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Is it surprising I had to size down an entire length for these? I know the McAllisters run long and narrow (which is why I need an 8E), but I've seen nothing on the Moras running less than true to size.
Picked up a pair of Mora 2.0s during the Anniversary sale, and after swapping them in store for a different size (from 9D to 8D) I am having second thoughts. The fit is good, has anyone had to size down an entire size for these? The only other decent shoes I have are from Meermin but I wear a 8D UK size in those. I am concerned from hearing that the toe box creases fairly badly from not a lot of wear and although I picked these up for $260 am considering returning these....
No ideas?
Does anyone know the brand of this blazer/an OTR blazer similar to it? I've been looking for one for a while with no luck and would prefer not to go custom if I can. Thanks
Is anything in the $200 range just going to be crap? Granted I won't wear them nearly as often as my other dress shoes but I'd still like something of decent quality.
What would you recommend?
I have recently begun improving my dress shoe collection and have amassed the following (Cole Hann Black Captoe, Meermin Dark Brown Captoe, Meermin Light Brown Wingtip, Meermin Black Wholecut, and Meermin Dark Brown Semi-Brogue). With Spring/Summer around the corner I would like to get a few pairs of Suede shoes to wear with jeans/chinos/shorts and occassionally a suit. Looking for ideas of what styles to get and what brands offer quality while being less than $200 each....
Just placed an order for the Dark Brown Captoes and Black Wholecuts (Classic Line). Let's see how long this takes...also picked up 2 of their belts.
Does anyone have pictures of a single monk strap in the New Rey last? I love tthe look of long/sleek single monk straps but know Meermin only makes them in the Ama and Hiro lasts. Has anyone custom made single straps in the New Rey?
Has anyone picked up a belt from them lately? Curious as to the quality compared to the Classic Line. Also what was the final cost for those in the US?
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