fitting shirt ive tried.
So sounds like the Slim fit hasn't changed. What brand is the Ultra Slim because the Extra Slim from Brooks Brothers is made for super skinny people.
Does anyone know if the Brooks Brothers Slim fit shirts have gotten slimmer in the past 2 years? I bought a couple a few years ago when they were one of the few slim fit lines available and they were still fairly large. I just purchased an Extra Slim fit in the same size (15/32) and it is skin tight, feels like I'm wearing Under Armour. I feel like the jump from Slim fit to Extra Slim is incredible and was wondering if the Slim fit are now slimmer then they were years ago....
After speaking with Luisa she recommended me getting a size 8 UK based on my foot measurements. I'm hesitant getting an 8 UK because I usually wear a 9 US. Is going a full size down common with Meermin, do they run big?
Wouldn't the thighs on the new cures be very tight even with sizing up one? I also don't want the NS more tapered just loser in the thighs with a lower rise.
Please educate me on what I'm confused about.
Can someone recommend a pair of dry selvedge with a rise similar to the apc ps but looser thighs than the apc ns? I bought my first pair of apc ns 2 months ago hoping the thighs would stretch but they are still too tight.
Do you happen to know when austerity brogues are coming out? If they look half as good as the MTO pair a couple pages back theyll be imcredible looking.Also what is the general consensus on Suede for the office? Too laid back and better to stick with leather?
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