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Just purchased my first item from Uniqlo, the Made in Japan jeans in Gray. I ordered both a 29" and 30" waist because I was unsure how they would fit. The 30" waist is a little tight with the thighs a little tight as well. The 29" waist is unbuttonable right now, about 1/2" spread between buttons, and the tights are very restricting. I'm worried, based on the comments in this thread, that the 30" will become too lose on I wear them a lot, but also that the 29" will not...
Is this the only difference between the Self Edge 3sixteens and another shop, granted I buy the Slim Tapered in Shadow Selvedge?
My first, and only pair of good quality jeans (according to this forum), are the APC New Standards. I'd recommend something in Raw (or Dry) Selvedge in a very slim/skinny fit. The New Standards will probably be too baggy on you, depending on how you wear them. I am 5'10" 160 lbs with somewhat muscular thighs so they fit great. Check out APC Petit Standards or Naked & Famous Weird Guy, both are fairly popular and a good step into Raw Selvedge.
Is it fine getting my normal waist size or should I size down 1? Also why are the 3sixteens from Self Edge different than from other dealers?
Considering picking up a pair of the 3sixteen ST-120X Slim Tapereds and was wondering how the fit and quality is when compared to the APC NS (only other pair of raw selvedge I own)? Also how is the waist, I am wearing 28" NS and usually wear a 30" waist? Thanks
Try H&M, probably a size Small. I am 5'10" with a 38" chest and 30" waist and the M is practically perfect. Problem is the quality is not that great but they make good beater shirts for a bar/club, only cost $15 if I remember correctly.
Found this link the other day, unsure if anyone has seen it but its seems to be fairly accurate based on my experience with these shirts. http://www.shirtdetective.com/compare-formal-shirt-brands/
Is there an MTO form you will out that is filled with all the options available or do you need to know exactly what you want and tell them?
I bought 2 pairs of the BB Milanos (one regular and one lightweight). I like the fit of them but they are too dressy for anything other than the office. I am looking for a pair of chinos I can dress down and stumbled on the J Crew 484 and Urban Slims and was wondering how the BB Milanos fit compared to these two?
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