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Does anyone have pictures of the Dark Brown Double Monks in the New Rey last for the LM line? I'm not a fan of regular double monks but I like the look of these because they are very longer/elegant looking (if you know what I mean). Any pictures of Dub Monks in the New Rey (or even Vil if it's possible) last would be appreciated.
I tried mine on in the store. They were so tight on me I felt like I was wearing Under Armour leggings.
x2, from my experience (and trying on Alphas, 484, Urban Slims, and BB Milanos) slimmest to loosest is 484, Alphas, Urban Slims, Milanos; I have 22" thighs FWIW.
Try TM Lewin Fully Fitted, their shirts are very tapered and might be exactly what you're looking for depending on your chest size.
Does anyone know if/when Meermin will be releasing a larger (or newer) selection of the Classic Collection? I have been looking at their site for some time now (even purchased 2 pairs) and would like to place an order, but I also want to see what comes out next.
Any idea how they fit an Olfe or Rui last?
I have not, I did not figure Jos A Bank to have quality anything much less shoe trees. I'll have to check them out.
Can anyone recommend good shoe trees for the Olfe and Rui lasts? I just got a pair of each and am leaning towards the Hanger Project Ultra trees but am unsure of the fit. I am looking for decent quality trees around $30/pair.
Just saw these on the tumblr, along with a bunch of other nice MTO.
I'd be interested in this as well depending on what the final decision is.
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