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Joe's Sporting Goods has Filson at 20% off suggested retail and free shipping on all orders over $75. Today only.
Update: SOLD I recently picked these up at the sale on Baron Wells. They are great chinos of serious construction. I am a little in the muscular side and these size 34s were a little too much for my thighs. Waist and length are perfect for my normal 34/32. My loss is you gain. I have two pairs one in Khaki and the other Navy. I will let them go for $60 shipped each or $110 together. Paypal only please. For more information and pictures check out the BW link below....
Like most of the other posters I got my Baron Wells chinos today. I generally wear a 34/32 in Levis and most mass market pants. After taking a look at the measurements I ordered the size 34 in Navy and Khaki. I am about half an inch short of 6 feet and weigh 195 so I was concerned about ordering sight-unseen. My initial reaction is that the pants are snug on my thighs but not restricting. Length is perfect for me and overall the fit is very nice. My usually go-to for...
Quote: Originally Posted by jslade Yeah, I picked up two pairs as well. Really hope they're not as tight as the measurements would suggest. They definitely didn't look it in the fit pic posted on their webshop. I concur. I'm pretty athletic and there is a fine line I walk on slim fit and moose knuckle.
Nabbed a couple this morning. I'll report back on them.
Sweet Mother of Jebus. That is classy.
Quote: Originally Posted by kapli It's out of stock there as well, on backorder until April. I don't think anyone has the dark brown. What do you guys think? Should I get the tan one or wait until April for the dark brown? Don't rush if you want the tan one. I have the Small Duffle in tan and the 256 in Tan. I love them both. I don't think the brown would age as well as these have started to.
Kapli, follow this link.
I got these for my birthday around the beginning of December. I have worn them 3-4 times a week since. I really love them and the character they are starting to show. Big props for making such a great product.
Grabbed a couple ADs this morning and they have already been shipped. That's service! Thanks man!
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